Meet Sandy Castor

by deborah on March 15, 2017

Sandy Castor med res headshotSANDY CASTOR is a lifelong resident of Montclair, daughter to Serge and Josette Castor who emigrated from Haiti to pursue the American dream. Her parents’ sacrifices and tireless pursuit of the American dream provided her as well as her brother with infinite possibilities as they serve as living examples of their dreams personified.

As a resident of the culturally rich and socioeconomically diverse town that is Montclair, Sandy developed a deep passion for politics and serving her community. It has fueled a career that has led her from New Jersey to the nation’s capital and back again.

Sandy has served in several administrations from Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (Washington, D.C.) to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (New York) further deepening her desire to be about the change, beyond the campaigns, beyond the politics; with people and good policy being the driving force behind the work she has done.

Sandy is currently serving as a program officer with the MCJ Amelior Foundation affording her the opportunity to once again serve the greater community.

But by far her most rewarding calling to date is becoming a mother to her beautiful daughter Raven Angela Dianna. Her daughter has birthed a renewed spirit and energy with which see approaches life and embraces every peak and valley, twist, and turn. Follow her journey @ms_castor (Instagram/Twitter).

She is a proud Mocha Mom (Essex County) and policy council member for Montclair Childhood Development Corporation (MCDC), a Head Start program.


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