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by Alexandra on February 20, 2017

ltym angieHave you ever listened to the silence of an audience while someone is telling a story? It is not a silence at all but an energy that crackles with life. The people in the seats anticipate the speaker’s next words, we hope for an outcome that won’t devastate and we forget to breathe while we hang on words that now are alive in our hearts. We all hear the same story, but is it the same for everyone who hears it?

It never is. It can’t be because our minds and guts process the words we hear through what we’ve lived.

Maybe a story is the first time that we’ve heard the experience of parenting with a mental illness. Or we are offered a new perspective of life growing up without a mother. Did we just hear about becoming a parent when only a teen when we were in our 40s as first time parents? Are we celebrating someone being married for the first time at 65 when we were 18? A story is never the same for anyone hearing it because our lives can’t help but weave into the tale of another.

We talk a lot about telling our stories with LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER. Our shows wouldn’t happen without that. But we need to talk about Receiving these stories.

To tell and to listen, they are impossible without each other. When we listen, our stories live again-they don’t disappear once the words are spoken. We store the words we’ve heard and the moment when they resonate with us. It’s then that our stories take on a second life. One where the words received are sown now in our own life.

Write your stories, and yes, share them, tell them, but listen to the stories of others.

Our stories are ours to tell and ours to hear in a way that no one else can. We tell the stories no one else can in the same way that we HEAR these stories in a way that no one else can. Because our lives are like no one else’s and a story breathes new because of how we receive it.

LISTENing is part of the telling.

Make a promise to yourself to listen to one another, to take in someone’s words and not filter your reaction with what you think you should be thinking.  Listen and let a life take space in yours. Reflect in how you hear it, why it falls upon you the way that it does. What is it about that story that affects you. Let it enter your world and see what the world of another offers you.

Listen to your 94 year old grandmother as she tells you a story you’ve heard before, but this time, hear what she is saying. Look into your seven year old’s eyes while he tells you what happened today at lunch, why does he pick this moment to share with you? When your friend posts on social media, before hitting like, wonder what it is about that story that drove them to share it-you’ll read their words differently.

Our lives don’t just stay and end with us. They begin again in one another, it is when we see the person who is inside each of our stories that our connection starts.

This is how we build our communities, and this is why the first word in Listen To Your Mother is LISTEN.



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by Alexandra on February 17, 2017

ltym trioLISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE is excited to announce that we have our 2017 cast!

The readers for our final LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE Show have been selected and this process of finding which stories work best with the stories around them, was harder than it was the prior four years of our Milwaukee LTYM show.

For whatever reason, the stories we heard over two weekends of auditions had us taking longer than usual to make our choice. Everything seemed to want to be heard and it all had an urgency:  what our Milwaukee storytellers came to share with us was astounding.

We promised a decision to our auditioners on February 6, then we had to ask for their patience while we added an additional two days to try pieces on one against the other, and on February 9, our decisions were made.

The pieces for our show always come forward, they magically reveal themselves on their own, and in the five years that we have been co-producing LTYM shows, we never stop being amazed at how strangers’ words work one along with the other, as if they were written together.

It happens every year at auditions, and every year our mouths drop open: How does Piece #5 fit in so perfectly after Piece #4? Somehow, they do, and it’s this trust in the process of these shows, something we’ve learned in our five years, that have us confident in the stories we have cast for our final LTYM Milwaukee show on Sunday, May 7.

Every year we tell those who audition that the pieces we choose are not a competition, or a “winner” as someone asked us at auditions. I won’t be cliché and say that all the stories we heard were winners, though they were-but I will say that all the stories we heard, I hope from the bottom of our hearts, that the readers felt we gave them honor.

I hope they felt the attention and care and thought that we gave to the stories when they shared them.

You honored us with your stories on audition day, Milwaukee, and we thank you.

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE would like to introduce you to our 2017 Final LTYM Show Cast:

Show Opener:  Special Guest/Author Julie Davidson


Anne Klug

Kim Suhr

Sara Sarna

Katie Zapfel

Myles Hopper

Lisa Williams

Kelly Arnell

Liz Paulsen

Show Closer: Special Guest/Author Mel Miskimen

Final Read: Alexandra Rosas (co-producer LTYM Milwaukee)

Our featured speakers and our special cast will gift you with an afternoon of experience and lift your spirits with being part of something bigger than the life we know. You will hear stories that will make you laugh, that celebrate motherhood, that recognize the strength we have as women, and we promise you, the person you were before our show will not be the same person you will be after hearing these stories.

What you will hear in our final show on May 7 is that moving and profound.

We hope you don’t miss our final LTYM Milwaukee show. It will be an unforgettable community experience. We can’t wait to share our stories with you at Alverno College Wehr Hall on Sunday, May 7 at 3 PM.

Sharing our stories matters– whether you are cast in a show or not, your story will always matter.

We can’t wait for you to hear our show!

Your LTYM Milwaukee producers,

Rochelle Fritsch

Jenny Gaskell

Alexandra Rosas

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