LTYM – afterglow

by Jennifer on May 24, 2015

dsc011381Our LTYM shows are an amazing experience.  The past two years I remained in a state of shock for about a week after the show ended.  This year I missed our cast, my production team, and the venue team the next day.  Producing a show and watching everyone step outside of their comfort zones and share their truth is exhilarating and inspiring.  I walked into work taller with a sense of confidence and pride for being a part of such an amazing experience.

I owe so much to the two amazing women in the photo with me.  Alexandra and Rochelle have spoiled me for all other working relationships.  I have so much love and respect for them both.  We became an entity throughout this process forged by snort laughing, emojis, memes and our beloved coffee. I learn so much about mothering tweens and teens. Alexandra encourages me to believe in myself and take risks. Rochelle advises me to exercise grace and caution. I refer to them as my “brain trust”.  All moms need mom friends and confidants who expose us to different ideas and perspectives.  I am forever changed by my friendship with them. We had a group hug before the curtain went up. I quoted Pitch Perfect by telling them that “I love you dorks”.

This is such a labor of love for us because we love how storytelling brings our community together.  We are up late the last week muttering to do items in our sleep.  I had to hand write my list. It is my way of committing it to memory. We end up running on adrenaline and excitement the day of the show.

Each cast is a mystery to us at the beginning of the season.  We never know how the personalities will gel.  I wanted to freeze time during our show to watch the looks on everyone’s faces. I saw courage,determination, elation and triumph. I wanted to be like my mom and give each person a standing ovation.  At the very least, I wanted to stand up and have them high five me or do a fist pump.  LTYM empowers our cast; I can see each person stand a little taller after their piece.  The baby birds left our secure nest to fly and soar.  I cannot wait to see each and every one of them take flight.  When we stand in our truth and own our story, nothing seems impossible.


*Photos courtesy of Orphonic Multimedia.*

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Milwaukee’s Thank You to Our Sponsors

by Jennifer on May 17, 2015

Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee celebrated its 3rd annual LTYM show three weeks ago on Sunday, April 26th.  Our fantastic cast held our audience spell bound as they told stories of humor, faith, loss, love, triumph and recovery.  A shared love of storytelling and its power to unite us is what threads our production team together.  We cannot create this production alone; it takes a community and a network of support.  Alexandra, Rochelle and I could not continue to bring LTYM to Milwaukee without the help of our amazing local sponsors. We are blessed to have returning local sponsors each year whose support is key to producing this show.  A special thank you to Dave Didier and Orphonic Multimedia for being with us since the beginning!  We are so grateful.  SHOP, The Village Printer, and MetroParent Milwaukee Magazine are also returning local sponsors. We are so thankful for the support of these amazing local sponsors.



THANK YOU to Dave Didier of ReMax United for his continued generous support.


THANK YOU to Orphonic Multimedia for their amazing photography and videography.


THANK YOU to SHOP for their continued support.

TheVillagePrinterTHANK YOU to the Village Printer for printing our audition flyers, postcards, posters and programs.


THANK YOU to MetroParent Magazine Milwaukee for their support of our Milwaukee show.

Please support our sponsors.  We would not be able to put on this show without their contributions.  We are so moved by the impact that Listen To Your Mother has on our community.  Each story is like a stone cast into our beautiful lake, reverberating in ripples throughout our community.

Thank you to our cast, our families, the team at Alverno, our local sponsors, our national sponsors, our audience and our community.  This labor of love could not be done without each of you!


Jen, Rochelle and Alexandra

LTYM Milwaukee





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Discovering Purpose through LTYM

May 10, 2015

So what is your life’s purpose? It was a question posed in a moderated discussion thrown out to a small group of three. Up until that point, we had been responding to questions in ways we thought would make us stand out as individuals. Or at least I had been, truthfully. The question clogged my thinking and stopped me in my tracks. As long as I could remember, I heard the perpetual question from my parents, well-meaning friends of my parents, teachers and guidance counselors: What do you want to be when you grow up? Then when I became an adult (seriously, am I really an adult?), my own voice grated in my mind even when it appeared like I had it altogether: What don’t I want to do? What I wanted to be as an adult had everything to do with career, money. What I didn’t want to do was a bar […]

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Peace in Knowing That We Are Never Alone

May 4, 2015

Receiving heartfelt feedback on what the Listen To Your Mother experience is like from a cast member, is the very food that fuels LTYM show producers/directors. This glorious sharing of what show day was like, by our 2015 Milwaukee Listen To Your Mother cast member Anna Stone, brought tears to our eyes. This, is why we do our shows. Thank you, Anna.  by Anna Stone It was the beginning of another cold day in Milwaukee, and I wondered how my baby and I would manage to bide the time until spring, when I heard the words: Listen To Your Mother. I turned my attention to the TV. The Morning Blend was on. Mollie and Tiffany were interviewing the CO-producer of Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee, Alexandra. Auditions were being held that weekend. I’m going to be in that show, I thought to myself. My heart fluttered as I called the number on the screen, […]

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32 Stages of a Listen To Your Mother Producer on Show Day

April 28, 2015

I can’t feel my legs. Maybe I’m suddenly hypoglycemic. I’ve heard it happens. If I remembered to stash that protein bar into my panty hose, no worries! Maybe it’s just the lights. Maybe it’ll pass. Did I eat? G-d I hope I ate. I told the cast to eat. Did I eat? Adjusting adjusting. Yes, I feel something coming back to life. I can feel my legs again. My Spanx must’ve been too tight around my femoral artery. The curtain’s going up. Oh sweet baby jeebus IT IS TIME. 1-2-3 breathe 1-2-3 breathe. You never had a baby before you had one and you did it. We never did a show before we did this one and we did it. Please Dear G-d Dear G-d, let there be people in the seats. I have to look up, I’m not going to stare, just move my head a little bit up and over, 1-2-3 slow, slow, and now… I can’t look I can’t […]

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