Meet the Nashville cast: Jo Dee Prichard

by brigid on March 31, 2014

Jo Dee headshot

One of the rare & few native Nashvillians, Jo Dee Hicks Prichard was raised by her schoolteacher mom and is a mother of four teenagers today. She spends her days painting, reading, writing, going on long walks, taking naps, and creating exquisite culinary creations in her spotless kitchen… her dreams!….She has 4 teenagers!

Jo Dee has held a number of jobs including hardwood lumber inspector, dancing cookie, Music Row SWAG peddler, and she sold swords in Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World. Today, Jo Dee spends her days as the business manager for a real estate development company and most of her other time being mom to Addison, Graham, Everett & Lane, and wife to her husband Gibson of nearly 20 years (whom even after 4 kids she still finds him cute and funny). Her house is full of love, laughter, some yelling & screaming, and a lot of unmatched socks.

Being a true extrovert, she comes to life when creating and coordinating retreats, vacations, reunions, Girls Nights Out, and dinner parties with and for those she loves. Jo Dee is blessed with the capability of bringing people together and nurturing relationships among all whose paths cross hers. She recognizes the benefit of recharging her own batteries and surrounds herself with a myriad of caring, thoughtful, and engaging friends who keep her standing upright and smiling.

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