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Welcome Back, Vilona Michael Marketing

April 22, 2017

It’s almost showtime—well, truthfully, for the last month prior to bringing our cast in front of the audience, it feels like almost showtime!—and the time is flying ever faster this year. Maybe it’s because it’s our last year to share Listen To Your Mother with Oklahoma City? Definitely it’s because we get to work with the inspiring people who share their stories, our incredible local cause and our wonderful returning local sponsors. We couldn’t do it without our sponsors! We are thankful to be carrying on the tradition of Listen To Your Mother for a fifth year, but we know our show wouldn’t be possible without the amazing LTYM family that has grown since the show first came to OKC in 2013. It’s through the support of local businesses that we are able to showcase local voices sharing their personal stories. We are thankful to welcome back sponsors who believe in this show […]

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Jan Morrill: 2017 LTYM OKC Cast Member

April 19, 2017

Jan Morrill’s debut novel, The Red Kimono, (University of Arkansas Press, 2013) was selected Historical Novel Society’s Editor’s Choice and an Arkansas Gem by the Arkansas State Library. Other books include Life: Haiku by Haiku and Creative Characterization. Her award-winning stories have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and other anthologies. While working on her sequel, Jan enjoys speaking and giving workshops. (www.janmorrill.com.) Q: How did you learn about LTYM? A: I was in the cast last year. Originally found information on Facebook. Q: Reaction to getting cast in the show this year? A: I was thrilled to learn I’d be a member of the cast of the final LTYM! Q: What are three words that describe you> A: Work in progress… Q: What does motherhood mean to you? A: Motherhood is finding the very fine line between holding on and letting go. Q: What is the craziest thing you remember saying […]

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Dani Stone: 2017 LTYM OKC Cast Member

April 17, 2017

Dani Stone is a three-time published author, book hoarder, mother of two, and sugar cookie addict from the great flat state of Kansas. Dani enjoys bonding with her Kindle, burrito bowls from Chipotle (yes, she knows the guacamole is extra, thank you) and working with her colleagues at Lee Media Group. When she’s not writing for work or world peace, she’s embarrassing her husband and two children by sharing their personal lives on social media. Q: How did you learn about LTYM? A: Previous cast member – 2013 (Kansas City) 2015 (OKC) Q: Reaction to getting cast in the show this year? A: Excited. LTYM has a special place in my heart. In 2013, the show gave me a platform to talk about my daughter’s rare brain disorder, Vein of Galen Malformation (VOGM). Q: What are three words that describe you? A: Witty, Verbose, Hungry Q: What is one of the craziest thing […]

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Loralei Gann: 2017 LTYM OKC Cast Member

April 15, 2017

Originally from Edmond, Loralei Gann is now a full-on Normanite. High School English teacher by day, she spends the rest of her time being a full time wife to Justin, and overtime mommy to Everett (2) and Roman (9 months), while trying to find a way to invent a coffee IV drip. She enjoys cooking, shopping, spending time with her crazy family, serving on the Board of Directors for Community Action Ministry, being a writing contributor for Oklahoma City Moms Blog and sleeping whenever the opportunity may arise! Member of Faith Pointe Baptist Church, Loralei may or may not wish she were best friends with Jen Hatmaker, and hopes to someday publish something as funny and inspiring as Jen’s books. Q: How did you learn about LTYM? A: I am a 2015 LTYM Alum Q: What was your reaction to getting cast in the show this year? A: SO ECSTATIC and honored to be […]

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Rachel Forrest: 2017 LTYM OKC Cast Member

April 13, 2017

Rachel Forrest is a Sooner born and Sooner bred, Oklahoma born and raised. She spent her childhood traipsing through rural Osage County, exploring abandoned railroads and dried up river beds, playing on rusted metal swingsets and hunting for lizards in the thick woods around Keystone Lake. Now, she calls Bartlesville home, where she lives with my husband and two children. She has a Master’s degree in Theological Studies and work for a faith-based nonprofit. In between loving her family and actively serving in her church, she enjoys reading, vintage shopping and spending time outdoors. Q: How did you learn about LTYM? A: Through a friend’s Twitter Q: What was your reaction to getting cast in the show this year? A: Excitement! Nerves! All the feels! Q: What are three words that describe you? A: Bibliophile, INTJ, Redeemed Q: Tell us 2 fun facts about yourself. A: (1) My husband and I had a […]

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