Cast Spotlight: Kristen Stepanczuk

by stephaniejankowski on March 24, 2015

Owner and founder of Pittsburgh Health Coach, LLC, Kristen Stepanczuk is a Professional Counselor and Coach whose passion is to help women live healthy, happy, and balanced lives. For the past 5 years, Kristen has worked within the Greater Pittsburgh Area helping professionals to thrive. Her friendly and authentic approach is best described as a blend of Positive Psychology, Solution-Focused, and Cognitive-Behavioral practices, coupled with a good sense of humor and optimistic persona.

Editor’s note: This woman’s laugh is infectious. If you can elicit a good belly laugh out of her laugh, you feel like you’ve struck gold. Carry on.

Kristen holds a master’s degree in counseling from West Virginia University and has completed trainings in both mind-body medicine and laughter yoga. She has presented regionally on the topics of laughter yoga, positive psychology, stress-management, and wellness. Kristen currently volunteers with therapeutic horseback riding and cancer support programs, and lives within the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh with her amazing wife and daughter. Having recently become a first-time mother in August, Kristen has discovered a newfound appreciation for quality sleep!Kristen_cast


Just who is this Kristen Stepanczuk?!

I’m a kid at heart but have an old soul, and was once fired for being “too positive.” I love connecting with people, catching up with friends over coffee, going to bed early, and being active outdoors. I am immensely curious, love learning new things, random facts, inspirational quotes, and reading good books. I enjoy dancing with my six month old to country music, laughing with my wife, and spending time with my family.


How did you discover LTYM?

My wife saw the post for auditions on a Facebook group. She emailed me the link and wrote, “You should do this!” After reading about LTYM I immediately sent an email requesting an audition spot. I have no prior history of doing anything remotely live or theatre-based but love to tell stories and learned from the best, my Mom. It just seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up and so I went for it! I’m so grateful and excited for the chance to share my story!


What do you wish most for your children?

I want my daughter to be healthy and happy, self-confident about who she is as a person, empathetic in regards to others, for her to discover her strengths, and to surround herself with good people who love her unconditionally.


What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

I am originally from a small town in Central Pennsylvania and moved to Pittsburgh about five years ago. What I love most about Pittsburgh is that it is a city with a small town feel and that people are incredibly friendly here.


If you were mayor of Pittsburgh for a day, what law would you enact/change/do away with and why?

I would make the “Pittsburgh Left” an official law because if you’ve ever tried to make a left hand turn at a busy intersection and have experienced the Pittsburgh Left it is awesome! It makes you feel good for making your left hand turn without incident, it makes the driver who let you make the left hand turn feel good for doing something nice, and it prevents traffic clog ups. A win for everyone!



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