That’s a Wrap – from LTYM NYC 2016!

May 11, 2016

On Saturday, May 7th, the pews at Broadway Presbyterian Church were filled to capacity… and so were our hearts. BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page graced our audience and tweeted out memorable quotes from each of our 12 cast members as their stories took center stage: “Middle school girls have cornered the market on bullying.” – Kaytie Eaton “I happen to like curse words. My children call them my ‘rainbow words’…” – Jennifer Birmingham “Every woman has her own definition of what it means to beautiful. And that definition changes as she grows older.” – Jackie Mercurio “My children only have one father, but they are connected to three men through a combination of love and DNA.” – Heather Osterman-Davis “At the bus stop my daughter has shanked me, with a long shiv made of manipulation and mommy guilt.” – Heather Chaet “ ‘Never mind,’ she said. ‘You’re too late; she’s gone.’ ‘Yes, she […]

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LTYM NYC 2016 Cast Spotlight on – Laura Pruden!

May 4, 2016

Laura Pruden is an actress and storyteller living in Harlem. Years ago, she read the spine of a parenting book titled, “Finding the Yes.” She never cracked the book, but adopted the mantra and has tried to find the yes, in all things, ever since. This would, no doubt, come as a surprise to her children.   3 words that describe Laura are… earnest, wry, last-minute. Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home… Before you open the door, you’ll see a hand-penned sign that reads – Tremendous things are in store for you. “It’s a remnant of my older daughter’s Roald Dahl themed birthday party.  This and other Dahl quotes will most likely adorn our walls until next November, when we find a new theme for a new NYC apartment slumber party. (They’re fun!)” A lovely leafy green tree outside the window. “Our place is just this side of a […]

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LTYM NYC 2016 Cast Spotlight on – Amy Tully!

May 2, 2016

In a previous life, Amy was a super type-A person and attorney. These days Amy is a stay-at-home mom in Brooklyn, spending her days with two adorable, fun, hilarious girls and fielding questions that reveal the inadequacy of her education (too much law, not enough orcas). Unfortunately for the adults in her life, Amy has a lot to say about alternate side parking and Paw Patrol. She also has a loving and supportive husband who remains loving and supportive even though she forces her family to be in thousands of pictures that never get organized into albums. Amy avoids Pinterest. What can she say – “You can’t have it all, but so grateful to have all that I do.” 3 words that describe Amy are… Mother of Dragons (she is working on her children’s atrocious table manners – and the occasional growl) Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home… Two children in Star Wars […]

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LTYM NYC 2016 Cast Spotlight on – Jennifer Birmingham!

April 27, 2016

Jennifer hails from Wisconsin, where she shared one bathroom, a pillow and a communal sock drawer with ten siblings. She now relishes an abundance of fluffy pillows, fresh towels and her very own socks. She’s also quite fond of her three children (Nkili, Aidan and Miles) and two tuxedo cats. Jennifer occasionally blogs about her life with these creatures at, but she keeps the lights on, bellies fed and her spirit engaged by working as Director of Production at The Moth! 3 words that describe Jennifer are… grateful, enthusiastic, and driven Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home… A 20-foot narrow hallway that is … chock full of coats and shoes from all seasons A magnetic board of the scant holiday cards her family receives (the ones with photos stay up for a year) A framed picture of each of her kids from the first year that all three shared […]

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LTYM NYC 2016 Cast Spotlight on – Heather Chaet!

April 25, 2016

If you Google Heather, you’ll find exactly what her bio says: she writes, she has a nine-year-old daughter, she’s married, she lives in NYC. Blah, blah, blah. Want the real scoop? The nitty-gritty? The one you may not realize unless you follow her on Instagram (hey, hey, how’d you like that not-so-sly plug to follow her at @heatherchaet)? The real scoop is she’s funnier in her writing than in person. The real scoop is she wastes way too much time trying to attract rare cats on Neko Atsume. The real scoop is she hasn’t read half of the gazillion books that are stacked all around her apartment. The real scoop is she’s obsessed with coffee mugs, quotes, Harry Potter, and temporary tattoos (wearing them is her totally lame attempt to be semi-hip). 3 words that describe Heather are… work in progress Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home… A small, […]

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