2016 Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh Auditions

by stephaniejankowski on January 2, 2016

No one thing or person so perfectly represents Pittsburgh’s trifecta of no holds barred work ethic, unwavering sense of community, and steadfast dedication to the arts and education like Andrew Carnegie. With his nose to the grindstone, Mr. Carnegie established the city’s steel industry and dedicated his philanthropic heart of gold (and so many dollar bills, ya’ll) to improving his community. Less interested in padding his pockets and more concerned with education, Mr. Carnegie founded several institutions, namely the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

So when Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh locked down the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Lecture Hall in Oakland for our 2016 performance and audition space, we were all WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Lecture Hall

Auditions will take place in a classroom setting, not on stage in the Lecture Hall. Here are all of the details you’ll need:


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Lecture Hall in Oakland (a classroom setting)


3 4* dates …

Saturday, January 23rd
9am – 5pm

Sunday, January 24th
9am – 1pm

Saturday, February 6th
9am – 5pm

*Sunday, February 7th  (Helloooooo, Mother Nature and so. much. snow!! We added another date to accommodate those needing to reschedule their audition from January 23rd or 24th because weather would make travel unsafe. Note: anyone can sign up for an audition on this date. It’s not only for those needing to reschedule.12pm – 5pm



Many of you have been following Listen To Your Mother on YouTube, your friends were part of the cast in our or another city, or you know what a terrifying genius Ann Imig is and you’re in awe of her like we are. But for those of you who are like, “Come again? What’s this mother thing about?” here it is in a nutshell: if you’ve got a story about motherhood, then tell it. You do not have to BE a mother or even a woman to audition for this show, but your story must illuminate some aspect of motherhood. For those of you who are not parents, feel free to talk about your mother, about why you never want to be a mother, a woman who acted as a mother-figure for you–whatever is in your heart. For those of you who are parents, life experience has given you all the story topics and fodder you need, amirite?!


Audition slots are first come, first serve. In order to reserve your spot now, email ltympittsburgh@gmail.com.


There are a few non-negotiable dates for which you must be available, so we ask that you don’t commit yourself to an audition if you can’t commit yourself to the following:

CAST PARTY/(informal) READ THROUGH on March 12 (5 – 9pm)

REHEARSAL on April 16 (we’re unsure of exact times right now, so we ask that you keep 2 – 9pm open until we nail down specifics)

PERFORMANCE on May 6 (arrive at venue by 4 pm; there until 10 pm)

Tips to help you prepare for your audition:

Time: Please show up on time and try to keep your audition to 5 minutes. A little more or less won’t make that much of a difference, so if your piece is running 5 minutes, 30 seconds and you’re stressing about it: DON’T!

Your best: At the risk of insulting your intelligence, we three teachers feel compelled to remind everyone of this important note: you should please read your final draft. Showing up to an audition with a work in progress doesn’t necessarily set you up for success.

Prepare: This isn’t an audition for a play or a part in a movie; we don’t care what you look like or what you’re wearing. To prepare for this audition, simply practice reading your piece. That’s it!

Just try: One of our stand-out performances from last year’s show swore up and down she “didn’t belong on a stage;” she said she didn’t do this sort of thing. And though she may not have been born and bred under the lights, one thing was clear: her story was meant to be heard. So for the few minutes she was in front of the microphone, she impacted people for a lifetime. Step outside of your comfort zone, give it a shot, audition! You won’t be alone and who knows? This experience just may spark that thing inside of you that has been waiting to come alive.


Oh, and be aware that…

We are criers: Amanda, Jen, and I are incredibly attached to this show. If we could, we would swaddle it and rock it and sing it love songs. So it goes without saying that we’re also completely invested in the audition process. Please prepare for our huge belly laughs, ugly cries, and bear hugs. We can’t help ourselves.


Hope to see you there, Pittsburgh (and surrounding areas, ahem)!



♥ Amanda, Jen, & Steph

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Sara sites January 4, 2016 at 10:33 am

Hi there!

I’d love to audition on Saturday February 6th! My email to you wasn’t going through so trying this….



Hana January 7, 2016 at 1:05 pm

I’m so bummed. I was planning on auditioning until I saw the rehearsal date. I’ll be speaking in Lancaster that day. Oh well, maybe next year. Can’t wait to see the performance!

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