first rehearsal & hearing each other!

by Lovelyn on April 25, 2015

The cast of our NWIndiana show recently met for the first time to get to know each other and rehearse with a run through of all the readings. I always love this special time as everyone meets, we hear the flow of the show & we listen to each person’s story about motherhood in their voice.  We gathered in local sponsor Beth Fletcher Photography‘s gorgeous downtown studio and talked about our lives, the nerves about LTYM & spoke our motherhood stories aloud.



Our experiences are each so unique, yet so similar, too. We find ourselves nodding along with the stories recalling a time when we felt just the same or our eyes welling up with tears imagining an aspect of motherhood that we haven’t experienced, but can feel the emotion from someone else’s experience.

I hope you’ll be nodding along, welling up a bit & definitely sharing a laugh with us on May 8th! It will be a wonderful night of celebrating motherhood!


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