Welcome to #LTYM Pittsburgh!

Meet the cast!

Oh sweet Art Rooney on a bicycle was this year’s show ever amazing! Jen and I continue to be humbled by the talent and generosity of spirit unearthed in Pittsburgh. We’ve got such incredible people in this city, you guys. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

Unless you were at the show, of course. *wink*

2017 brought our first-ever tag team emcee show, our first dude, and our biggest audience yet. It’s no surprise so many people are itching to see the realness of Motherhood unwrapped on stage. Even still, so much of parenting is hidden behind the curtain, too raw or embarrassing to expose. WELL WE EXPOSE IT! Ain’t no shame in our game! That’s why Jen and I can’t possibly turn off the microphone just yet: even though this was the finale year for Listen to Your Mother in Pittsburgh, we are coming back!

*throws confetti*
*gets confetti stuck in eye*
*trips over the dog while dancing around blindly*

Starting next year, you’ll still see me and Jen, but we’ll be under a different name: This Is Motherhood. We’re currently in the process of setting up our corner of the web, but please do start following now so you get updates about upcoming auditions, shows, etc. Find us on social media por favor:



Aaaaanyhoo, back to this year’s show: SO. GOOD. We don’t have video this year, so we’re sharing some of our favorite photos captured by the lovely Ashley Mikula Photography.

Our toast before showtime!

Our toast before showtime!


Me & Jen pretending we're married. When you birth a show together, you basically are a couple.

Me & Jen pretending we’re married. When you birth a show together, you basically are a couple.


Pre-show huddle. I LOVE US!

Pre-show huddle. I LOVE US!


Please pardon us as we put the class in classy.

Please pardon us as we put the class in classy.


Part of our fabulous audience...and our fabulous program!

Part of our fabulous audience…and our fabulous program!


Final bows are the best feeling EVER.

Final bows are the best feeling EVER.

You may have noticed we left out photos from the actual show. We’re baiting you. Is it working? Follow This Is Motherhood on social media so you don’t miss when our new site is live. There, you’ll find photos of each cast member as he/she is reading, plus the essays in their entirety!

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The HillmanWe didn’t expect to be a traveling show, but that’s kind of what Listen to Your Mother Pittsburgh has turned into! Each year, we’ve chosen a different venue to show off different parts of our great city. This year’s venue just happens to be part of one of the prestigious schools in the area, which is fitting since Jen and I are both educators by trade.


Allow us to introduce The Hillman Center for Performing Arts. Located on the gorgeous grounds of Shady Side Academy Senior School in Fox Chapel, The Hillman is just 20 minutes from Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. One of Western Pennsylvania’s newest artistic venues, The Hillman hosts professional performances, student productions, and community events.

As a nonprofit professional performance space, the Hillman Center for Performing Arts is committed to presenting programs of excellence that represent Pittsburgh’s cultural traditions while celebrating global, artistic innovation.

Our show is in the spacious Richard E. Rauh Theater where the seats are so comfortable I’m afraid my husband will fall asleep. (I’m watching you, man).

A traditional proscenium stage with both orchestra and balcony seating options. The theater seats 662, including wheelchair seating options both in the balcony and orchestra.

A traditional proscenium stage with both orchestra and balcony seating options. The theater seats 662, including wheelchair seating options both in the balcony and orchestra.


For smaller performances, The Hillman boasts their Peter J. Kountz Theater, contemporary black box Peteraesthetic with riser seating. This space provides a more intimate setting with seating for 200 and wheelchair floor seating options available.



The Mary Hillman Jennings Plaza is probably what sold us on this venue, though. A spacious, outdoor

Mary plaza“lobby” for guests, but the Plaza also hosts al fresco events. And that view! And that feeling of openness! With blue sky as a backdrop, maybe Jen and I promenaded arm-in-arm around the plaza. Maybe we didn’t. You’ll never know.


We’re so grateful for our pal Christa at The Hillman, the professionalism of her crew, and the opportunity to work with such a fantastic venue. Hope to see your smiling face there on May 12th!



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