Dani Stone: 2017 LTYM OKC Cast Member

by marif on April 17, 2017

Dani StoneDani Stone is a three-time published author, book hoarder, mother of two, and sugar cookie addict from the great flat state of Kansas. Dani enjoys bonding with her Kindle, burrito bowls from Chipotle (yes, she knows the guacamole is extra, thank you) and working with her colleagues at Lee Media Group. When she’s not writing for work or world peace, she’s embarrassing her husband and two children by sharing their personal lives on social media.

Q: How did you learn about LTYM?
A: Previous cast member – 2013 (Kansas City) 2015 (OKC)

Q: Reaction to getting cast in the show this year?
A: Excited. LTYM has a special place in my heart. In 2013, the show gave me a platform to talk about my daughter’s rare brain disorder, Vein of Galen Malformation (VOGM).

Q: What are three words that describe you?
A: Witty, Verbose, Hungry

Q: What is one of the craziest thing you’ve ever said to your child?
A: “You were disrespectful to me earlier, so that means no fun Mexican beverage for you.” For the record, it was not a margarita, the ultimate fun Mexican beverage.

Q: Favorite blog post or story?
A: One of my favorite stories is the piece I performed at Listen to Your Mother 2016, “Parenthood: You’ve Got Ten Seconds, Live it Up.” It’s a story that speaks to the old mantra about parenthood, “the days are long but the years are short.”

Q: Parenting fail that I wish I had a do-over for:
A: Exiting a moving vehicle with my 10-year-old daughter in the back seat because a wasp was in my hair and on my shoulder. The car was merely rolling forward in the garage, but still it was not a proud mothering moment.


Don’t miss this year’s Listen To Your Mother OKC show! We’ll be at the OKC Zoo Education Center Auditorum on Sunday, April 30 at 3pm sharing stories of motherhood once again. Tickets are on sale now!

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