LTYM National Team to #DreamFearlessly in Madison this December!

November 10, 2015

It’s nothing short of amazing what this project accomplishes through email, phone calls, texts, social media and virtual meetings. The internet makes LTYM accessible to a nation, even though the women who facilitate and sustain her live hundreds of miles from one another. Honestly, though? We yearn for face-time and I don’t mean an app! I mean the advantages of a physical works-space like cubicles, conference rooms, working lunches, and happy hours. Nothing can replace eye contact, body language, and the bonding plus laughter that ensues when coworkers can gather in real life to brain-storm, learn, problem-solve, strategize and DREAM. This summer the team began discussing Listen To Your Mother as a leadership incubator, and how we might facilitate a first-ever IN PERSON leadership retreat. Within moments I knew exactly the spot where the LTYM national team could #DreamFearlessly together, face-to-face, and DreamBank Madison stepped in to make our retreat dreams a reality! […]

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A Love Letter to LTYM’s Torchbearers

November 6, 2015

The passion, sweat and vision of 100 local leaders  give rise to the LTYM story-sharing and community-building phenomenon. The majority of our local director/producers return for subsequent seasons; honing their process, stretching their goals, and finding ways to keep their show electric and their LTYM community thriving. Today LTYM honors our torchbearers–the local director/producers who return again and again over 4, 5, 6, and 7 seasons to stoke the fires for LTYM storytellers to gather around, who spread warmth and light in which their community can bask, and who not only help LTYM reach across North America and keep her footlights aglow, but provide support for their readers, all year long, in ways the public never sees. Bringing LTYM home requires creativity, dedication, time and energy akin to throwing a wedding plus a Bat Mitzvah times a multi-faceted social media campaign, divided by a community theater production sprinkled with a fund-raiser, and with […]

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November 3, 2015

8 NEW CITIES! Birmingham, AL Director/Producer: Jennifer Oradat & Assistant Producer: Meagan Saia Burbank, CA Co-Director/Producers: Taia Perry & Suzanne Weerts Kansas City, KS Director: Greta Funk & Producer: Kathleen Fisher La Crosse, WI Co-Director/Producers: Jess Witkins, Beth Erickson, & Molly Hilligoss Lincoln, NE Director/Producer: Judy Daniell New Orleans, LA Co-Producers: Pepper Caruso & Lisha Fink  San Antonio, TX Co-Producers: Jill Robbins  Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA! Co-Director/Producers: Andrea Paterson & Eran Sudds   33 RETURNING CITIES Atlanta Co-Director/Producers: Jana Anthoine & Miranda Wicker Albuquerque Co-Director/Producer: Ashlee Andrews & (New Co-Director/Producer for 2016) Deb Burke Austin Co-Producers: Kristin V. Shaw & Leigh Ann Torres Baltimore Co-Producers: Arlene Jackson & Taya Dunn Johnson Baton Rouge Director: Meghan Matt & (New Producer for 2016) Audrey Hayworth Boston Co-Director/Producer: Jessica Woodbury & (New Co-Director/Producer for 2016) Divya Kumar Boulder (New Co-Producers for 2016) Ellen Nordberg & Stephanie Sprenger, (New Associate Director for 2016) Katie Wise Charleston Director/Producer: Becca Finley, Asst. Producer: Jennifer Buddin, (New Co-Producers for 2016) Philicia Baugh & Anna Hartman Chicago Co-Director/Producers: Tracey Becker & Melisa Wells DC Director: Stephanie Stearns Dulli, Producer: Kate Coveny Hood Evansville Co-Directors: Katharine McKinney & Hillary Melchiors Lehigh Valley Co-Director/Producers: Kristina Grum & Kirsten Piccini Little Rock Director: Sarabeth […]

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The Night The Devil Chased My Mom

October 28, 2015

The fear of the devil was an ever present part of Ashley Allen’s childhood, complete with exorcism-style prayers over her when she was bad. There were doors to the spiritual realm that she never dared to open… until she became a mom and found that Bloody Mary wasn’t so scary — or real — after all. “It dawned on me that there were discrepancies between what I was told as a kid and what was actually happening in reality.” Watch the video below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel.

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Lice Is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

October 20, 2015

“Sally has a bug in her hair.” And so begins Ashley Fuchs‘ family vacation. Despite her training as a pediatric nurse, nothing could prepare this mom for lice. She has some pretty strong words to say about the critters — we know you’re probably scratching your head already — so be sure to watch when little ones are out of earshot! Watch Ashley’s frighteningly funny tale from LTYM: DC 2015 in the video below or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel.

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