#LTYM has your #Breastfeeding stories for #WorldBreastfeedingWeek

August 6, 2015

Listen To Your Mother readers share breastfeeding stories from the hilarious to the heart-wrenching, reflecting that breastfeeding or not breastfeeding encompasses a wide range of choices and experiences. Like getting pulled over while pumping, for example. Enjoy these videos and we at LTYM wish every parent the ability to easily and ably nourish their children! For more LTYM stories tagged “breastfeeding” click here.

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LTYM Grieving Hearts: In Memory of Joanna Stanfield Montgomery, Maria Eva Dikkeboom, and Baby Olive

August 2, 2015

Listen To Your Mother celebrates many glorious iterations of mother love, and we also recognize the shadow of that great love–great loss. With tremendous sadness, we extend condolences to the loved ones of Joanna Stanfield Montgomery–her husband Mark and daughter Magnolia,  and countless other family members and beloved friends, including our Nashville 2014 cast–still fresh in their grief over the sudden loss of J’Laine Vest in February. From Joanna’s husband Mark Montgomery: 1. Please, no flowers / plants / whatever’s – give that money to someone in need… 2. If you are so inclined to want to honor Joanna, you can donate to the Magnolia Foundation, who’s mission it will be to fund early stage “below the belt” cancer research. Magnolia Foundation C/o Rashford Kruse PO Box 121228 Nashville TN 37212 These gifts will be tax deductible. Although cancer took Joanna from this life far too soon, she read her poignant essay “Right […]

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Words Build Community at The Open Mic #BlogHer15

July 21, 2015

BlogHer’s annual Voices Of The Year (#VOTY) planted the first seeds that grew into LTYM. Whereas #VOTY requires a submission process in advance of the conference, SheKnows #BlogHer15 collaborated with LTYM to allow for our Open Mic “walk in the door, throw your name in the hat” opportunity to claim five minutes in the spotlight–your words, out loud, in front of an audience of fellow bloggers. The event requires so little due to its simplicity: a podium, a microphone, a laptop and projector, some tables and chairs for the audience, and a few friendly faces to keep the event flowing (Thank you Taya, Angela, & Rochelle!) Yet, the impact on reader and listener can prove a profound one.   Thank you to all of the folks who put their name in, and stood ready to share their words with us, while serving as warm and engaged audience members. Telling our stories in front […]

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#BlackLivesMatter to Listen To Your Mother

July 16, 2015

The BlogHer’15 conference opens Thursday evening with a very timely and appropriate kickoff keynote featuring #BlackLivesMatter co-founders Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi. LTYM stands in solidarity with cast members who have so bravely shared their stories with us throughout the years, across the country. Today we feature a selection of their voices: Keesha Beckford, Chicago Takeyla Benton, Madison Khayriyyah Cutno, Baton Rouge Taya Dunn Johnson Baltimore Kyrra Rankine, Twin Cities Michelle D Smith, Baltimore    ***   Are you a #BlogHer15 attendee with a story to share? Join LTYM as we co-host the Open Mic Friday night following The Voices of The Year reception. Meet LTYM book contributors Lea Grover, Taya Dunn Johnson, Nancy Davis Kho, Vikki Reich, Alexandra Rosas, Lisa Page Rosenberg, Amy Wilson plus editor/LTYM founder Ann Imig at our BlogHer books signing Saturday 3:15 at the conference book store (before Ava DuVernay’s closing keynote)

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July 10, 2015

Just a couple months ago Listen To Your Mother gave motherhood a microphone in 39 cities… over 450 stories shared in 2015.  The videos of these stories are now LIVE! “Will she know me?” At LTYM: Nashville 2015, Co-Director Carrie Weir shared her journey in finding the balance of raising her daughter Maria to know her family’s roots as well as the ones she will grow on her own. “So when I open my heart to release her to her own stories, I do so knowing that Maria gets to create her own version of me.” WATCH AND LISTEN to LTYM 2015 on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel or click on a playlist below: Albuquerque • Anderson • Atlanta • Austin • Baltimore • Bangor • Baton Rouge • Boston • Boulder • Charleston • Chicago • DC • Evansville • Indianapolis • Lehigh Valley • Little Rock • Madison • Metro Detroit • Milwaukee • Nashville • North Jersey • Northern Utah • NW Indiana • Oklahoma City • Orange County • Pittsburgh• Plumas County • Portland • Providence • Raleigh-Durham • Rochester • San Francisco • Seattle • Southeast Texas • […]

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