Still Floating on Cloud #2017!

by deborah on June 2, 2017

Post by Brooke Lefferts, Producer

Ltym 2017 cast bow

The 2017 North Jersey Listen to Your Mother shows played to two sold out crowds and standing ovations Saturday May 13th, at our new space at The Woodland in Maplewood.

Thirteen cast members took the stage and shared their stories of connection, fear, despair, hilarity, and hope. Every year, my fellow producer-directors, Deborah Goldstein, Sandy Rustin, and I worry that the show won’t live up to the high bar set the previous year. And every year, as the show comes together in the final hours, we have that moment when we look at each other with a perma-grin face and knowing nod, and we realize that the stories are the star and this show will move audiences once again.

It’s natural that the cast bonds after sharing such an intimate, soul-bearing experience. But the day after the show there was talk of yoga retreats, group sleepovers, and a field trip to NYC to see a play. They really dig each other! It’s no wonder when they’re all talented writers. Some were experienced and others green—but all compelled to tell a tale that resonated with many because of their willingness to be candid about perhaps the most complicated subject: motherhood.

Ltym 2017 angle view from standThe new digs at The Woodland meant a less formal theater setting, but many in the audience called it intimate, and the persistent rain all day made the warm, inviting room feel like even more of a respite. Deborah served as emcee yet again, and had the crowd and cast howling with laughter at her planned and spontaneous jokes in between pieces, and calmed by her leadership onstage.

One of the highlights of the day came at our first show, when the head of the charity to which we chose to donate- Real House, Inc. –spoke about the good work they do to help people with drug and alcohol problems improve their circumstances by providing temporary housing and treatment. Two women who have been living at one of the Real House facilities then spoke about getting sober and thanked the foundation for saving their lives. Their words were honest and compelling and set a wonderful tone for the show.

We are grateful to all our sponsors — many of whom returned from last year– and all the volunteers who helped make the day run smoothly. It really does take a village to put on a show but the process is full of laughter and always keeps our creative juices flowing.

Ltym 2017 The ProducersWe want to thank Ann Imig and the support staff on the national Listen to Your Mother team. It’s been a terrific experience working with them, and we feel ready to strike out on our own next year.

It’s always bittersweet when the curtain comes down, the last hug is given, and the flowers start to wilt. But we know that the show will go on, buoyed by another group of brave people willing to share their stories, and other audiences eager to hear them.

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