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by elizabeth on May 23, 2017

We LTYM directors and producers describe a Listen To Your Mother show as “a well-crafted journey.” Well this sentiment also describes our personal journeys to becoming part of the Listen To Your Mother phenomenon.

It all started with hearing about the premise “Giving Motherhood a Microphone” or seeing Ann’s very first video of the LTYM Madison, Wisconsin, show in 2010, or talking with a girlfriend about this amazing show she saw…

However it came to us, or to you, it’s something that made an immediate connection, a lasting impression, and created an inspirational community.

We want to thank Ann Imig for conceiving Listen To Your Mother and searching for that bigger audience for her voice and the voice of other mothers.

We’d also like to thank our own Amy Wilson for heeding the call and bringing Listen To Your Mother to New York City.




We feel fortunate and grateful to have had this experience, meeting and listening to so many incredible storytellers brave enough to audition. It’s been a gift to have taken this journey with all of you.

We are proud of the accomplishments of the men and women who have graced our local stage. This pride also extends to the accomplishments of the Listen To Your Mother community at large, which is, quite literally, everywhere.

Here’s the best part – this convergence of voices isn’t going anywhere.

It may take on different forms, different projects to celebrate and share… yet it will continue.

So, here’s to new dreams and moving forward!

Sending out all of our best and much love,

Amy, Kizz, and Barbara


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The Broadway Presbyterian Church was overflowing with amazing stories and an amazing audience who had nothing but love (and lots of laughter) for our 2017 cast.

Photo Credit: 2B Photo Studio

We, the NYC team, want to send out a rousing “Well done!” along with our many compliments to each and every one of our cast members. You made the 6th season of Listen To Your Mother NYC special in every way.

Especially special was being able to give a generous portion of our ticket proceeds –  a $1,000 donation – to LTYM NYC’s charitable partner for 2017, Safe Horizon.

Jaime Abbott, the Director of Individual Giving for Safe Horizon, took to the podium to give voice to one woman’s Safe Horizon success story – breaking the chain of domestic violence in her family. It was awe-inspiring.

Safe Horizon is still accepting donations. Please help change a life today. Get help. Get Informed. Donate.





Our fabulous families and friends and LTYM alums for once again gathering around us. We loved seeing you and hearing you from the stage.

Sara Stopek, Neil Kramer, and Laura Pruden (and her daughters!) for all their fantastic efforts, which made for an effortless show day.

Photo Credit: Neil Kramer

Our past charitable partners IRC of New York, WPA, Room to Grow, and Family-to-Family for their life-saving work that is making a difference in the lives of New Yorkers.

LTYM National Sponsors #BlogHer17 and Luvs for their continuous support of our storytelling.

Our LTYM NYC Local Sponsors! We could not have had a first season let alone a sixth one without the generosity of…

Jennifer Stachel of Jennifer Stachel Orthodontics

Mind Over Matter, In-home fitness specialists

Sarah Rostan, independent consultant, Rodan + Fields

Ellen Rassiger, owner of Happy Dog Training & Behavior, voted the BEST family dog training school on Long Island for 5 years in a row.

What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood, a podcast from LTYM NYC alums Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson.

Wordsworth & Booth, Creative Audio at Horizon Media. Tony Mennuto and team devoted to creating innovative audio-based solutions for brands.



Jennifer Lee of Jennifer Lee Photography!



Patrick Mahany, Technical Director of the Broadway Presbyterian Church and our videographer, Michael Almodovar.

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.

Because of you, it’s safe to say that New York City’s Listen To Your Mother show was a beautiful success!


All our best,

Amy, Kizz, and Barbara

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Jean, an accomplished brand and marketing executive, emailed us on the morning of audition day saying, “I’ve procrastinated a bit, but would love the opportunity to audition.” Well Jean’s go-get-‘em attitude, and, her rocking story, paid off. At our first rehearsal, Jean revealed that her motivation to audition was to show her daughter the importance of taking risks. (How very Listen To Your Mother is that?!) Here’s more from Jean… What makes you feel accomplished? A good night’s sleep makes me feel pretty accomplished. How would your friends describe you? My husband describes me as “conscientious, generous, intelligent and intrepid.” My friend describes me as “smart and funny, wry and dry with a heart of gold.” What word best describes you? Committed. What are you most thankful for? I am most thankful for my patient husband, Matt, who always believes in me and lets me dream big and small dreams. And I am especially thankful […]

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