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Jump–Submit Your Story

by heathers on February 25, 2015

GIFT 14 laura Laura Allen is a member of the 2014 cast of Listen To Your Mother: OKC. You can watch her video on how she doesn’t love her children the same HERE.

The fact that you are reading this is testament to the fact that you have already, or are thinking about submitting your story for Listen to your Mother. If you’ve submitted your story, you couldn’t have made a better decision! If, however; you are on the fence, JUMP. Sometimes clichés are wrong, and, I promise, if you move to the other side of that fence, the grass is brighter, fuller, softer, better smelling and infinitely greener!

I know what you’re thinking, because I had the same thoughts. I’m not a writer. How could any of these funny, intelligent, incredible women want to hear me? In one sense, you are right. Many of the former cast members are writers, bloggers, professional storytellers, if you will. But behind their words, they are so much more. They are interested, thrilled to encourage and eager to welcome everyone into the ranks. Just like you, they are aunts, moms, sisters, daughters, sometimes sons, and they want to hear your story.

So, stop worrying about writing and start telling!! Every single one of us has a story and a unique take on motherhood. Every single one of us wants to hear others tell theirs.

I am not a writer. My sister is. She is an incredibly talented writer. I may not have thought so when I was young, but I really want to be her! For a couple of years I heard her rave about the vibe, the friends, the experience of LTYM. She encouraged me to submit a story. I sat down and I wrote. I rewrote and I rewrote again. Then I had to decide where to submit my story. Because my sister was producing the show in Kansas City I couldn’t submit my story to KC. I chose Oklahoma City. I submitted my piece and was genuinely surprised when they invited me to audition. I drove 6 hours only to cry like a baby when I told my story. I was met with smiles and encouragement, and, while I was nervous, I was completely comfortable. They chose me!!! I was over the moon. I drove many more hours for rehearsals and the actual show. They were some of the best used hours ever. I made friends who will be my friends forever, as juvenile as it may sound. We shared a bond on that stage, whether we told funny stories, serious or sad, we all got it and we were all there together, supporting and loving and rocking red and black, because we were a fabulously gorgeous group. I can’t forget how beautiful we all were, inside and out, to everyone that day.

So, jump, jump, jump!!! Join us on the other side, tell your story. Don’t worry about writing it, just tell it! The words will come. I live in western Kansas, and more people here than you could guess know about LTYM, even a year later I gush about it and toot my own horn. I don’t have a blog, I am not a professional story teller, but I am a LTYM alumni and I couldn’t be in better company.

If you are ready to jump, submit your story today! You have only until Saturday to get it in. Our submission guidelines can be found here.

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Welcome local sponsors!

by heathers on February 23, 2015

sponsor Crossroads Family Dentistry

We are excited to welcome back Dr. Carl Dias and Crossroads Family Dentistry as local sponsors of the 2015 Listen To Your Mother Show in Oklahoma City! Crossroads Family Dentistry is a full-service dental practice for both children and adults which includes cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Thank you very much, Dr. Dias and Crossroads Family Dentistry to helping us to tell our stories in Oklahoma City! You can like them on Facebook to thank them for their support.


2015 hidden Dragon Yoga

Hidden Dragon Yoga is our newest local sponsor for Listen To Your Mother: OKC. Hidden Dragon Yoga serves all levels while looking at the body as a sacred instrument of alignment and reunion with the Divine. They are committed to helping build and empower each student’s self-esteem while encouraging laughter and playfulness. Be sure to like them on Facebook and get to know them a little better! Thanks so much for helping us tell our stories in Oklahoma City!


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The Final Push

February 17, 2015

Linda St. Onge was a member of the 2014 Listen To Your Mother-OKC cast. Her final words to her mother can be found in her YouTube video HERE. I’d never heard of Listen to Your Mother before being invited by a friend to attend the Oklahoma City event in May 2013.  I can remember thinking I wish I had the nerve to present “my story” but never seriously thought I would go through with it. To this day, I don’t know what the final PUSH was but I do know this had bubbled inside me for nearly 17 years.  The draw and opportunity were too great.  So I sat at my computer and pounded out “My Mother’s Eulogy – 17 years late”.  Such a relief to finally say what I’d been thinking for so long.. When I found the courage to audition, I thought I sounded so dorky but the three ladies who […]

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Comfort Zone

February 10, 2015

K. Marie Woodberry is a member of the 2014 Oklahoma City cast. She blogs at The Musings Of My Heart. Watch her video here. Last January, a picture popped up in my newsfeed. There was a group of women sitting on a red couch with the biggest smiles on their face. Intrigued, I read the description of a show called Listen To Your Mother. My heart smiled as I thought about my mother and what an incredible life she had lived. I wasn’t ready to tell her story; I definitely couldn’t tell my story. But, for the first time in eighteen years, I was ready to tell our story. I submitted my piece to the producers and received an e-mail inviting me to audition. This was definitely out of my comfort zone. At the audition, my nerves were calmed by warm smiles, nods of encouragement and Girl Scout cookies. I stood behind the […]

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Everyone Has A Story — Submit YOURS!

February 1, 2015

Sabine Brown blogs at Sabine of Suburbia and is a member of the 2014 Oklahoma City Listen To Your Mother Show. (Watch her story HERE.) She’s a momma, a wife and an activist. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Last year when I got the notification that I got an audition to be in Listen to Your Mother-OKC I was over the moon. I drove to my audition feeling confident with a little help from Adele blaring on my car radio. Until I walked through the doors that is. That’s when my nerves hit me full force. I’m not interesting. I have nothing interesting to say. Why in the world would anyone want to listen to me? My hands shake when I get anxious and I was in full Chihuahua-freaked-out-by-a-vacuum- cleaner mode. I worried about my wavering voice. Unlike Adele, vibrato doesn’t work as well in spoken word.   I got […]

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