Cast Spotlight: Tina Tuminella

by stephaniejankowski on March 31, 2015

I’m Tina Tuminella, a Pittsburgh native, raising two kiddos and  taking far too many Facebook breaks while doing so. I currently work part time in the communciations office at Duquesne University and also as a freelance writer. My heroes are Julia Child, Jackie O and Prince. My friends would label me as someone who loves to eat, talk, write, sing, and send snail mail. I struggle with things like math, staying a home all day (definitely NOT a homebody) and flipping pancakes competently. My husband David is pretty wonderful and my babies Theo and Nica, 3.5 years old and 5 months respectively, are the proverbial lights in my life. My 20s were spent in Massachusetts–in grad school, waiting tables, teaching and temping; my 30s were spent fishing for a career and a husband in Pittsburgh (I luckily caught both) and my 40s will be spent learning how to parent. My mom is my greatest cheerleader and I credit her for instilling in me a sense of humor and goofiness, traits I hope will pass onto my kids. My involvement in LTYM has been a true highlight of 2015!
I hold the title Awesome Ambassador for the nonprofit Awesome Pittsburgh and write the content of their web site:

Let’s get down to bidness!


How did you discover LTYM?

My grad school roomie, Monica Gebell, is a co-director for the Rochester, NY LTYM show; she sent me a link.

What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children? OR What is the craziest thing you remember your mother saying to you?

“Keep the swirling rope away from your sister’s head” or “That booger is the size of Cleveland” are two phrases I never thought I’d hear myself say.



What is one of your favorite things you’ve ever written?

A Pgh Post-Gazette article many moons ago, about how I lost a job modeling bridal gowns since I chose to watch an AFC Steeler playoff game on the runway!

Editor’s note: You can read the story HERE and pat Tina on the back at the show; this girl has her priorities in order!


When did you first start thinking about your mother (parents) as an individual person (people) and not just “mom” (“mom and dad”)

Probably around age 30–when I moved back to Pittsburgh as a true blue adult.


What do you wish most for your children?

To rely on yourself and believe in yourself.   Also, to not sweat the small stuff or–to use another cliche–to be able to see the forest through the trees.


What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

How awesome, i.e. friendly and resilient, we Pittsburghers are.


If you could only ever eat at one restaurant in the ‘Burgh, what would it be and why?

I love DISH in the South Side.  Consistently delicious and a great neighborhoody place!


If you were mayor of Pittsburgh for a day, what law would you enact/change/do away with and why?

OMG, to improve public transportation!  How about buses that run ON TIME?  Install a light rail line that people actually use, a line that runs though heavily trafficked east end neighborhoods.  Why people can’t ride a train from Sq Hill to Oakland to downtown infuriates me! Also, if I get one more request in this hypothetical, I would like to see more public art.  More murals please.


How do you spend your Sunday mornings?

My husband and I forbid toddler TV and watch “CBS News Sunday Morning”–man that Charles Osgood is oh-so-good.


What food or meal could you eat 7 days a week?

Medium rare steak, my mom’s tomato salad, homemade French fries and a fresh baguette with butter (to dunk in the olive oil of the tomato salad.  Duh).


We love that Tina started her family in her 40s; she has such a fresh (and HILARIOUS!) perspective of the things most of us just think are commonplace, i.e. Toddler TV. Don’t miss Tina on stage–get your tickets now! No, seriously. Immediately. They’re selling like hotcakes, people!

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