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Meet Marietta Zacker

by deborah on April 24, 2017

Marietta Zacker cropped headshotMARIETTA ZACKER’s first name is often mispronounced. When people get closer to the actual pronunciation, they tell her that they simply needed to roll the ‘r,’ but she’s not sure how that can be because the ‘r’ in her name should not be rolled. Still, it seems to help, so roll away!

Her native land is in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, to be precise), with maternal lineage from Panamá and paternal lineage from Cuba, Spain before that. She lives in South Orange, New Jersey, with her thoughtful, caring, handsome husband and her amazing, inquisitive, outstanding three children.

She spends her day-to-day as a literary agent, reading and bringing to life books that represent and speak to all children and young adults, especially those whose voices are marginalized. Marietta strives to help create the books she wishes would have been available to her when she was a young reader.

She loves to swim, run, and bike (sometimes doing all three back-to-back thanks to Team TRIumph), stretching and strengthening her muscles through hot yoga and CrossFit (which she began practicing way before they were trendy). The four things that take away most of her worries include a combination of reading, eating ice cream, dancing and relaxing by any body of water.

Marietta will continue to be part of the resistance as long as those in power choose to exclude and silence. Her social media presence is directly tied to her work (website:; Twitter: @agentzacker; Instagram: @galltzacker).

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Meet Jacqueline Munro Tapp

by deborah on April 17, 2017

Jacqueline Munro Tapp headshotJACQUELINE MUNRO TAPP was born and raised north of Boston. She moved to NYC for college, fell in love in Jersey City, and is now embracing the suburban dream in West Orange with her husband and their rascal toddler.

Jacqueline is a freelance producer and director whose recent credits include Comedy Central, VH1 and VEVO. She is also co-owner of Two Skull Creative, a custom content company she recently launched with her longtime friend and collaborator, Danielle Alfano. Their work can be found at

Jacqueline finds herself endlessly fascinated and humbled by her life as a mother. Her limited experience in this role has left her in awe of her own mother, grandmothers, her sisters, her mother-in-law, and all of the other parents she continues to draw knowledge from while on this parenting journey. She has a profound appreciation for the importance of supporting women during their transition to motherhood, so she is training to become a birth and postpartum doula.

She is also a lifelong writer, albeit an undisciplined one. She doesn’t typically perform, but she dared herself to write and audition for LTYM this year. She is thankful for her husband Ryan’s encouragement and is beyond proud to share the stage with the rest of the talented LTYM cast. She uploads snaps of her life on Instagram, and on rare occasion tweets @acquelinejay.

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Meet Sabina Soloway

April 7, 2017

SABINA SOLOWAY is an educator of more than 30 years who is currently the STREAM Curriculum Coordinator, Nature Educator, and Outdoor Play & Learning Space Designer at TSTI’s Iris Family Center for Early Childhood Education in South Orange, NJ. She’s excited by providing students and teachers curriculum that encourages investigation, risk-taking, and discovery. When children’s brains are buzzing and smiles and gasps abound, it’s been a good day. Sabina lives in Maplewood with her husband, loves being outside, strapping on a backpack, playing in the waves, and listening to loons. When inside, she’s been found playing with paper, reading, cooking, and looking out the window. She has 2 amazing children who teach her things every day—her daughter is a farmer in Rhode Island and her son is a teacher in Newark. Being a mother is far and away the most mysteriously wondrous and beautiful job Sabina’s ever had, and she’s so glad all of […]

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Meet Rachel Braun Scherl

April 5, 2017

Growth strategy consultant, marketing expert, sought-after public speaker  and vagipreneur, RACHEL BRAUN SCHERL is a trusted authority on leadership and entrepreneurship. Over the course of her career, Rachel has driven growth for her clients as well as her own businesses. As co-owner and principal of SPARK Solutions for Growth, a consulting firm advising businesses on strategic growth and partnerships, product development and marketing, Rachel has built an international client base that includes multiple divisions of Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Pfizer, Merck, Bayer, and Deloitte.Rachel launched SPARK with business partner Mary Wallace Jaensch in 1998 and drove its growth for 10 years. In 2008, she partnered with healthcare investment firm Quaker BioVentures to create Semprae Laboratories. As President, Rachel and her team built a company that developed and marketed sexual health and wellness products for women – creating a new category in the process. Semprae attracted significant media attention and industry interest, and was sold to […]

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Meet Stephanie Nasteff

April 3, 2017

STEPHANIE NASTEFF is a woman, artist, wife, mother, voice actor, yoga lover, and seeker of beauty and truth. You will recognize her voice from  hundreds of television commercials over the past 15 years. She is currently the voice of Lysol, Breathe Right Strips, Trulicity, and more.  In addition to her acting work, she is currently ignoring the manuscript of her first book, a memoir titled Swimming Parallel the Shore, blogging, and devoting her time to progressive political action on the local level. Stephanie is thrilled to be returning to the LTYM North Jersey stage, as a second time performer.  You can find her on Twitter @OldSolSN, and you can follow her blog at by

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