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The 2016 LTYM: Northern Utah Videos Are Here!

by Stephanie on August 17, 2016

Watch our 2016 show above or on the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel!

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Cinco De Mama!

by heatherann on May 27, 2016

Northern Utah’s 4th Listen To Your Mother Show did not disappoint. Held May 5th, our videographer Pete, who has taped the show since we first took the stage in 2013, lovingly called this year’s show, CINCO DE MAMA!

The room was filled with the best audience who laughed and cried right along side our cast and I have come to know with all my soul that these stories we share and the courage that is shown touches and changes lives.

We also had a first this year, our first male cast member. John Kinnear ended the night by reading a letter to his wife on Mothers Day, which wrapped the evening up with a beautiful bow.

This show, the process, and the heart behind all of it, transforms. And this year was no different.


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Meet the Northern Utah Cast 2016

April 8, 2016

BUY TICKETS NOW-EARLY BIRD PRICING! Cassie grew up in California, but she’s now been in Utah for almost as long. After many years of teaching school, she married her perfect match. Her introverted husband balances her overly social nature. Cassie then became a mother to a boy, then a girl, then another boy—in very quick succession. She loves playing the banjo and singing, and she has played in multiple folk/bluegrass bands. She loves to rock climb and is an avid camper. She’s pretty good on roller blades, and she can pick things up off the floor with her toes. Crystal Liechty published a book once (The First Year, Cedar Fort, 2006). She used to be a newspaper reporter and an editor. Now she edits books for money, watches Korean dramas for fun and takes care of her three children because no one else will. Molly is a resident of beautiful Park City and is in […]

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Northern Utah 2016 Cast Announcement

March 29, 2016

What an amazing privilege it is to sit through LTYM auditions. The first 30 seconds of this year’s auditions and I was crying like a baby. 20 minutes later I was belly laughing. That is the beauty of auditions. Women, and this year a man (Woo Hoo!) shared their stories about motherhood. It is painful to have to decide, but without fail a show emerges. Taking every piece is impossible. So you work through the stories that are best for this year’s show, and then we celebrate the process of it all. The last three years, the Northern Utah show has been a huge success, and this year promises to be no different. It is with great excitement that I present the 2016 Northern Utah cast. Amy Felix Stewart Cassie Gadd Christi Leman Crystal Liechty Debbie Frampton Emilie Ahern John Kinnear Julie DeMille Lori Hansen Molly Jackson Sarah Plummer Stephanie Sorensen Tickets are ON […]

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Almost There…

March 28, 2016

Two days of auditions proved to be another amazing experience for Northern Utah. The stories were raw and real and brave. It is always humbling to hear the stories and feel the emotions that women and (this year for the first time) men, are willing to share. It has taken a few extra days to work out a small unexpected glitch that followed the last day of auditions. Thank you for being patient…It is almost time to announce the cast of the 2016…almost there… by

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