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26053857794_41e338ee5b_kIn a previous life, Amy was a super type-A person and attorney. These days Amy is a stay-at-home mom in Brooklyn, spending her days with two adorable, fun, hilarious girls and fielding questions that reveal the inadequacy of her education (too much law, not enough orcas).

Unfortunately for the adults in her life, Amy has a lot to say about alternate side parking and Paw Patrol.

She also has a loving and supportive husband who remains loving and supportive even though she forces her family to be in thousands of pictures that never get organized into albums. Amy avoids Pinterest. What can she say – “You can’t have it all, but so grateful to have all that I do.”

3 words that describe Amy are… Mother of Dragons (she is working on her children’s atrocious table manners – and the occasional growl)

Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home…

  1. Two children in Star Wars helmets singing the least appropriate verses of Hamilton.
  1. Minimal artwork on the walls (decorating is not a strength), but lots of children’s artwork spilling from every corner.
  1. A used piano purchased from a neighbor in a fleeting tiger mom moment.
  1. Coffee machine – somehow a decade practicing law did not create the desperate need for

coffee that staying at home with children does.

  1. A washer/dryer – after 14 years in New York City without them, she glances at them lovingly at least once a day even if they are not in use.


Amy’s favorite time of day… Early evening.

“The lighting is more flattering.  It’s also nice winding down and reading with the kids before putting them to bed.  I would like to say that afterwards I read the Economist, engage in intellectual conversation about current events, or organize my pictures into albums.  Unfortunately, it’s such a full day and I am lucky if I have the mental wherewithal to find a glass of wine and something to watch from the Bravo oeuvre before going to bed myself.  After all I need plenty of rest if I’m going to survive chaperoning Kindergarteners on a trip to the Aquarium.”
Amy tries to put her positive spin on every life experience. (You’ll see what we mean.) Tickets for Listen To Your Mother NYC 2016 are on sale NOW!  See you at the show!  

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12491771_10153728349371014_7960230093883561788_oJennifer hails from Wisconsin, where she shared one bathroom, a pillow and a communal sock drawer with ten siblings.

She now relishes an abundance of fluffy pillows, fresh towels and her very own socks. She’s also quite fond of her three children (Nkili, Aidan and Miles) and two tuxedo cats.

Jennifer occasionally blogs about her life with these creatures at, but she keeps the lights on, bellies fed and her spirit engaged by working as Director of Production at The Moth!

3 words that describe Jennifer are… grateful, enthusiastic, and driven

Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home…

A 20-foot narrow hallway that is …

  1. chock full of coats and shoes from all seasons
  2. A magnetic board of the scant holiday cards her family receives (the ones with photos stay up for a year)
  3. A framed picture of each of her kids from the first year that all three shared the planet
  4. 3 bookcases that are largely occupied by young adult and fantasy novels that have pushed out the books Jennifer has read over the years

The hallway opens into a small apartment where –

  1. living room, dining table, and kitchen sprawled together and where they continually fight to keep the amount of papers piling on flat surfaces to an acceptable minimum

Jennifer’s favorite time of day… Early morning, before the kids wake up and after the cats have been fed and the coffee has finished brewing.

“There is a sliver of time when I can sit on my couch, sip coffee and listen to the silence. I am a human, being. After those rare minutes I will be more of a human, doing, until bedtime.”

Jennifer has more choice colorful words to share. Get your tickets for Listen To Your Mother NYC 2016 – on sale NOW!  See you at the show!  

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LTYM NYC 2016 Cast Spotlight on – Heather Chaet!

April 25, 2016

If you Google Heather, you’ll find exactly what her bio says: she writes, she has a nine-year-old daughter, she’s married, she lives in NYC. Blah, blah, blah. Want the real scoop? The nitty-gritty? The one you may not realize unless you follow her on Instagram (hey, hey, how’d you like that not-so-sly plug to follow her at @heatherchaet)? The real scoop is she’s funnier in her writing than in person. The real scoop is she wastes way too much time trying to attract rare cats on Neko Atsume. The real scoop is she hasn’t read half of the gazillion books that are stacked all around her apartment. The real scoop is she’s obsessed with coffee mugs, quotes, Harry Potter, and temporary tattoos (wearing them is her totally lame attempt to be semi-hip). 3 words that describe Heather are… work in progress Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home… A small, […]

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LTYM NYC 2016 Cast Spotlight on – Kaytie Eaton!

April 20, 2016

Kaytie Eaton has spent the past 4 years negotiating that awe-inspiring, grueling, delicious path called motherhood. In her previous incarnation, Kaytie worked as an actor in NYC and regionally, speaking lots of words written much more eloquently than the easy readers which make up her current repertoire. If it is Shakespeare, she has probably done it. Twice. Currently she is…yes, well, she is..she is in process. She has the privilege of being married to the most patient, generous and witty man she has ever met. They live with their two daughters in the borough God loves most (Brooklyn) in a incredible community of people and families that make the “hardness” of living in the city worth every minute. 3 words that describe Kaytie are… “Just a sec…” Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home… A beautiful, wedding gift mantle clock which hasn’t been working for at least 6 months that […]

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LTYM NYC 2016 Cast Spotlight on – Heather Osterman-Davis!

April 18, 2016

Heather lives in New York City with her husband and two children where she attempts to balance creative and domestic endeavors. Housework is permanently losing. Some of her writing may be found or is forthcoming in: Creative Nonfiction, Salon, and Literary Mama and Agave Magazine and Press. She has also been part of several anthologies including Love, Sass, and Wisdom from the Austin Writer Grrllls. But in the end, her favorite publications of all time are the books she writes each year on (or near) her children’s birthdays including such hits as Owen and the Quest for Hot Milk and To the End of the World with Nugget Nora. 3 words that describe Heather are… Improvisational, Sarcastic, Optimistic-Cynic Here are 5 things we’d find walking through her home… A giant tagine pot she carried around in a backpack in Morrocco for a month without breaking but has never managed to cook in once she brought […]

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