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2017 OKC Post-Show Wrap Up

by marif on May 18, 2017

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Depending on who you believe, that quote is either from the ancient Roman writer Seneca or the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic. Either way, it’s running through my head lately.

It’s the end of an era, and it’s hard to believe.

To recap, we did a thing again this year, as we’ve done for the four years prior and it was incredible and now it’s over.

I am so thankful for our beautiful cast of characters, amazing women who took to the stage with inspired stories of motherhood, shared with the audience for a truly once in a lifetime occasion—the videos will not be on YouTube this year, so you’ll have to take my word for how incredible it was. They were strong and brave, they supported each other and put on one hell of a show.

View More: http://sheradeehurstphotography.pass.us/ltym2017

If you weren’t there, I can tell you what you missed:

Mandy Moore wrote a letter she wishes she could send to herself, pre-adoption journey, filled with love and encouragement.

Jan Morrill shared a letter to wrote to her mother just before she passed, a mother whose time in an internment camp helped to shape Jan’s future.

Jenifer Silence’s rocky road of motherhood was one taken with her mother as her co-pilot and 7-Up and saltines in her saddlebags.

Heather Davis shared one of the many episodes with her tween and teen daughters that caused her hair to go gray.

Jennifer Poynter-Thompson verbalized all the questions that ran through her head. Literally. All of them.

Jennifer Dennis-Smith learned how you can protect your daughter from sparkly pink dresses for only so long.

Loralei Gann discussed how channeling her mother has helped her to be a better mom.

Rachel Forrest told us about overcoming a difficult past to become the mother she was meant to be.

Dani Stone shared a letter to her son, in anticipation of the day he leaves the nest to make his way in the world and eat all the taquitos.

Rose Marie B. reminded us that with time, we may smooth the edges on our most difficult moments of motherhood while making our highlight reels.

Jammie Kern told us how she learned that the enemy of her enemy is her friend, and sometimes that involved medication.

Stephanie Clinton reflected on the beauty and meaning in well-worn hands.

Marie Wreath reminded us that self-care is important, especially when life is hard.

And in between those moments, magic happened. It happened when Jan’s husband took the stage to speak for her because she had laryngitis. It happened when a member of the audience cried because she and Marie, a friend she didn’t know was in the cast, shared a story that mirrored her own. It happened when the alumni of past years laughed and cried and gasped with us. Each of our cast members stepped to that podium and breathed life into their story and every person in that audience left transformed.

It could not have been done without our generous sponsors; once again, the American Banjo Museum, the Individual Artists of Oklahoma and Vilona Michael Marketing were there to support our show. Sheradee Hurst provided the amazing photography, fulfilling her own journey that began as a cast member when we first started the show back in 2013. The Oklahoma City Zoo’s Education Center provided us with a beautiful venue for us to present our stories. National sponsors BlogHer and Luvs also helped make it all possible. Thank you, so much, to all the sponsors who believed in the show.

Last week, we sent a check to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County, and we are so thankful to them for agreeing to partner with us on this adventure and for allowing us to help them in our way.

This year, myself and Jennifer Dennis-Smith led the team to bring the run to a close—and I am so thankful for Jennifer and her PR skills. We did a thing, friend. I’m so thankful for you.

And Jennifer and I couldn’t have done it without the production members who came before: Carolyn Bechtold who worked with us last year and the powerhouse that was Misti McClellan, Heather Davis and Julie Bohannon, who helmed the show for the first three years of our run. Thank you so much to everyone who helped usher this show to the stage for five incredible years.

Thank you; to everyone who allowed me to be a part of this thing, to see it through until the end. I am forever changed and excited for this new beginning.

— Mari

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meet stephanie clintonStephanie Clinton is a writer and blogger but more importantly, a wife and mother to two little boys. In addition to blogging at Hugs, Kisses and Snot she has a YouTube channel called Recipe Archaeology featuring retro and vintage recipes. Additionally, she is a community manager for Oklahoma Women Bloggers. In her free time (if there is any) she can be found wiping snotty noses and volunteering in her community, church, and school.

Q: How did you learn about LTYM?
A: Oklahoma Women Bloggers (I am an alumni from the 2014 show)

Q: What was your reaction to getting cast in the show this year?
A: humbled

Q: Three words that describe you?
A: kind, fierce, lucky

Q: What does motherhood mean to you?
A: When it is all said and done, if my boys vote, recycle, are kind to others, and love their spouse, then I will call it a job well done.

Q: What is one of your favorite things you’ve ever written?
A: One of my favorite blog posts is one that I wrote after having read the Harry Potter series out loud to my son.

Q: Favorite TV show and why?
A: One of my favorite TV shows is Little House on the Prairie. When my older son was an infant it seemed like it was always on when it was time to nurse him. He was a slow nurser so I would just sit and watch and let him take his time. I think I got through several seasons that way. There are other TV shows that I probably like better but Little House holds a place in my heart for that reason.


Don’t miss this year’s Listen To Your Mother OKC show! We’ll be at the OKC Zoo Education Center Auditorum on Sunday, April 30 at 3pm sharing stories of motherhood once again. Tickets are on sale now!

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Marie Wreath: 2017 LTYM OKC Cast Member

April 27, 2017

Marie Wreath is a native Okie, the oldest of five children all grateful to have two of the most generous and long-suffering parents on the planet. She grew up in Oklahoma City but now lives on a small acreage east of town with her wonderful husband of almost sixteen years. She has two beautiful, miraculous daughters (ages 19 and 21). She believes that tender love and stubborn faith can move mountains. She sees God’s power in every pattern nature offers and wishes truly that time might pass more slowly because life is so beautiful. Q: How did you learn about LTYM? A: Mari (co-producer) and a few other local bloggers have had so many good things to say about it! Last year and the year before I very nearly auditioned but the timing was not quite right for our family. Q: What was your reaction to getting cast in this year? A: Shocked, […]

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