Northern Utah 2016 Cast Announcement

by heatherann on March 29, 2016

What an amazing privilege it is to sit through LTYM auditions. The first 30 seconds of this year’s auditions and I was crying like a baby. 20 minutes later I was belly laughing. That is the beauty of auditions. Women, and this year a man (Woo Hoo!) shared their stories about motherhood. It is painful to have to decide, but without fail a show emerges.

Taking every piece is impossible. So you work through the stories that are best for this year’s show, and then we celebrate the process of it all.

The last three years, the Northern Utah show has been a huge success, and this year promises to be no different. It is with great excitement that I present the 2016 Northern Utah cast.

Amy Felix Stewart

Cassie Gadd

Christi Leman

Crystal Liechty

Debbie Frampton

Emilie Ahern

John Kinnear

Julie DeMille

Lori Hansen

Molly Jackson

Sarah Plummer

Stephanie Sorensen

Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Click here for the early bird special.


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