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Milwaukee, You Are in for a Treat

by Alexandra on April 20, 2015

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Our Listen To Your Mother Show Milwaukee is just one week away!

Our beautiful venue is the Pitman Theatre at Alverno College. The date is Sunday, April 26, at 3PM, and the Pitman Theatre provides free, adjacent parking.

All you need do is purchase TICKETS either online or $15 at the door on the day of the show. 11 fantastic stories and author-presenters await you!

11 stories about motherhood that connect community and build neighborhoods as we discover the world of another. Come listen in and see how we are more alike, than different. Join us, as we –

Laugh along while Elaine Maly gives the “talk” to her boys.

Walk together as Anna Stone remembers the mother who once was, along with the mother that now is.

Share in the gratitude felt by Michelle Dobbs as she gives thanks to the grandmother who was always there to make her feel loved.

Smile as we witness the legacy of life lessons passed on to Liza Cohen, from mother to daughter, then lovingly continuing on to the next generation, even when grandma is gone.

Witness a heartfelt moment as Moira Sennett realizes more each year, what an amazing influence her mother has been.

Be swept away into the 100 mph fast lane of new motherhood, while Katy Meyer reveals just what that was like for her.

Bear witness to the once trite expression, “cherish every moment,” as it takes on new meaning with a story from Nicole Smith you will never forget.

Forgive ourselves along with Mary Steinert-Ng as she, too, lets go of the standard of perfection we have set in the name of mothering.

Feel how the two seconds it took Raina Johnson to say yes to one of her life’s biggest decisions, has kept her smiling from that moment six years ago.

To say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and see it do exactly that, is a journey Jack Douthitt shares as he tells of the love potion of lemon pie.

Examine our beliefs and our assumptions, as Leana’ Cristiana’ Grimm presents what she is met with when she steps out into the world as a young black mother of three.

Meet us at Alverno this Sunday, April 26, 3PM.

We promise, you will leave enlightened, connected, and wanting to return next year, for more of Milwaukee’s Listen To Your Mother shows. Who knows, you may decide to write your own story and be the one behind the microphone in 2016.

Bring your mother, bring your other. Start a new tradition in celebrating Mother’s Day by coming to hear live on stage readers share their stories of motherhood.

Purchase your tickets today so you don’t miss out on this experience that will leave you smiling, laughing, drying a tear, and cheering. And wanting just one more story…

Listen To Your Mother Shows: honoring Mother’s Day with a microphone, a podium, and a stage.

Jen, Rochelle, and Alexandra

Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee

*BONUS REASON #12: A portion of ticket proceeds will benefit the Strong Baby Campaign of Milwaukee, an organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy, and resources to keep Milwaukee’s babies alive.

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elaine headshotELAINE MALY survived the journey of parenting two ingenious sons to enjoy the thrill of grandparenting three spunky grandsons. On sabbatical from a career as a nonprofit leader dedicated to feminist causes, she writes about her life as a native Milwaukeean. Her essays have been featured on WUWM’s Lake Effect program. She’s an active participant in Red Oak Studio writers roundtable and Ex Fabula storytelling. One of these days she’s going to start a blog she’s thinking of calling “My Crotch Hurts from Sitting on the Fence.” blah, blah, blah… Did I tell you how adorable my grandsons are?


anna stone headshotANNA STONE writes poetry and posts on her blog, Clutterheart, whenever she can. A photographic journal of life with her adorable baby, husband who used to be a cat, and two chihuahuas can be found on Instagram. She enjoys traveling with family in their vintage RV. Her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2010. This impacted her life’s direction and artwork as she came to realize time, and what you choose to do with it, is sacred. Her intention is to live a full and loving life, and with the guidance of angels, she is doing just so.



michelle dobbs headshotMICHELLE DOBBS’ professional experience spans working as an educator, nonprofit executive, reporter, author, and playwright. In addition to her love of reading and writing, Michelle is an ardent foodie. One of her goals this year is to do something scary every day, believing that “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” She works to keep her clown phobia in check by only attending circuses in cases of emergency. She blogs at thanksamen and tweets @mmdobbs.

nicole smith headshot twoWife, daughter, sister, nutrition enthusiast and avid sports fan, NICOLE SMITH could not wait to add mother to her resume.  The oldest of five children and mother of two fur babies (Layla and Ziggy), she has had lots of practice and is patiently waiting to parent a child earth side.  With two angels in heaven, Nicole is passionate about giving a voice to infant loss and miscarriage.  Nicole lives with her husband in Sussex and you can follow their journey on her blog, Olive and Her Branches.



raina headshotRAINA J. JOHNSON is a freelance writer in Milwaukee. Raina earned a Bachelor degree in Writing from Cardinal Stritch University in 2010. Since graduation, Raina has held a variety of jobs including working in corporate public relations, government and non-profit sectors. But those don’t compare to her favorite role as ‘Mom’ to her 5-year-old son. Raina’s writings have been featured in local publications including The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service and The Capital Times. Raina also maintains a blog on titled, I SAID YES! You can follow her on Twitter @RainaWrites.

liza cohen headshotA California transplant with a Milwaukee heart, LIZA COHEN is a jack–of-all trades, master of none. When she and her husband Julio are not busy running their business, Cornerstone Tattoo, you can find her playing Legos or researching obscure trivia with her two sons. Eight years ago, Liza’s family was affected by gun violence through the death of her father. Five years later, she unexpectedly lost her mother. Liza has since been inspired to help people who have suffered similar loss. She has found healing through story telling and hopes to help others find the same peace.
moira sennettPer cast member, MOIRA SENNETT, “For the past fourteen years, I have spent my time trying to keep up with the latest slang and making teenagers memorize Shakespearean monologues—in other words, teaching high school English. Listen To Your Mother perfectly brings together the various elements of my life—my past as a theatre kid, a decade of coaching speech, a master’s degree in creative writing, and the biggest influence in my life—my mother.”



katy meyer headshotKATY MEYER has worked for 14 years as an an occupational therapist, helping people to “live life to the fullest”. She reminisces about balmy days gone by when she hiked in lush forests and witnessed the ocean and mountains on a regular basis. She now frequents Grant Park and South Shore Park, and is passionate about the revival of dynamic playgrounds. She loves to read, swim and paint. Katy rediscovered her high school prom date of 1993 when she returned to Milwaukee in 2006. They now enjoy wild, loud times with their three imaginative children.


mary steiner ng headshotMARY STEINERT-NG inherited her parents’ love of unhurried walks and good conversation. She works at a nature center and occasionally reads essays on WUWM, Milwaukee Public Radio. She lives with her family in Pewaukee.



jack headshotJACK DOUTHITT’S Mother was a strong force in his life. When he was young, she carted him off to the library every Saturday and he would come home with his arms full of books. He earned his living as an Architect but never lost his love of a good story. Jack’s passion for the last fifty years has been bonsai, but after retirement he began writing creatively. Both his bonsai, and his writings, reflect his excellent story telling ability. His Mother would be embarrassed that her story is being read aloud, but he wishes she were here to hear it.


leana headshotLEANA’ CRISTIANA GRIMM types with one hand while breastfeeding her babies in the other! She might be the young queen-bee who is the perfect example of women and their multi-tasking skills! Earning many titles & roles, Leana’ Cristiana Grimm doesn’t find it suitable to have such an exaggerative word such as ‘Super Mom’ describe her… but as a working actress, a multi-talented artist with many hobbies and skills under her belt, who is hoping to secure the crown as Mrs. Wisconsin-America, while being a proud and joyful wife and mother of three, what other “exaggerate” word can describe this beauty? Women.


We promise you, you don’t want to miss the 11 storytellers here, so get your tickets now, for our Milwaukee LTYM show Sunday, April 26, 2015 3PM at Alverno College’s Pitman Theatre! We hope to see you there!





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