Meet Cast Member Beatriz Leon Campbell

by deborah on May 6, 2015

headshotBeatriz Leon Campbell is originally a Florida native (via Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela) but has been living in the Tri-State area for the last 16 years.

During her time here she has been: an advertising copywriter, an amateur actress, an informal bartender, an editor, a student, a marketer, and most recently, a wife and mother. She’s still trying to decide what to be when she grows up, but in the meantime, is telling her inner critic to relax and enjoy the journey.

Betty holds a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from the University of Miami and an MBA from Boston University. She currently resides in South Orange, NJ with her husband, Macaulay, and 2-year-old son, Max, whom they sometimes affectionately refer to as The Beast.

She can be found online on Twitter (@betirosa) and in her soon-to-be-updated blog Bea Composed.

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Meet Cast Member Lisa Goldstein

by deborah on May 4, 2015

for WYSKLisa Goldstein began writing in earnest in 2013 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her blog initially began as a way to keep family and friends posted on her treatment and quickly evolved into a creative, therapeutic outlet. Lisa describes her writing as a post-traumatic growth experience and recently published two essays on her medical journey. Her Listen to Your Mother performance is her first manuscript that has nothing to do with cancer, and she is very excited about that!

Texas born and North Carolina raised, Lisa moved to New York City in 1989. She is a twenty-five year Wall Street veteran and nationally recognized analyst in the not-for-profit healthcare sector. She has a wonderful husband and two terrific children and very much appreciates their good-hearted nature.

When Lisa’s not working and not writing, she is packing up her kids for sleep-away camp! Lisa dedicates this performance to her parents, sister and entire family, who stood on the other side of a raging river and pulled her across.

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Meet Cast Member Marian Opoku-Dakwa

May 1, 2015

Marian Opoku-Dakwa grew up in Ghana climbing trees, playing tag in the streets, running along walls, and doing all the things she would never let her own children do. She has since lived at various times in New York City, Washington DC, Geneva, and Johannesburg. She is mother to two boys (9 and 7) and a 5 year-old girl who respectively have a complete disregard for what anyone else thinks of them, an overdeveloped sense of justice, and an inability to grasp the concept of “hurry up.” Marian has previously worked in the areas of management consulting and international public health. She is currently a cross-cultural trainer and a drumming instructor. According to her husband, she may be the world’s best delegator. In an attempt to stop oversharing with her immediate family, she is looking to create a platform for the voices in her head by writing more. She loves to cook and […]

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Microphone Sponsor The Vanessa Pollock Realty Team at Keller Williams Midtown Direct

April 30, 2015

THANK GOODNESS for The Vanessa Pollock Realty Team at Keller Williams Midtown Direct. The Vanessa Pollock Realty Team is a top real estate group serving Northern NJ whose mission is to care deeply about their clients, serve them extravagantly, and give back where their hearts’ are, as well as to give back to the community. The Vanessa Pollock team has a goal to donate and/or raise $50,000 in 2015 for community events, charities and education foundations. Your support of the VP team will help make this a reality. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter @VanessaPollock too! THANK YOU to The Vanessa Pollock Realty Team at Keller Williams Midtown Direct for so generously sponsoring the LTYM; NJ show and for filling the homes of  the North Jersey community with our amazing audience members! by

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Meet Cast Member: Jan Kaminsky

April 28, 2015

Jan Kaminsky has wanted to be a mother since she could hold a baby and was disappointed at age five to discover that her mother would not entirely hand over care of her little brother to her. She has been married five times to her beautiful wife and looks forward to the day that marriage equality extends to everyone. Jan is fortunate to have three children who delight her most of the time and only drive her crazy some of the time. She is the Executive Director of the Kean University School of Nursing, with her clinical practice in the pediatric ICU at St. Barnabas. She also volunteers for North Jersey Pride, is on the Board of Managers for the South Mountain YMCA, and writes in The Queer Pulse column for VillageQ. She is thrilled to be a part of the 2nd Annual LTYM North Jersey and is honored to share the stage with such […]

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