2016 Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh Cast

by stephaniejankowski on February 13, 2016

Three full days of auditions.

Over forty incredible stories.

Hours of deliberation and heart ache and “why can’t we just cast them all?!”

This year’s Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh auditions were intense: beautiful and messy and gut-wrenching. The grueling finalization of the cast speaks volumes about the talent hidden in nooks and crannies of our great city. Humbled and grateful to all who shared their “word babies,” we thank everyone who stripped down to their very souls, and those who paused their hilarious narrative so we could catch our breath. The sweet, the sour, and everything in between–that is Motherhood. And Pittsburgh, you personified Motherhood!

From the very bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you all.


VERY excited to present our 2016 Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh cast! You will see each of the fabulous ladies on stage at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Lecture Hall on May 6. Stand up, make some noise (or whisper if your kids are still sleeping), and celebrate our 2016 cast!!!!


*yells each name like Oprah*

Kerry Benson

Rachael Dizard

Melissa Firman

Erin Hare

Jenna Hatfield

Lori Jakiela

Stephanie Jankowski

Kathy Martz

Muffy Mendoza

Amanda Mushro

Kerry Neville

Nina Ellen Rusnock

Veldorah J. Rice

Cassandra Smiley

Jennifer Hicks

If our inaugural show told us anything, it’s that Pittsburgh had been holding its breath, waiting for Listen to Your Mother to grace our black and gold streets. The first performance last May was a smashing success, selling out and garnering rave reviews! Our sophomore year promises more of the same, and we can’t wait to see you there! Stay tuned for ticket sale information and a little one-on-one time with each cast member.




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