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Milwaukee’s Second Annual Listen To Your Mother Show Sponsor Thank You!

by Alexandra on May 1, 2014



Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee celebrated its 2nd annual LTYM show this past Sunday, April 27. Our show brought together 10 community voices, each on stage to read their stories that represented motherhood in all its stages, seasons, and graces. Our audience clapped, laughed, and cheered for a wonderfully long time.

Our community, our cast, and our corner of the world was made both larger and smaller, as well as a better place, through hearing our cast’s stories. We heard from people we would never have otherwise met. We knew our show would be magic, and it was! The pride, unity, love, and connection that our cast felt for each other, and the same feelings going out to our audience, was something we knew our cast would come to see for themselves.

LTYM Milwaukee wants to thank our national and local sponsors for what their generous support has allowed, and that is a place where there is bridge-building, communities connecting, and the sound of voices uniting us all.

When we speak the words, “We’d like to thank our sponsors,” we say them with sincere gratitude. Those words will never sound the same to us again. Yes, please thank our sponsors: for believing in Listen To Your Mother, for supporting Listen To Your Mother, for bringing Listen To Your Mother to Milwaukee, and for making Listen To Your Mother possible.

THANK YOU to Rosen Automotive for their regional sponsorship of not only Chicago but Milwaukee, for the 2nd year in a row!


THANK YOU to Dave Dider of ReMax United for his continued generous local sponsorship.


THANK YOU and welcome to our newest local sponsor, SHOP.


THANK YOU to Orphonic Multimedia for their generous sponsorship through their time and talent with photography and videography.



THANK YOU to The Village Printer for their help with our programs and flyers.


THANK YOU to MetroParent Magazine Milwaukee for their support of our Milwaukee show.


Thank you to our sponsors, and please support our sponsors. LTYM would not have happened without their contribution. When we see the enormity of the impact of our show on our community, it fills us with appreciation of being able to provide the environment for this to happen. The speaker for our chosen local cause, IMPACT, walked onstage to deliver his remarks, and we could hear the gratitude in his voice.

We did something GREAT on April 27, LTYM Cast and Milwaukee audience, and our 2014 celebration of Mother’s Day is beautifully nestled in our hearts forever. Listen To Your Mother Shows happen because of a multitude of hands, hearts, hours, and devotion. Our shows are a labor of love, from all sides.

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Thank you to our cast, our sponsors, our audience, and our community. You ALL are Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee. We can’t wait for 2015!


Jen and Alexandra


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