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April 4, 2017

Like separating diamonds from diamonds, the casts have been selected for Listen To Your Mother 2017, our 8th season — EIGHTH season! —  of storytellers shining their lights on motherhood. Tickets are on sale now or soon for the 2017 shows and many will sell out! We hope you’ll join us -the energy of the audience gives life to every LTYM show!! And without further ado, meet the talented and courageous casts of LTYM 2017: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Boulder, Burbank, Charleston, Chicago, DC, Kansas City, La Crosse, Lehigh Valley, Madison, Metro Detroit, Milwaukee, North Jersey, NYC, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Plumas County, Providence, Raleigh Durham, Rochester, San Antonio,  San Francisco Bay Area, Southwest Michigan, Spokane,  St. Louis, & Twin Cities. Interested in bringing LTYM to your town in 2018? Contact Miracle Or Two productions for licensing information. Like them on Facebook for updates!

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Breaking news! LTYM to become licensed theatrical production in 2018 thanks to Miracle or 2 Productions!!

January 26, 2017

Recently we proclaimed that 2017 would serve as LTYM’s Grand Finale season, closing out 8 consecutive smash-success seasons of live LTYM shows. Today, thanks to a licensing agreement with Miracle or 2 Productions, Inc. LTYM announces a new life for our beloved show! Beginning in 2018 it will be easier than ever for theaters (professional or amateur) and organizations/groups to host their own LTYM show events!! What’s an LTYM “licensed theatrical production?” LTYM shows will no longer be limited to a once-per-year Mother’s Day celebration! Instead LTYM shows will be available for production all year long and for performance runs (multiple performances per theater, as opposed to only one) beginning in 2018, in cooperation with Miracle or 2 Productions, Inc. Theaters/groups who wish to do an LTYM show will have the option, through Miracle or 2, of: a) casting local talent to read their original works in traditional LTYM fashion or b) for […]

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January 7, 2017

Audition Season for Listen To Your Mother 2017 has begun! Your story could be an essential part of this year’s Listen To Your Mother celebration of mothering by giving a voice to motherhood — in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor. If you have a story longing to be heard about your mother, your own view as a mother, or about a mother-figure in your life — write it down and share with us! Audition process and requirements vary by city, and some cities have not yet made their announcements but will soon. We will update audition info as it is available –keep checking in and be sure to follow Listen To Your Mother on Facebook and @LTYMShow on Twitter for updates. Find audition information for an #LTYM 2017 city near you below: Atlanta auditions are now closed. Austin is submissions are now closed. Baltimore auditions are now closed. Baton Rouge auditions are now closed. Boulder auditions are now closed. Burbank auditions are now closed. Charleston auditions […]

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The stories behind our stories #PicturedNotPictured #LTYM

December 13, 2016

In preparation for our 2017 season, we’ve asked our local directors and producers to pick a favorite photo and tell us what’s not pictured–the story behind the story if you will. We’ll share these #PicturedNotPictured micro stories over the coming months to give you behind-the-scenes glance of the Listen To Your Mother experience. Feel free to play along with your own #LTYM #PicturedNotPictured moments.   Telling my story of motherhood at the LTYM event last year prepared the way for new meaning in my life.  I had given up on creativity, my youth had fled.  Chasing acting work down had become pure drudgery and seldom successful. I settled into retirement numb to joy and self-expression. The response to sharing my story surprised me. Many people told me they were touched by it.  Someone in the audience expressed an interest in an expansion of it.  The spark was ignited and I’ve been writing and […]

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Super early bird pricing for SheKnows #BlogHer17! Hear from a first-timer why you should go.

December 6, 2016

Last summer LTYM Madison alum De’Kendrea Stamps attended SheKnows #BlogHer16 as a social media conference first-timer. De’Kendrea is not a blogger, nor a social media professional. In fact, her professional expertise is in nonprofit and transportation management. Yet, De’Kendrea’s empowering experience illustrates how attending a BlogHer conference can inspire “a-ha” moments that changes lives. De’Kendrea Stamps and LTYM Founder Ann Imig at #BlogHer16 closing party Attending BlogHer for the first time was an amazing experience. It was great to see so many strong and bold women choosing to live their best lives out loud. I have always been a fan of storytelling and this conference fulfilled that core interest while also giving me a view of the value of our stories from a business/marketing standpoint. One particular story I haven’t seen told much is the battle that many women face with endometriosis, myself included. However, during the BlogHer Expo there was a full […]

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