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by marif on November 16, 2015

Cue the confetti cannons! Listen To Your Mother is back in Oklahoma City for the 2016 season, friends. And we couldn’t be happier! The national site put up an announcement with the info, including a great video and the news that the show is going to be bigger than ever, in 41 cities this year… and it’s gone international with the addition of a Vancouver show!

So, what is Listen To Your Mother? It’s a national series of live readings by local writers that are all focused on motherhood. All the shows are recorded and the individual videos are posted on YouTube—where there are currently almost 1,500 of them that will give you an idea of what Listen To Your Mother is all about.


The cast of Listen To Your Mother Oklahoma City, 2015

You don’t have to be a mother to participate—you don’t even have to be a woman or a professional writer! Listen To Your Mother seeks authentic, true stories with the common thread of mothers. We’ll be hosting auditions in early 2016 and will call for your entries, so you’ve got a few months to gather your words.


The cast of Listen To Your Mother Oklahoma City, 2014

We are so thankful to the original roster of directors/producers here in Oklahoma City—Misti McClellan, Heather Davis and Julie Bohannon—who stepped down and left a big, heart-shaped void that we hope to fill with all the excitement and energy and love that they imbued into the show.

LTYM 2013 cast photo

The cast of Listen To Your Mother Oklahoma City, 2013

Who are we? Your co-director/producers Mari and Carolyn were both members of the Oklahoma City 2013 Listen To Your Mother Cast, and we are ready to carry the tradition forward.

Get your stories ready, Oklahoma City, and watch this space for updates as we’ll post information about our venue, dates and timeline soon.

We’re so happy to be back, Oklahoma!

Melisa November 16, 2015 at 9:53 am


Barbara Shoff November 16, 2015 at 2:36 pm

So happy you are keeping LTYM alive in Oklahoma!

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