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by brigid on March 31, 2014

Jo Dee Prichard is one of our 2014 cast members and wrote the following about her experience to date. We thought it worth sharing, because TEARS and LAUGHTER. Enjoy!

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Jo Dee PrichardThe day of the first table read for the Listen To Your Mother Nashville show I felt like I was getting ready for a blind date with a really hot guy. Whoever set us up told him all sorts of fabulous things about me and he was a total package kind of guy, way out of my league.

I changed clothes several times did my make up and hair just like a teenage girl. I was so worried that once we met, he’d discover that I was plain and boring & not all what he expected. But I was giddy with anticipation and excitement. I am an eternal optimist so maybe I could fool him long enough to have some fun before he finds me out. My very wise and wonderful friend told me to only take into the room with me the feelings of worthiness, confidence, and something else, I forgot. So I did my best to “fake it til you make it.” I wanted them to like me. No, I wanted them to love me!

I arrived, sat down, and tried to keep breathing. We all had nervous smiles while trying to make a good first impression. We introduced ourselves, but of course, I’d already been online looking at their blogs and twitter feeds. These women had it going on. I could feel their power with my eyes closed. I felt SO out of my league, but I kept my smile and quick wit about me and hoped no one caught on.

Slowly we relaxed. Nervous smiles turned into love offerings to one another as we went around the table to read our stories. We were all a bit timid about sharing our most intimate thoughts and experiences about mothering, but then again, that’s what got us all to the table in the first place so we jumped in.

As the stories unfolded, I felt an overwhelming kinship to these women.  We all belonged to the same sorority but we went through the hazing in different ways. All of us had the experience of being on the outside, being different, feeling alone. We were on the island of misfit mothers, but we were together now. Not many women would actually want to live some of our stories. Most would probably say “Thank God that’s not me!”

But for those around the table we didn’t have a choice, we had to survive. We are surviving. But in that we also see the blessings in the journey and in sharing our truths. We are called to speak up. One of things that is so hard for me is being able to hold and acknowledge great pain & sorrow in one hand and amazing joy & love in the other. The women around this table have found a way to hold and honor both with honesty, grace, and a lot of humor!

I didn’t want to leave these women. I was in love. I was in awe. I was in the company of those that understood me without words. I was home.

For whatever reason, we were the ones chosen to speak for those who don’t yet have the strength or courage or time or energy. We are the messengers of truth for those that aren’t ready to say it for themselves. The women in this group are willing to be the ones to say it loud for all to hear. It also helps that most of us are pretty bawdy women to begin with 🙂

What I finally figured out was that the blind date I was getting ready for was actually with myself. With the me that I am living into, that I want to be, that I want my daughter to admire, and that I want the world to see. The me that is vulnerable, strong, courageous, confident, and funny! I’ve been waiting for her for a long time. And I’m so excited she’s here. Thank you LTYM for making the match.

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