Meet the NYC Production Team: Holly Rosen Fink

by Varda on April 29, 2012

Nothing could give me more pleasure than to introduce today’s LTYM-NYC team member, Associate Producer Holly Rosen Fink. I have called her “friend” for some time, and am now honored to call her “colleague and partner” in this endeavor.

HOLLY ROSEN FINK has a career that spans the world of television and publishing, including positions at Lifetime Television, Nickelodeon/MTV and John Wiley & Sons. As a marketing consultant her current client list includes Ruckus Media Group. She is also now founder of MamaDrama Consulting and WestchesterIRL.

Holly is the editor of The Culture Mom and regularly contributes to CBS New York,  The Savvy Source, and Project You Magazine. She recently served as editor of Come Closer: How Tourism is Shaping the Nations. She also contributes to the ABC Million Mom Campaign and handles social media for Room to Read Westchester, as well as the Larchmont Arts Festival. Holly lives in Larchmont, NY with her husband and two children.

Now, as informative as this formal bio is, I knew you’d want to get to know Holly a little more personally, so we decided to do an interview. (It’s so much fun to officially interview someone you know.) I asked. She answered…

Me: You are a lifelong theater lover and involved in a business that promotes theater thru social media… tell me little about that, and how it feels to now be on the other side of the stage door as an associate producer.

Holly: It started with my mother, of course.  She introduced me to theater and encouraged me to pursue acting in high school.  I went to a performing arts high school very much like you see on the show “Fame”.  After performing in a number of plays from Shakespeare and Chekhov, I realized I was not cut out for acting.  When I moved to NYC to work in television after spending a year experiencing every West End show possible in London, I became a true theatergoer.  I saw “Rent” in its first days of existence, when Jonathan Larson passed away, and I’ve been a Lincoln Center and Public Theater member for years.

Forming my company, MamaDrama, was a natural fit for me as it combines everything I love and I get to work with all the fabulous women I have met via social media.  I have an incredible partner and we’ve had a chance to work with some of the city’s best theatrical producers and marketers.  It’s a dream come true in so many ways as I am finally working in the theater.  “Listen to Your Mother” is a culmination of everything I love and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m working with an incredible cast and crew on a project that I’m beyond passionate about.  It ties my love of social media, theater and even skills I’ve learned from MamaDrama. It’s a dream come true.

You chose not to audition to read in the show, even though you are a lovely writer – why? Are you still happy with that decision?

As much as I love to write and blog, and I actually like performing in front of people, I am not ready to share my feelings about motherhood publicly.  It’s a tug of war for me, sometimes better than other times.  I feared that I would say the wrong thing and offend the people I love.  So, I decided to stay behind the scenes, just as I have chosen to do since high school.  It was definitely the right decision for me and I can’t wait to watch from backstage.  Just having my name associated with the show is an absolute honor.  I chased Ann Imig down at BlogHer and told her I had to work on this show.  And here I am.

Speaking of motherhood, how has being a mother changed how you work and how you write?

Being a mother has changed everything, of course.  I quit my fulltime job when the kids were babies, and then I spent a few years wondering what would become of me.  I was lost.  Then I turned 40 and the kids entered public school.  I have never been more inspired in my life to take on the world.  I am challenging myself more than ever before.  And I owe it to my children.  They have shown me what I am capable of doing and with them cheering me on in the background, I am pushing myself further than ever before.

What have you learned since joining the LTYM production team? Is it what you expected it would be?

Working with you, Amy and Betsy has been amazing.  We really came together, with different skills and knowledge, and made this show happen.  Initially, I wasn’t sure I had anything to bring the table and thought I would just watch and learn.  But I’ve completely shocked myself with my contributions and I’ve never been prouder of all of us.  This was all of our first time producing this show, and I’ve enjoyed every single part of the process.

What are you most looking forward to on May 6th? What are you most nervous about?

To be honest, I’m not nervous about very much. I’m looking forward to seeing all the women that we cast perform their beautiful pieces on stage, in front of the people they know and don’t know, bringing their voices to the public arena about a topic we all know and love: MOTHERHOOD.

Thank you, Holly!

Amy April 29, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Holly you are a FORCE. This has been such an amazing experience and this show could absolutely truly not have happened without you. I am inspired by your focus and your enthusiasm every day.

Ann April 29, 2012 at 2:16 pm

I agree with Amy, Holly. Your attitude and generosity is contagious. I’m so glad you chased me down and made sure you were part of LTYM: NYC!!

Estelle Sobel Erasmus April 29, 2012 at 2:52 pm

I knew of Holly via The Culture Mom blog from work Mothers & More was doing with a company called Sweet Tweets; admired her, her blog and her work months before I was lucky enough to meet her. The day I found out she was involved with the show I was flying high and haven’t stopped since! She is dynamic, generous, a mom, a businessperson and a true “cultural” force.

Kir April 29, 2012 at 5:04 pm

Holly, you’re amazing and I am so blessed and thrilled that our paths crossed. So proud of everything you are!

alysia April 30, 2012 at 3:14 am

It is such a pleasure and an honor getting to know your amazing dynamic self. Thank you so much for including me!!

Alaina Yoakum April 30, 2012 at 3:09 pm

I feel so lucky to count you among my friends, Holl. Since my first days in NY, you brought the theater into my world as my personal guru as to what was hot on broadway and off. And now you’re helping to bring the theater to the world! You’re an inspiration. Xoxo

Linda Rosen April 30, 2012 at 3:54 pm

I am one proud Mom and looking forward to seeing
holly and the show. Ifyou haven’t guessed,I am holly’s Mom.

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