Sponsor Spotlight- Hill House Association Kaufmann Center

by amandamushro on April 30, 2015

Our local sponsors have become an integral part of making Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh grow from page to stage and we are thrilled to feature of first sponsor The Hill House Association Kaufmann Center! On May 8 at 8:00, we hope to see you at our performance which will be held in the beautiful Elsie H. Hillman Auditorium located on the Hill House Association campus.



The Hill House philosophy is simple:  awaken each person’s power to reach their potential.  Positive change in individuals strengthens families,  and ultimately transform communities. Like the historic Pittsburgh settlement houses from which it grew, the Hill House delivers a spectrum of integrated social services to its community. Today, this holistic approach is more relevant than ever.

Over the past four decades, it is estimated that the Hill House has provided care and support for more than 500,000 children, adults and seniors living in urban environments. In 2004, more than 70,000 individuals participated in Hill House programs and outreach.

The Hill House serves clients through five strategic program areas: early learning and child development, youth services, family and workforce development, senior services and neighborhood services. In addition, the agency offers complimentary health and human services to its clients through 10 tenant agencies that reside on the Hill House campus.

While the numbers of people reached by the Hill House can be counted, there is no way to ascertain the total impact that these services have had on any one individual life.

Because of the Hill House, there are young people participating in science, arts and recreation when they otherwise would not have been; there are high school graduates choosing a career path instead of the street; young, previously absent fathers are playing an active role in their children’s lives; single moms can afford safe, high-quality childcare; and seniors have warm winters and full cupboards.

Kaufmann-Center1-960x480We are honored to have an organization with such rich Pittsburgh history and a desire to help the community as part of our 2015 local sponsors. If you would like to find out more about the Hill House Association Kaufmann Center, check out their website for upcoming events and outreach programs.

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