by deborah on March 20, 2017

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Photo credit: Joy Yagid Photography

As one cast member astutely pointed out, this year’s Listen to Your Mother North Jersey participants include a roller derby queen, a yogi, and a self-proclaimed Vagipreneur –don’t ask– among many other talented folk. All their stories are equally eclectic.

The first rehearsal for any LTYM show is always filled with excitement and fear of the unknown. What will the cast members be like? Will there be chemistry? Will nerves or calm prevail when the reading moment arrives?

LTYM 2017 read through pic 1As we went around the room introducing ourselves, we heard several people say they “weren’t real writers,” as if they were imposters, fearing the giant hook anytime. But no matter what road they’ve taken to get into that room, they’ve already proven they’re all writers, with beautiful stories to tell.

Making yourself vulnerable– no matter what kind of story you’re sharing– is the scariest part. Getting the words on the page is its own effort, but then reading them aloud and standing by them is another.Yet every time, Deborah, Sandy, and I are impressed, moved and inspired by our cast members’ willingness to tell their stories.

Most learn quickly that the rehearsal room is a safe space. Because we’ve all been in that circle, baring our souls, at some point. And we’re all rooting for each other. The tissue box made the rounds, and there were many belly laughs and nods of recognition. There’s always some part of every story that feels familiar and true.

You’ll discover it for yourself if you get your tickets soon for our May 13th shows. They’re selling out fast!

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