Sponsor Spotlight: Ashley Mikula Photography

by stephaniejankowski on March 8, 2016

We are thrilled to welcome back the talented and oh-so-sweet Ashley Mikula Photography as our 2016 Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh’s show photographer!

LTYM cast

2015 LTYM Pittsburgh cast, photo by Ashley Mikula Photography


Ashley has been busy since our show, most recently gearing up for her Mommy & Me mini-sessions and 2017 Senior sessions. If you’ve got a little nugget (or want to give the GREATEST gift to an expectant mother!), you must book a Mommy & Me session. You will never regret capturing that little finger wrapped around yours or a sleeping baby at your breast.





If you’re on the other side of parenting–preparing to send your “nugget” to college!–now is the time to book your kiddo’s senior session. The weather is starting to turn (thank you, Pittsburgh!) and outdoor shoots are the absolute best. Take advantage of the natural light and breathtaking backdrops of blue skies and setting suns. You won’t find a better deal for your dollar, either.


Fans of Ashley Mikula Photography love the way she sees things differently, both with her lens and her heart. An example of her unique perspective is evident in her Tween and Teen sessions. A tumultuous time for many, these years are the stuff of emotion and coming into one’s own. But Ashley appreciates the strength in weathering the storm, which is why she offers these non-traditional portrait sessions geared toward tweens and teens, capturing their today to motivate their tomorrow. It’s not prom time, they’re not graduating, but life should be celebrated at every turn, and what better way to appreciate this milestone than by scheduling a tween/teen session with Ashley!

Glamour and boudoir sessions are so hot right now and for good reason. Ladies, we’re done apologizing for wanting to reclaim a part of ourselves. We’re mothers, wives, employees, toilet scrubbers–but never forget the beauty and strength that is being a woman. Get your sexy on and pose for a tasteful boudoir shoot, or get your hair done and pretend to be a model for a day. It’s a fun confidence builder and a fantastic way to tell the lady in your life you appreciate what she does for you, and now you want her to focus on herself. <— Mother’s Day gift. You’re welcome.



You can find Ashley Mikula Photography all over the interwebs, and for good reason: she’s incredibly talented, will make you feel comfortable, and her work is exquisite. Book your session today!




“Seeing my clients’ faces when they see their images and knowing how happy they are blesses me. Seeing a mom shed tears of joy over her newborn photos or seeing a woman remember how truly beautiful she is when she sees her beauty portraits moves me and pushes me to continue to pursue this passion of mine.”


To learn more about Ashley’s work and to book a session, check out her website! Don’t forget to come back here after the show to see fabulous Ashley Mikula Photography shots of the performance!

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