Love Letter To Our 2016 LTYM Milwaukee Cast

by Alexandra on May 2, 2016

LTYM Maaaayphoto credit Orphonic Multimedia

As we stood together with our cast for our final bow on show day, I felt my pulse bound as we gripped each others’ hands, fingers intertwined. Our show, our cast, our stories, our audience, our city — brought together by the beauty of work accomplished with the love of community.

When we first cast our shows, we look ahead knowing what awaits our new season. As producers, we’ve had three years now to believe in the magic of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER and it is impossible to not sound like mystic ladies of the mountain when we turn to our yet unbaptized cast and say, “You guys? YOU are not going to believe the feelings. It is like any life event where you go in already knowing it’s going to impact, but you don’t know where the experience will take you.”

We know what they’ll see in the four months ahead as we rehearse and work on their pieces together. We know what we’ve seen as producers: our shows change us every year, from audience to cast to production, our stories when told in trust, awaken us with a new awareness.

I already know I sound like a mystic so I have nothing to lose by saying that shaman heal by reconnecting the person to the soul. I am certain that is what we do when we tell our stories and when we hear someone else tell a story, not based on script or manufacture, but on a life. At one point in the show, I had to break away from our rehearsed introductions to give pause to what we were witnessing: real stories told by brave women who were standing on a stage, some for the first time.

I watched our 11 glorious storytellers walk to the podium on Sunday, their shoulders set with the trust that we’ve been asking them for since February. With every sentence they spoke, their backs grew straighter and their voices clearer. They were assuming the shape and posture of a person who feels who they are. Through the tough stories, the difficult stories, the stories that left the air still and straight on through the poetic lyricism of life, rounding out to the essential and life-saving gift of humor, we heard the experience of MOTHERHOOD. In life, you can’t ask that the hard parts be left out.

To our cast, we could not be more proud. After each of our readers presented, I had to talk myself out of knocking them down with a tackle to the ground because I didn’t know what to do with the bursting heart of pride I felt for them.

Our readers were magnificent, and from what I learned from each one, I see their yearning to reach out and be part of something that shares the connection of stories. They’ve begun something new with stepping forward and saying yes to LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER.

I feel like a mama bird watching her babies leave the nest. Rochelle and Jenny and I are in love with our 2016 cast, as we have been with every cast before.

Today, we wish our LTYM cast this, that they keep reaching for something beyond as they did when they made the decision to audition, and that they not lose awe for the spectacular moments of life.

We love you, cast, and we THANK YOU for giving us you these past four months. And remember, #LTYM4LIFE.





Your LTYM Milwaukee Team




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ltym cast bookkkThis weekend, my son helped me assemble the cast book for Milwaukee’s LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Show. He picked up the pages and as he did, he read 11 beautiful stories that reflect on the theme of motherhood.

“Mom, these stories are so good I can’t stop reading them.” I told him to sit down, enjoy them in their entirety and the way each one flows into the next.

“This is going to be such a good show,” he said after he finished.

He’s right, Milwaukee, we have an amazing show for you. On Sunday May 1st at Alverno College’s Pitman Theatre,you will witness 11 local storytellers who each share their own unique story on motherhood. Our Milwaukee cast’s last rehearsal is tomorrow and in one week, we will present our incredible cast to our city.


You don’t want to miss:

Mithra Ballesteros reading of her mother’s definition of “Progress”

Liza Kessler telling of a summer of “Terrible Conversations”

Angela Fellars bringing her army of support to life with “The Surrender”

J. Tang asking us to consider our view on mothers and mothering styles, with “Not a Tiger Mother”

Angie Mack Reilly sharing bravely of parenting a child who has been given a diagnosis no one saw coming, with “Feeding This”

Carrie Stuckmann magically making you be the one who is present for one of life’s most intimate acts, in “A Loose Side Braid”

Megan Nazaret overcoming limits, barriers, all to share her story of fighting for life, with “I’m Here”

Brittany Bettendorf creating room to breathe in deeply, in the way that only poetry can, with “One Revolution: The First Year”

Chris McLaughlin portraying the stories that have come before us, and will come after us, with “You Don’t Say”

Meghan Wielebski taking a simple task of folding laundry and illustrating how it escalates into a human anatomy lesson when her children are around, with “Folding SuperGrover Underwear”

Meadoe Hora telling us how she yearns for just time alone, until a morning when her son asks to come along and her me time evolves into a delightful weekly event of  “Grocery Shopping and Fire Trucks”


Click Here to purchase your tickets for our Sunday May 1st show, Milwaukee.

We are so excited for you to hear our stories!




Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee

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Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee Announces Our 2016 Venue!

April 18, 2016

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE is thrilled to announce our venue for our 4th annual LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Show! On Sunday, May 1, we proudly return to the exceptional Pitman Theatre, located on the Alverno College Campus. Alverno College is located in the heart of Milwaukee. Parking is widely available and the theatre is accessible by bus line as well as being near the freeway. Alverno College is a college for the next generation of women leaders, already making the Pitman Theatre a natural choice for our LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER shows. When we learned of this season’s Alverno’s community mission, “The pursuit of beauty is daring in scope, dazzling in execution, and inspires change in the artists and audiences that give chase,to seek out beauty and presents it as is – a raw, emotional experience fraught with risk, yet always magical,” our Milwaukee team had no doubt we had our LTYM […]

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Tickets Now Available for Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee!

April 13, 2016

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is a national series of live readings by local writers on the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested of motherhood in celebration of Mother’s Day. Our shows are in 41 cities across the United States and now in Canada! Milwaukee holds its 4th annual production this year and we promise you local community voices that are unlike any event you’ve witnessed before. We are proud to support our 2016 cause, The Parenting Network, whose mission is to strengthen families through education and resources and to work toward preventing child abuse. SPREAD THE WORD, come to our show, and be part of the national grass roots movement of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: to give motherhood a microphone! OUR MILWAUKEE SHOW is Sunday, May 1, at 3PM at Alverno College’s Pitman Theatre.                                                           TO PURCHASE TICKETS, CLICK HERE   THANK YOU Milwaukee for making LTYM MILWAUKEE a new Mother’s Day […]

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How Milwaukee Listen To Your Mother Happens: The Crew Behind the Curtain

April 11, 2016

Rochelle Fritsch, Alexandra Rosas, Jennifer Gaskell I have felt the need to write about how the above three women help bring Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee to life. Our lives present an amazing journey of how we were brought together through the internet, and of how we have grown because of our work in being the production team for LTYM Milwaukee.   After I was part of the LTYM Madison show in 2011, I promised myself I would apply to bring this show to Milwaukee. I remember the feeling of potential and possibility after the 2011 Madison show and I knew I wanted to have the privilege of bringing that same empowerment to others. I applied for the city of Milwaukee and received the fantastic news that our city was indeed chosen as a LTYM site! Next on the list, WHO would help me take on this task of producing and directing since […]

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