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Welcome Local Sponsor: IAO

by marif on February 10, 2016


We are thrilled to announce Individual Artists of Oklahoma (IAO) as a local sponsor of the Listen To Your Mother OKC 2016 show! Individual Artists of Oklahoma is a statewide arts organization that exists to promote progressive arts programming and education in the state of Oklahoma.

Thanks so much to IAO for helping us to share our stories in Oklahoma City!

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These are My “Cool Kids”

by marif on February 8, 2016

Heather Davis is a LTYM alumni and former director/producer of LTYM OKC.

heather bioInitially, I thought I’d drive from Bartlesville, OK to Austin, TX, a trip that would take me approximately thirteen hours one way, in order to try out for the second year of Listen To Your Mother Shows. This one would be produced by Wendi Aarons. And man! I do love me some Wendi! Eventually, the fact that I had to work and care for my family won out and I didn’t submit a story that year. I was kinda heartbroken because I really liked what I knew of the show, and I loved Wendi. I felt like my chance to meet cool people was over and done because stupid Texas had to be soo big.

Little did I know … the next year, I auditioned for the Northwest Arkansas Show where I met the always-cool Lela Davidson along with an amazing cast of “Mothers.” While I was completely taken in by so many of them, I became attached at the hip to one of them in particular, Misti Pryor.

The next year, Misti and I, along with Julie Bohannon, produced the Oklahoma City show. Y’all? I was a cool kid, along with the likes of Wendi Aarons!

It was so much more than just producing a show (and being cool). It was a matter of finding a tribe. When my kiddo went to Frontier City during a prediction of severe weather, she had Misti and Julie’s phone numbers “just in case.” Praying that she’d never need them, I didn’t fret because I knew they’d take care of her just as one of their own.

I text with Shannon Hahn (LTYM-NWA 2012) often, solving the world’s problems with sarcasm and snark.

I wrote about a red-headed esthetician in my book “A Weekend With Effie” who was based, not even loosely, on Suzanne Kelley (LTYM-OKC 2013).

My kiddo just interviewed one of my dearest advocates, Sabine Brown (LTYM-OKC 2014), about her fight to make the world a better place.

Jennifer McMurrain (LTYM-OKC 2013) is one of my critique partners. Alyssa Foresman (LTYM-OKC 2015) and I text each other no less than twenty-dozen times a day. Stacy Lindsly (LTYM-OKC 2014) and I taught together, laughed together, learned together and eventually shared the stage together. Stephanie Clinton (LTYM-OKC 2014) stepped in on Oklahoma Women Bloggers for me when I had to step away because of my mom’s stroke. Carolyn Bechtold (LTYM-OKC 2013) never forgets my kiddos when she speaks with me—and for some odd reason, she loves them!

And, my editor, my friend, my lovely love, Mari Farthing (LTYM-OKC 2013) has shared so many moments with me and my family that I feel like I should invite her to family holidays.

My world was completely full of cool kids, all thanks to Listen To Your Mother. When it was time to step away from the show, knowing that Mari and Carolyn would be the ones taking the reins, took away the sting, but it could not take away the connections, the relationships, the love that has been developed with some of the coolest people I know.

This year, I’ll be in the audience, listening to some of the coolest people I’ve yet to meet. And maybe, if I’m lucky, Wendi Aarons will make the twelve hour drive and sit next to me.

I hope I see you on the stage. I can’t wait to hear your story!

Find out more about how you can join the rest of the cool kids in LTYM.

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Welcome Local Sponsor: The American Banjo Museum

February 4, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the American Banjo Museum as a local sponsor of the Listen To Your Mother OKC 2016 show! This uniquely Oklahoma museum features the largest collection of banjos on public display in the world and recently announced an exclusive exhibit featuring banjos owned and played by Steve Martin plus memorabilia and rare photos. This family-friendly destination is easy to find in the heart of Bricktown. Thanks so much to the American Banjo Museum for helping us to share our stories in Oklahoma City! by

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February 2, 2016

Joshua Unruh was a cast member in the 2015 OKC LTYM show.   One of the most admirable qualities about amazing people is that they don’t often talk about how amazing they are. When you corner them and insist they are amazing, one of two things happens. The first option is they look embarrassed and agree that they did the thing you’re saying makes them amazing, but they insist that it’s just what anyone would have done (which is patently untrue, though they seem to really believe it). The other option is that they simply blink at you in bafflement because they seriously do not realize how amazing they are. My wife is the second option. Seriously, it is ridiculous how impressive a mother she is and honestly doesn’t realize that she’s doing anything out of the ordinary. Her confusion leads to my frustration. You see, between not enjoying the spotlight and not […]

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My LTYM Family

January 25, 2016

Jennifer McMurrain was a cast member in the 2013 OKC LTYM cast. When I first auditioned for Listen to Your Mother it was a career move. I had a new book out and I was desperate to get some publicity. I was also a new mom and still trying to navigate through the turbulent waters where work and motherhood meet. Writing about motherhood, as a new mother, while also getting some publicity for my book about family, seemed the perfect step in the balance of the two worlds. I didn’t anticipate that becoming a cast member of Listen to Your Mother was so much more than a career move—it was a life move. I entered into our read-through with thoughts of books sales and came out with thoughts of love, sacrifice, joy, anxiety, laughter, and compassion. As they read their stories I cried with them. I laughed with them. I nodded at how […]

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