Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee is excited to announce that we are now open for auditions for our Grand Finale Listen To Your Mother Show!

Our show date is Sunday, May 7, 2017 and our venue is once more on the beautiful Alverno College Campus.

Auditions for our Grand Finale show are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Saturday, January 28 at the East Side Library in Milwaukee, and Saturday, February 4, at the East Side Library in Milwaukee.

We will not be able to accommodate anyone without a scheduled audition time so please contact us for your time slot by emailing ltymmil at gmail dot com.

If you’re wondering what to audition with, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE is looking for a 3 to 5 minutes in length, original and non-fiction piece of what motherhood means to you.

We don’t look for tributes or “eulogies” but something that represents the diverse and expanse of motherhood – as long as motherhood is the focus of the piece. We welcome submissions from everyone, and you don’t have to be a mother, a parent, or a woman, to audition. We just want to hear what motherhood means to you.

For an idea of the pieces that work with a LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER SHOW, please view our LTYM youtube channel. There, you’ll find essays, poetry, prose on the heavy and the light on the theme of motherhood. As Ann Imig, creator and national director perfectly puts it, “LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER features live readings by local writers on the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested of motherhood in celebration of Mother’s Day.”

What we hope you share with us is what motherhood means to you.

You don’t need to have stage or public speaking experience.

You do not need to be a professional writer.

You just need to have a story that is yours to tell.

Here’s an easy checklist on what LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE looks for when considering a piece for our shows:

◾Motherhood is the star focus of your piece.

◾It must be true, yours, and original. No fiction will be accepted.

◾Your piece should not be longer than 5 minutes when read aloud.

◾Poetry is welcome.

◾Pieces should not be memorized. Work is read from your pages on stage, so please don’t memorize.

If you’re still not sure you’re up to audition, let us offer you some encouragement by watching the LTYM youtube channel – we want to hear your story!

Whether you decide to audition or not, either way, be sure not to miss this final season of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER SHOWS.

Of course, the Milwaukee team of LTYM hopes you take on those dreams, push the nerves and doubt out of your way, and come tell us your story!

Reserve your audition slot online by emailing the Milwaukee LTYM production team at ltymmil at gmail dot com.

And if telling a story isn’t your thing, but you happen to know someone who is perfect for this amazing opportunity, please share this audition information with them.

Follow us here for LTYM Milwaukee updates on our 2016 season, to include our local charity announcement, cast announcements, our wonderful sponsors, and details on our venue!

Come share your story with us, Milwaukee, and come Sunday, May 7, to our Grand Finale Show to hear your community’s stories!

Listen To Your Mother – a national series of original live readings shared locally on stages and globally via social media.”

Save the date! Sunday, May 7, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE’s Grand Finale Show!

Your Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee Team,

Jen, Rochelle, and Alexandra

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by Alexandra on December 6, 2016

f-r-o-o-m-t-h-e-s-h-owIn 2011, I auditioned for a show that had caught wind on the internet: Listen To Your Mother. Its mission was clear as a bell, to bring communities together through sharing our stories and seeing just how much more alike we are than different.  That was my take, but the formal statement is this:

The mission of each LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER production is to take the audience on a well-crafted journey that celebrates and validates mothering through giving voice to motherhood–in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor–in the form of original readings performed live on-stage by their authors.

By 2016, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER had hosted over 150 live shows in 54 cities. We have 2000 videos from those shows on our YouTube channel. To see them is to witness powerful voices that pull you into lives other than your own.

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER aims to support motherhood creatively through artistic expression, and also financially–through contributions to non-profit organizations supporting families in need. Each LTYM show donates a minimum of 10% of ticket proceeds to a local cause, as well as providing the cause awareness/fund-raising opportunities. To date Listen To Your Mother shows have raised over $100,000 for local nonprofit causes supporting women and families in need.

As special and unique as each LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER season has been, there is no other than what this 2017 season will be: LTYM’s Grand Finale. We are leaving on a high note, and it feels right. We have accomplished our mission of giving voice to stories that need to be heard. We have raised money for agencies that support motherhood and our communities. And we have learned from and about each other.

Our sponsors have shown belief in us. Our producers and directors have encouraged us in the importance of telling our stories. Our trusting readers gave us who they were, and we can never thank them enough for it is them that brought life to LTYM’s vision.

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER will not call for new cities in 2017. Instead we are focusing on making this last season, one that will resonate within our communities. We will work, once again, to find the stories that need to be heard. LTYM Milwaukee will be announcing auditions in January, follow here for news and dates–and if you’ve thought over the years of how you’d like to share your story, don’t second guess yourself again, plan on auditioning.


LTYM Milwaukee  will be giving motherhood a microphone as we come together and celebrate Mother’s Day 2017.

Please join us. If you’ve always planned on seeing a show, this will be your last chance. Don’t miss it.

To follow along with announcements and updates to this LTYM 2017 Grand Finale season, subscribe to our e-newsletter and follow our social accounts (search LTYMShow and #LTYM) for updates.

We are in 33 cities, so find a show near you!

Your Milwaukee LTYM producers/directors,

Alexandra Rosas

Jennifer Gaskell

Rochelle Fritsch 

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