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LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Milwaukee’s 2017 Cast

by Alexandra on April 26, 2017

Cast collage

2017 marks LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE’s 5th season. We celebrate five years of uniquely personal storytelling  surrounding the theme of motherhood. We also celebrate five years of community building through a glimpse of one another’s lives.

And with this year’s show, we close out our final collection of voices from local writers.

On Sunday, May 7, we will host our final LTYM in Milwaukee. The time feels right to close this chapter on storytelling and we promise you that on show day, we will leave you with stories that you will not soon forget.

Please join us on Sunday, May 7 at Alverno College’s Wehr Hall, as we hear our community share their lives, each one reaching out to you and you reaching right back with your presence and spirit of coming together.

Come hear these incredible stories from anything but ordinary lives. You will feel something incredibly powerful happen as we step out of our busy days, and take in the presence of one another.

Come Sunday, May 7: meet our storytellers and see for yourself:

anne k


My passion for written communication extends beyond this written piece for the show. I am published in a national poetry anthology, write & edit a monthly newsletter, have co-created a hand done calligraphy calendar for almost 30 years, and regularly send hand written notes and letters to friends complete with decorated envelopes. I find joy in biking, reading, cooking, gardening and yoga. I am a daughter, wife and mother. Without these roles, I would not be part of this show. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible for me.



Kim Suhr is honored to be among the cast of Listen to Your Mother. She is the author of Maybe I’ll Learn: Snapshots of a Novice Mom and Director of Red Oak Writing, an organization that supports writers in Southeastern Wisconsin. While she has been a life-long wannabe writer, having children finally prompted her to get serious about it and start helping others do the same. She earned her MFA in fiction in 2015. Kim is happiest when outdoors with her husband, Rob, and now-teen-aged kids, Shelby and Ethan. She still struggles with what to fix for dinner.



Grew up a military brat with no hometown. In 1993 she found her way to Wisconsin (OK, she followed her husband) and looks to be here for the long haul. Since settling down she has been a teacher, bank manager and currently works in healthcare. Her favorite jobs are acting and writing, the ones that don’t pay, and the one about which she is most passionate is Mom, which has paid far more than she could ever have imagined.




The daughter of two true lovers of literature, Katie Zapfel was literally born to write. Now she uses that lifelong passion as a full-time marketing and communications professional, a part-time blogger and hoping-to-sometime-be-published children’s book author. Her work as been featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, SheKnows and the actress Roseanne’s website. Katie is a mom to three boys, a wife and a volunteer group facilitator for Kyle’s Korner – a nonprofit grief support center for children and families. You can read her blog at




Myles Hopper is the author of the forthcoming The Color Red and Other Memories. Memoir is his preferred way of attempting to understand what he has referred to as, “my possibly incomprehensible family of origin, including myself, of course.” Writing is now his full time pursuit. In an earlier life as a cultural anthropologist, he taught in several universities in the United States and Canada, and was a consultant to nonprofits engaged in strategic planning and community development. He and his spouse are parents of two adult children, and live in Shorewood, Wisconsin.




I work in the field of Human Services as a Lead Recovery Support Coordinator for a local non-profit organization in Milwaukee. I’m a mother of two grown up sons and a grandmother of two. I’m a wife of 20 years to a wonderful supportive partner who is also a mother. My hobbies consist of playing online hidden object games, reading, and storytelling. I am an ExFabula Fellow and love to travel. I am a lifelong learner and was recently admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee- Graduate School in the program of Cultural Foundations of Community Engagement and Education.




Kelly Arnell is a stay at home mom to four little monsters. Her writing has been featured on Scary Mommy, Sammiches and Psych Meds, Mock Mom, Mamalode and Go Valley Kids. Find her on her blog, Why did we have to have all these kids anyway? and on Facebook.



Liz is a Wisconsin native who lives in East Tosa. When she’s not working as an event and communication specialist for Alverno College, you can find her with her three boys, ages 7, 6 and 4. This all means her “free” time is devoted to soccer games, Cub Scout meetings and simply maintaining her sanity by running and drinking wine — not at the same time. She and her husband have been married for nearly 10 years. An ideal weekend includes canoeing, camping and hiking. Her future includes a few lofty goals, including running a marathon, owning a cabin in Bayfield and showering and using the restroom without interruption from one of her sons.



LTYM Milwaukee is thrilled to announce that as part of this year’s final show, we have special guest performances by authors Julie Davidson (From Conception to Confusion) and Mel Miskimen (Sit, Stay, Heal.) !!


We hope you come to our May 7 show. It is LTYM’s grand finale in Milwaukee and will be an event you will talk of long after you hear our last cast member speak.


Love to you all,

Jenny Gaskell

Rochelle Fritsch

Alexandra Rosas

LTYM/Milwaukee Production Team

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Returning To Our LTYM Milwaukee Roots

by Jennifer on April 16, 2017

Cast collageWe are so delighted to return to the beautiful Wehr Hall on the Alverno College Campus.  As the resident theatre geek of our production trio, I wax poetic about our venue and the staff all the time.  Our technical director, Rollie, is super-efficient, extremely professional and an all-around nice guy.  Technical directors have to be the jack of all trades for a venue.  They need to understand both the technical specifications and the artistic vision of the show, and they use those technical elements of lighting, sound, and furniture to pull it all together.  Rollie does an excellent job because he cares about the end result of our show as much as Alexandra, Rochelle and I do.

Wehr Hall is a small, intimate theatre nestled in the heart of the city of Milwaukee.  Parking is widely available on both sides of the hall, and it is conveniently located along the bus line and near the freeway.  Alverno College is a college for the next generation of women leaders.  What better place is there to have a Listen To  Your Mother Show?  With all gratitude, Alexandra, Rochelle and I are delighted to be in the capable hands of Rollie and company.

Tickets are on sale now!  Click here! Note that a percentage of our ticket proceeds go to our charity partner, The Parenting Network. We cannot wait to see you on Sunday, May 7th for Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee’s finale show!

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February 20, 2017

Have you ever listened to the silence of an audience while someone is telling a story? It is not a silence at all but an energy that crackles with life. The people in the seats anticipate the speaker’s next words, we hope for an outcome that won’t devastate and we forget to breathe while we hang on words that now are alive in our hearts. We all hear the same story, but is it the same for everyone who hears it? It never is. It can’t be because our minds and guts process the words we hear through what we’ve lived. Maybe a story is the first time that we’ve heard the experience of parenting with a mental illness. Or we are offered a new perspective of life growing up without a mother. Did we just hear about becoming a parent when only a teen when we were in our 40s as first time parents? Are we celebrating someone […]

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February 17, 2017

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE is excited to announce that we have our 2017 cast! The readers for our final LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE Show have been selected and this process of finding which stories work best with the stories around them, was harder than it was the prior four years of our Milwaukee LTYM show. For whatever reason, the stories we heard over two weekends of auditions had us taking longer than usual to make our choice. Everything seemed to want to be heard and it all had an urgency:  what our Milwaukee storytellers came to share with us was astounding. We promised a decision to our auditioners on February 6, then we had to ask for their patience while we added an additional two days to try pieces on one against the other, and on February 9, our decisions were made. The pieces for our show always come forward, they […]

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Sowing Seeds of Hope with our Charity Partner

February 9, 2017

Five years ago when I was a cast member of Milwaukee’s Listen To Your Mother show, I knew we were doing so much more than reading beautiful words or performing. The stories we told planted seeds of empathy, understanding, humor and thoughtfulness not only in the cast, but also in our community.  Now, in the third year of co-producing Milwaukee’s Listen To Your Mother Show, I can look back and see how each show has taken root and changed lives.  All Listen to Your Mother shows also plant seeds of community goodwill by supporting a local nonprofit that addresses needs of women, family and children. And, in this Listen To Your Mother’s Grand Finale season, Jennifer, Alexandra and I are proud to continue sowing seeds that will help our community by selecting The Parenting Network as our Charity Partner.  The Parenting Network’s mission is to strengthen families and prevent child abuse. With over […]

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