Meet the 2013 Cast of Listen To Your Mother – Milwaukee

by Alexandra on March 28, 2013

Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee is so proud to present our 2013 Debut Cast:


amieAmie Kapusta – The last time Amie shared anything she had written publicly was in high school, when she won the Senior Writing Contest. There are now a few gray hairs and wrinkles, but a lot more grace and wisdom. This has brought her acceptance of who she is becoming. Amie is honored to share her story with you. This is something she normally would not do, but she feels that she needs to expand herself and try new things. Amie has always been a very private person but God is taking her out of her shell and showing her it’s never too late. To God be the glory!

Tara PohlkotteTara Pohlkotte is a writer, a mother of two sweet souls, and lover of simple beauty.  Growing up surrounded by sermons and music, the power of story embedded deep inside her.  Tara’s poetry has been published in VerseWisconsin and she is a contributing author of the book FINDING CHURCH and SOUL BARE publishing Summer 2013.  Tara holds a degree in psychology and facilitates family grief groups as a volunteer. She finds her voice among the pines, her footing in the pursuit of honesty and truth, and her joy within her children’s laughter.  You can read more at Tara’s blog Pohlkotte Press.

Rachel SchickowskiRachel Schickowski  grew up in a small town, went to college, married the blue eyed boy she met and loved since age 16, found a job – hated that job – found a new job and slowly gained experience to do work that she now loves. She is asked daily if she broke her leg. Nope, she did not. Rachel was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and uses crutches to help her get around. Her life story has given her a unique perspective on life, how others view differences, motherhood, embracing our strengths and taking the time to recognize the small victories. She blogs at My Leg Is Not Broken.


Pamela_Stein_644Pamela Stein is a chocoholic who dreams of having her own TV cooking show and publishing a children’s book. She’s an attorney living in Glendale, Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, and dog. Parenting a teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome is both stressful and rewarding. Pamela has performed with the Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa, Boulevard Theatre, and Pink Banana Theatre. She’d love to do a musical but can’t carry a tune! Her writings have been featured in a local newspaper and she’s written for many community events. She’s honored and thrilled to be a part of the inaugural LTYM Show in Milwaukee. Follow Pamela at her blog MonkeyTalesandMore.

Lindsay AtkinsonLindsay Atkinson is a Milwaukee writer and an advertising account executive. On most days, she can be found painting nails with her feisty two-year-old Ingrid or exploring the great outdoors with her husband and dog. Other loves include: yoga, cooking, pretend-crafting (i.e. not finishing anything) and reheating the same cup of coffee all day. Lindsay and her husband Dan recently became new home owners and are excited to make the transition from Bay View to Wauwatosa where they will happily make this house into a Pinterest-worthly home (a girl can dream, right?). Follow Lindsay at her blog, The Magic Number.


Liysa red backsplash

Liysa Callsen is thrilled to be a part of the inaugural Listen To Your Mother, she knows that now, her children will behave, all the time. As a performer, comic, speaker, and author her mission is to inspire others with her story. Her book, Tell ‘em – a memoir of a girl whose first language was not the spoken word, débuted at the Wisconsin Book Festival last November. Her husband Carl, is loving and really puts up with a lot. When you ask her two beautiful daughters, “What is the one thing you love about Mom?” They say, “She’s funny!” BOOM! Find out more about Liysa at


Julie HeadshotJulie Davidson has been in radio for 17 years, currently as the midday personality for B93.3.  She swears it’s not about the money, but rather free concert tickets, t-shirts and hot chocolate. Julie doubles as a freelance writer and blogger. Her work has been featured in Metroparent Magazine,,, and She and her husband Charles have two sons, Miles and Maxon. Through motherhood she’s learned the true meaning of unconditional love. She’s also learned one bathroom is not made for four people, you don’t have to have a rabbit to get dust bunnies, and to hide the good chocolate. Julie blogs at smoothmommydj.

Alec SchLTYMultze is proud to be a member of the 2013 Listen To Your Mother cast. He will be graduating from Cedarburg High School next year.  Alec first became interested in public speaking when he did forensics in middle school. He decided to try out for LTYM because he thought the show could use the perspective of a teenage son. Alec is active in his school’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter, and spends his summers lifeguarding at his community’s pool. He has been awarded the Billy Mitchell award and the Amelia Earhart award from Civil Air Patrol. Alec is extremely excited to be a part of the cast and hopes you will enjoy listening to his piece as much as he enjoyed writing it.


imagesRebecca Christman is an adventure-seeker who loves to document life’s adventures — from parenting to skydiving; she considers them equally adventurous. She has been pursuing writing  since she learned how to hold a pen and wrote her way through college while achieving her BFA in Fine Art from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Rebecca began working as the editor of a parenting magazine on the day her first daughter was born and has been chronicling her parenthood journey since. Her personal essays have won multiple national awards through the Parenting Media Association. You can read her blog, Tales from the Crib, on and at her personal blog, The Xman Experience. Rebecca’s most recent artistic accomplishments are featured on her kitchen refrigerator, all completed with the help of her two young daughters, who are her greatest inspiration.


photoCA1WSDIO rochelle fritschRochelle Fritsch Christian. Wife. Mom. Painfully Human. Co-steering a bi-racial family in a segregated town. You can find her rambling on all of the above from a mom and a wife’s POV whose intermittent ambition rudely interrupts slacker tendencies on her blog  The Late Arrival. Rochelle fills her days working as a Fund Development Director. She is a Juggler Extraordinaire of Wife-ing, Mothering, Fundraising, Blogging & Housekeeping. Performed with, and compensated by God’s help.


bonnie_s_cropped_clf8Bonnie Johnson This old woman, who lives in a shoe… is a REAL, well-versed SAHM: Speaker, Author, Humorist & Mom Motivator who is able to find humor amidst chaos! Once a comedienne, she is now a member of the AATH (Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor), the National Speaker’s Association and Toastmasters International. After giving birth to four children, she gave birth to her new book:  Maternally Speaking: I Gave Birth to Four Eggs! (One Scrambled, Fried, Over Easy & Sunny Side Up) which is loaded with relatable, comedic and heart-felt stories receiving glowing reviews from mothers. Bonnie’s motto: “If women can conquer pantyhose, we can conquer anything!” Find out more about Bonnie at her website


430008_10150754929604529_1156899879_nDarlin Nikki Janzen Some call her the Janis Joplin of spoken word, this two time Grand Slam Champion of Milwaukee, WI was also the Women of the World Haiku Slam Champion in 2008,and  teacher of the year in 2007.  She has graced the stage of the Mansion in Miami hosted by Chuck D in the Slam Bush Contest, competed on five National Slam Teams, rocked clubs, read at coffee houses, performed at churches, lead writing workshops in schools as well as spit poetry on a street corners for food donation drives. This urban educator, entertainer and motivator found spoken word poetry as a great means to inspire and encourage all human beings to connect and find joy in healing through poetry. Her soulful performances continue to captivate diverse audiences around the country. Find out more about Nikki on her site.


Lisa's HeadshotLisa Gooseberry Lisa’s unique and dramatic entry into the world, born feet first in the back seat of her parent’s car in the hospital parking lot, was just the beginning of her living life outside the box. As an outlier Lisa use to pray that GOD would kiss her mind so knowledge could be written. But in His infinite wisdom, she now knows, that GOD kisses her soul so that her truths would be told. The truth is… Lisa is a published author, competition poet, adjunct instructor, doctorate student and talk therapist that proclaims her greatest title to be “Grandmother.”


Kalia PicKalia is the oldest of three grandchildren born to the daughter of Lisa Gooseberry. At 10 years old Kalia is currently a fourth grade student receiving a private education at one of Milwaukee’s Lutheran Preparatory (WELS) schools. Kalia created her first book, made of cardboard and magazine cutouts, at five years old titled, My Favorite Things, and has been journaling since she was old enough to hold a crayon in her hand. On February 4, 2013 Kalia had her first article published in The Fourth Grade Gazette titled, “The Scholar’s Perspective.” Kaila’s poem that was chosen for LTYM was written as a tribute to her grandmother, Lisa Gooseberry, when Kalia was in third grade titled, “This Poem is Called Sweetness.”


Kathryngahl-210-expKathryn Gahl is a writer, dancer, and registered nurse.  Her poems and stories are widely published in small journals, including Eclipse, Hawaii Pacific Review, Permafrost, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, and Willow Review. Twice a Glimmer Train finalist, she received honorable mention from The Council of Wisconsin Writers. Margie named her a finalist for the 2006 Marjorie J. Wilson Award. Other finalist awards include poetry at Lumina and Chautauqua and fiction in the Arthur Edelstein Prize for Short Fiction plus the William Richey Short Story Contest. She is the mother of two young adults. Find out more about Kathyrn at her blog


Jennifer Gaskell and Alexandra Rosas, Co-Producers/Co-Directors, will also both be reading their original pieces in the show.

Alexandra Rosas, Co-Producer/Director will emcee the event.

Thank you, LTYM cast, for sharing your stories on stage with all of us. With an ensemble of talent like this, our Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee Show is a must see. The date is May 5, 2013, so plan to come and hear the stories we fell in love with. Our venue will be announced shortly so check here for updated information! This show is going to be spectacular!

Jenn and Alexandra
Listen To Your Mother/Milwaukee

Ann March 28, 2013 at 7:49 am

INCREDIBLE cast!!!! Thank you one and all!

Alexandra March 28, 2013 at 10:23 am

Thank you, Ann. Jenn and I are beaming with pride and tingling with anticipation. May 5 is going to be amazing.

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