That’s a Wrap & a Ton of Thanks

by stephaniejankowski on May 18, 2016

You. Guys.

Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh was, yet again, incredible. Jen, Amanda, and I keep telling everyone being a part of the magic that is this show joins the ranks of our wedding days and having our babies. Some people look at us like, “Awww, they’re adorable,” and then they come to the show or, better yet, perform in the show, and then they’re like, “WE GET IT!” Sharing our stories with our city is a transformative experience, one that has healing properties through resonance and laughter. Dare we say being a part of the show, whether as a cast or audience member, makes you a more aware, grateful human being? THERE WE SAID IT!

micrphone binder

LTYM Pittsburgh owes an enormous debt of gratitude to all of our local sponsors, without whom the show wouldn’t have been possible. These kind souls offered their time, energy, and money toward a cause they believed in: giving motherhood a microphone. We are so, so grateful for…


Women’s Health Conversations

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Printscape Imaging & Graphics

Ashley Mikula Photography

M&R Transportation

Point Breezeway

Jackapottamus Julianoceros & Co.


Big hugs to our LTYM Pittsburgh alumni, Natalie Gillespie, Ilene Marshall, Dawn Patton, and Tina Tuminella, who manned the box office and lobby the night of the show. We appreciate you, ladies, and get all warm and fuzzy when we think of how motherhood has connected us for life. Forever. For-ev-er. Seriously, you’re never getting rid of us.


To everyone who bought tickets and graced us with two hours of your time, THANK YOU. We hope you enjoyed the show and were moved to feel during the performances. So many of you reached out about which essays spoke to you, and we want you to know what that means to us: everything. It means everything. Anyone affiliated with Listen To Your Mother will tell you it’s all in the name of motherhood, for the sake of community, and with every kind word or nodding head, you validate the vision and the reason LTYM exists. We are eternally grateful. Now go tell errrybody how amazing it was and start writing your story. Auditions will be here before you know it!


Finally, thank you to our cast. Without you, there would’ve been no show. Literally, like, no show. Remember all the things you felt as Jen sent you off into the spotlight, as you took your place in front of the microphone, and then basked in the glorious afterglow akin to holding your newborn or saying “I do” (we told ya!). You are incomparable. You are game changers. You are strong. You are mothers. Thank you for you.

Cast 2016

You bunch of beautiful hearts, you! Photo by Ashley Mikula Photography

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