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by stephaniejankowski on April 23, 2015

Gina Jones is a force to be reckoned with. Check her out on stage on May 8th, and you’ll see what we mean! She’s the first to tell you she was completely unprepared for parenthood, especially since it came as such a surprise to her. But today Gina is anything but unprepared and we’re going to prove it to you:

by Christian Del Rosario

Q: Who IS Gina Jones?

A: Gina Jones is a connector! Gina is an inspirational author, transformational educator, and most importantly, a devoted mother. She is a committed servant leader, who driven by faith, works with individuals, teams, and communities to release their passion while pursuing their purpose.

Gina provides daily doses of encouragement through her various social media sites and blog. Her bi-monthly commentary, featured in the Uniontown Herald Standard, also inspires readers. In addition to writing, Gina provides individual and group coaching sessions, helping her clients stretch beyond their current situation to reach their goals and live out their dreams.

Q: How did you discover LTYM?

A: I learned about LTYM: Pittsburgh on Facebook. (Co-director) Amanda Mushro posted an announcement looking for moms to join a nationwide show. I must be honest, I was hesitant to respond. But once I decided to click on the link, visit the youtube page, and watch a few of the other performances, I was hooked. I absolutely needed, in some way, to be a part of this phenomenal project.

Q: What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children?

A: When Christian was 3 years old, one day when we were getting dressed for school, he asked me why we had different body parts. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I am confident that it was medically correct terms delivered in the best “mommy” voice ever. I was and continue to be all about using the correct terms. There are no “hoo-has,” “pee-pees,” or “boo-boos” in my house. Shortly after this conversation, Christian spent the day with my mom, aka Big Nana. While at the mall with Christian, my mom encountered one of her former students and began to have a conversation. Christian, feeling left out (I assume), decided to join in on the convo. He confidently pulled on the gentleman’s coat and said “I came out of my mom’s vagina.” Needless to say, my mom was embarrassed and impressed all at the same time.

Q: What is one your favorite things you’ve ever written?

A:  Don’t be afraid to be you! January 26, 2015

Q: When did you first start thinking about your parents as individual people and not just “mom and dad?”

A: My parents divorced when I was 7 years old. My brother and I lived with my mom full-time and visited my dad every other weekend. I think because we spent so much time with my mom and because I was the oldest child and because I am a girl, I was always (and continue to be) aware that my mom was more than just “mom.” I remember always being super protective of her and my brother. When I became a mother, I was young and alone. My mom became super grandma aka Big Nana. She has been there for both of us – Christian and me. She has been my number 1 cheerleader and my best friend. I cherish our relationship and value every moment we spend growing together.

Q: What do you most wish for your children?

A: The one thing I want most for Christian (and my future kids) is to have a strong relationship with God. I want him to know beyond a shadow of doubt, that even when you feel alone, God is there. It may seem old fashioned, or out of date to think that way. It may even seem conservative – I don’t care. To have God is to have life. To know God is to know yourself. To live for God is to live completely. I am nothing without my faith and belief in the one who made me.

Q: What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

A: I love that Pittsburgh is a small town in a big city. People often say this – and its true! I don’t even live in Pittsburgh. I actually live at least an hour away (depending on what part of the city you are traveling from/to). And even though I live outside of the city, when I am in town for an event or walking around downtown, I always, ALWAYS, run into someone I know. Everyone knows each other here! I love it!

Q: If you could only ever eat at one restaurant in the ‘Burgh, what would it be and why?

A: So its not really a restaurant – but my favorite place to eat is The Pretzel Shop on the Southside. When I worked in that neighborhood, I would walk to The Pretzel Shop to buy a pretzel sandwich or get some freshly made pretzels for my son. Yum!

See what we mean? This is hardly a girl unprepared for anything! You can connect with Gina on her website, www.gmarieproductions.comFacebook page, or on Twitter @professorgmarie, and of course you’ll find her at our inaugural performance of Listen To Your Mother Pittsburgh!

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