Introducing video sponsor by T. Rowe Price: Wherein The LTYMers FREAK OUT about saving for college

July 1, 2014

It was a peaceful afternoon in our LTYM director/producer Facebook group. Until, that is, the subject of saving for college arose. These show-runners boldly challenge themselves and support each other to bring Listen to Your Mother to their cities while balancing busy lives, and they can handle everything the production season throws their way. Seriously, they’ve made it through bats in the theater, tornado warning lockdowns and surprise blizzards in May. Who knew what  would finally prompt a freakout was the idea of planning to pay for college? I was doing some calculations… and thinking it wasn’t adding up right. My oldest will be in 8th grade. I thought we had more time! Where did the time go? What are we going to do? – Stephanie Where did the time go is right, Stephanie! You can’t see the look on my face because I’m in a fetal position on the floor. I have […]

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LTYM joins forces with Luvs “Experienced Moms!” Get ready to Bet on Your Baby.

May 28, 2014

As this busy LTYM season wraps, and the busy school year wraps, everyone is anticipating summer FUN. LTYM has found a brand new partner for summer fun with Luvs Experienced Moms. I’ve had a blast working with a group of humor bloggers as one of Luvs’ “Experienced Moms” in the past, and now LTYM gets to join the fun. At the center of it all: ABC’s family comedy “Bet On Your Baby” returns for a second season, and the Luvs Experienced Moms will be live-tweeting each episode starting Saturday, May 31st. Join us by following the conversation at #LuvsBOYB. Featuring the Luvs brand, Bet on Your Baby showcases the fun playfulness, but also the unpredictability of parenthood, as parents attempt to predict their child’s next move in an effort to win money for their child’s future education. The premise is funny in and of itself, but host Melissa Peterman is truly hilarious. And […]

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LTYM 2014 Raises Over $26,000 for Local Causes!!

May 22, 2014

A vital component to Listen To Your Mother’s mission is our support of women and families in need. Each local team selects a non-profit to partner with during the season, building awareness for the cause to both our real life and online audiences, and donating a portion of our ticket proceeds as well as fund-raising for that cause day of show. LTYM is elated that our 32 shows raised over $26,000 this season, that will go directly to our local causes in 2014:   In addition to funds raised, many cities include cause representatives as part of their show–with some cities bringing cause reps with them for media opportunities, and others offering causes a call to action from the podium.   LTYM, as a project, has now raised over $50,000 to date, for causes that support women and families.Thank you for helping LTYM 2014 Give Motherhood a Microphone, and so much more.

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LTYM Thanks Chevrolet for Supporting The Arts and Helping Creative Women #FindNewRoads

May 15, 2014

From our “Road Trip” Pinterest Board As we bid our 2014 live-show season farewell, and anticipate reliving it all again this summer with the video release on our LTYMShow YouTube channel, LTYM extends an enormous thank you and standing ovation to our National Sponsor, Chevrolet. In a long-standing tradition of corporations underwriting the arts in America, Listen To Your Mother relies on national sponsors to help sustain LTYM shows in current cities, and bring LTYM to the dozens of new cities clamoring to host shows in the future. Thank you, Chevrolet, for helping women (and men!) #FindNewRoads with LTYM personally–with writing, performing, and forging new friendships–and professionally, enabling women to embrace new roles as local directors and producers. Even more? Thanks to Chevrolet, Our Chicago and NYC local Director/Producers got the opportunity to road trip in style–borrowing a brand new Chevy Impala, Tahoe, and Volt to see our sister shows in Milwaukee, North […]

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Thank you, Times Thirty-Two!!!

May 12, 2014

Yesterday, we dropped the curtain on our final LTYM shows, celebrating Mother’s Day with audiences in (clockwise from the top) Boulder, Portland, St. Louis, Little Rock, Sacramento, Madison, Providence, North Jersey, and Spokane (center)…   in a culmination of the LTYM show bounty from our previous two week/ends of shows this season.  LTYM THANKS: Our 400 readers, our 80 local director/producers, the thousands of moms, daughters and sons who auditioned this season, and everyone who came to our live shows to LISTEN. Thank you to our blog readers, fans and friends who’ve followed our shows online. We will release videos from our 400 readers this summer, adding to the existing body of 500 plus videos on our LTYMShow YouTube channel. Thank you to our local causes, for helping us fulfill LTYM’s mission through raising awareness and funds for local nonprofits supporting women and children in need. Thank you to our national team: Business […]

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