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by stephaniejankowski on March 7, 2017

You know how coffee is delicious and helps us form coherent thoughts? There’s a similar two-for-one benefit with each year’s Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh cast: these fine people keep the show a’runnin’ and we get to know (and love) them in the process.

In an effort to facilitate the latter, Jen and I ask each cast member about themselves and pry into their personal lives as best we can. They normally welcome our stalker-ish ways, which is convenient because we don’t really have time to lie in wait behind their bushes much longer.

I mean, what?

Our first 2017 Cast Profile is Katy Rank Lev–we hope you love learning about her as much as we have!


My name is Katy Rank Lev. I wrangle words for a living as a freelance writer and editor. I have a much-neglected blog paired with my website.I learned about LTYM from former cast member Tamara Reese. She encouraged me to audition each year, and this year I finally made it happen!

I say so many crazy things to my children that I started a Tumblr to keep track of them. Most recently, I said, “Just scoop it up and smear it on your brothers,” when my oldest son spilled most of a bottle of hand sanitizer in the van.

Katy RLI love working as a freelance writer because I get to write about something different all the time. I thrive on quirky stories, and I just really loved writing this piece about Dr. Splatt  a man who studies roadkill to help figure out what’s going on in surrounding areas.

The thing I wish most for my children is that they grow up to love each other and remain friends. I would appreciate if they would stop punching each other in the face.

Pittsburgh is our chosen city. We moved here “temporarily” in 2005 and decided to stay. We love that it feels like a city and small town all at the same time. I love that our kids can attend a public Montessori school and that we have access to some of the best healthcare in the world.

When I [read my story] about my boys, I hope the audience can take away the idea that these days home with multiple young children are tough and that families need lots of support. Our culture doesn’t do a good job supporting young families…not through paid family leave or just societal attitudes of help (versus judgment). I want readers to know that “just get a babysitter and go on a date” is never, ever so simple.

I’d eat brunch at the Zenith Cafe every day for every meal if I could. It’s a vegan place, so you don’t leave stinking of grease. And there’s a cafe buffet. Cake. Buffet.

If I were mayor of Pittsburgh for a day I’d immediately enact family-friendly legislation. I’m a big fangirl of Councilman Dan Gillman, even though he’s not in my district—he speaks my language when he sets up lactation rooms and protects the rights of LGTBQI citizens. In my one-day term as mayor, I’d take it up a notch with mandatory paid parental leave and protected working/housing rights for LGTBQI Pittsburghers.

Katy Rank LevI believe that all houses should come with a lock on the door to the bathroom, and families should qualify for interest free loans to retrofit old houses without this capability.

I’m very excited to be selected for the cast this year. It feels very, very good to write something creative that’s not for a client.

Patty March 7, 2017 at 9:54 am

I enjoy reading your stories very much! It brings me back to the early days when I raised my 3 boys. The struggles are the same except that less Moms worked and we had each other’s back and support if family lived far away as in my case. We could just make a call and drop our kids without much preplanning. Keep writing kiddo you are doing great!

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