Pittsburgh’s Listen To Your Mother Videos are HERE!

by stephaniejankowski on July 13, 2015

Auditions, casting, rehearsals, SHOW TIME!

Pittsburgh’s first annual Listen To Your Mother show was an absolute success, and we don’t just say that because we produced and directed it. The ladies who came together to form our first-ever cast are incredible Mothers and human beings, and their stories resonated with so many. We’ve gushed about them in their bios and all over social media, and now it’s time for you to see for yourself.


Maybe you couldn’t make the live performance in May? Maybe you were like, “Meh. I’ll see how this year goes and if it’s a hit, I’ll get a ticket in 2016.” Perhaps you were like my brother and thought this was just a show for ladies talking about their vaginas, so you steered clear.

Note: we are ladies with vaginas and some of us said so, BUT as my brother, a reformed critic, will now tell you, “Huh. That show wasn’t bad. I’m glad I went. I actually laughed. A lot.”

Whatever the case, we are thrilled to now bring the show to you! I’m stealing the next paragraph straight from Jen’s blog, Real Life Parenting:

Stephanie, Amanda and I spent a lot of time putting together what we felt was a perfect show–the order of the stories taking the audience on a ride through the ups and downs, rough patches and triumphs, the hurt and humor that is all things motherhood. If you have the time (ninety minutes), I very highly suggest you watch all of the videos in order so that you can fully enjoy the Listen To Your Mother: Pittsburgh experience just as our audience did.


Having said that, we’re Moms so we know our advice may go unheeded. Whatever. Just grab your ear buds (some material not suitable for young ears or public consumption, unless you don’t mind wetting yourself in Panera) and WATCH. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with Listen To Your Mother and our beautifully talented cast.

If you get a chance, come back here and tell us which performance was your favorite! One will stick to your ribs like oatmeal, we promise!

Hugs and thanks,

Jen, Amanda, & Steph


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