ANN IMIG is the founder of the live-reading series and video sharing company LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER and editor of the acclaimed anthology LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now (Putnam Books, 2015). A Stay-At-Home Humorist, Ann’s writing has been featured on sites like CollegeHumor, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Huffington Post and The Washington Post. National TV appearances include, NBC Nightly News and the webseries Battleground and The Louise Log. Ann’s blog ( has been named a Babble Top 100 Mom Blog, A BlogHer Voice of the Year, and a SheKnows Top 5 Funniest Mom Blog. Ann lives with her husband and children in Madison, Wisconsin.

Listen To Your Mother Metro DetroitANGELA AMMAN Co-producer/co-director — Angela Amman is a short story and essay writer. Collecting her family’s stories is a gift-in-progress for her daughter and son, and she blogs at Angela Amman: Playing with words, capturing the craziness and beauty that weave together to create something extraordinary. As a co-director/co-producer of Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit, Angela is thrilled to share others’ stories. She is a managing editor at Bannering Books, and when she should be sleeping, she works on her latest short story collection. Her essays and short stories have appeared in her collection, Nothing Goes Away, and various anthologies.

HeadShotANGELA YOUNGBLOOD Co-producer/co-director — A busy mother of four children, Angela stays even busier documenting her family’s life on her blog Jumping With My Fingers Crossed.  About as far away from perfect as possible, she writes about embracing the mess and complicatedness of life with humor and honesty.  She is also a freelance writer and videographer and up-and-coming YouTube star.  After starting her blog in 2011, Angela was blown away by what happened.  What happened was a community of loyal, supportive friends, creative opportunities and a feeling of empowerment and being less alone.   She is excited to be a part of Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit and helping others feel the power of storytelling.


Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit cast

DIANE MOYER — This is the heartwarming story of a little girl who wanted to be a cowboy but grew up to be a teacher. She began her life on Oct. 31 in the town of Teaneck, New Jersey, the youngest of three girls. As time went on, she moved to California and then to Michigan, where she eventually settled down after attending 12 different schools. Diane is currently teaching her 24th year at Flat Rock High School. She has three children named Jackson, Ashleigh and Alex. While her children attended college, she earned her Master’s Degree in Technology. She now gets to spoil her beautiful grand-daughters Zoe, Imogen and Evelyn in her spare time. Diane dedicates today to John – without his encouragement and never-ending support none of this would have been possible — and to her sister, Cindy, who was her co-passenger on this wild ride. And Erin… you still inspire me!


Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit cast DELORES FLYNN — Delores Flynn is a former Detroit News Metro Reporter who left her job to become a stay-at-home mother. The Chicago native is a graduate of Northwestern University and is passionate about screenwriting. Keep your eyes peeled for her name on the silver screen someday : ) She also enjoys reading, rock climbing and a nice cup of “hot” tea when she has spare time. She resides in Oakland County with her husband Rod and their two children.


Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit MONA SHAND — Mona Shand is the mother of 3 kids (ages 3, 5, and 7) and an award-winning journalist who has worked in television, radio, print, and online. She is currently the Michigan correspondent for Public News Service, an independent nationwide news agency dedicated to lifting up marginalized voices and covering social justice, environmental and economic issues. When not running a one-woman newsroom, she can be found running the streets and paths in and around Brighton, which she and her family have called home for the past 8 years. She’s very thankful for the support of her husband and loving family, and the opportunity to take part in this production. You can read more of her work at


Listen To Your Mother cast KIM REYNOLDS — Kimberly Reynolds is a print and online journalist as well as a dynamic comedic speaker. She is the author of the syndicated blog Kim’s Crazy Life and is currently working on an anthology, Eat, Drink and Get Remarried.  Her writing has been featured in The Oakland Press (greatest newspaper crew around), The Spinal Column, Mamapedia and Midlife Boulevard. Kim is a newly married to Brad Reynolds (thank you eHarmony) and together they have four good looking and talented kids, Jordan, 22 Liz, 21, Connor, 20 and Michael, 18 Ruling their roost is their beagle, Hoosier, who is convinced they are all his personal slaves. Transplanted here from Tennessee Kim is still trying to adjust to the snow, calling coke “pop” and saying you guys instead of y’all. Kim would like to thank her family for always supporting her and her mother for all the great material.


Angela Talo ANGELA TALO — Angela Talo is an almost-thirty year old, recently transplanted from Wayne to Farmington Hills. When she’s not working 65 hours a week between three jobs, she embarks on culinary adventures, explores places she’s never been through road trips and visits to the library, and Netflix binges on shows everyone else has already seen. Angela has just entered the blogging world and can be found at


Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit CHRISTY LANDEFELD — Christy Landefeld is a former elementary teacher who resides in Rochester Hills with her husband, daughter, and pets. As a native Metro-Detroiter, and lover of story-telling, Christy is thrilled to be a part of  LTYM Metro Detroit 2015. When she is not busy adventuring with her preschooler, or wrangling her humongous dog, Christy enjoys practicing yoga, reading, and writing. You can find her musings on her quest to redefine herself and meaning of joy at


Listen To Your Mother cast MARLOWE B’SHEART — Marlowe B’sheart is a teacher, a learner, a writer, a reader, and a storyteller.  She is a a mother, a bonus mother and, newly, a mother-in-law.   She eschews lists, labels and writing bios.  She co-parents with her ex-wife and lives in the suburbs of Detroit with her husband-to-be and 5 of their children in chaos and bliss.



Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit CHITRA RAMAN — Chitra Raman is the proud parent of a musically gifted young woman with autism. She is a former employee of the Detroit-based paradigm-changing nonprofit Focus: HOPE, and a freelance writer whose publications include analyses and commentary on culture, the human condition, Hindu philosophy and special education.  Her interests include anthropology, art, neuroscience, environment, astronomy and world music, which she believes contains clues to forgotten migrations and cultural contact.


Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit LIZ ELLER — Liz is currently a senior at Central Michigan University, studying Event Management and Marketing. She also works in the Admissions Office at CMU and is a Program Coordinator for the CMU Leadership Institute. In her free time Liz enjoys writing fictions stories and songs. She also authors a blog about mental health struggles in teens and young adults. She’s so excited to be a part of LTYM 2015, and even more excited that she gets to do it with her mom. ​


LTYM Metro Detroit Cast COLIN MCCONNELL —Colin McConnell is a man of many hats. He is a co-owner of Detroit Respect clothing company and a children’s author and illustrator of the series The Land of Shapes. He is a proud mama’s boy who has lived his life WWMT: What would mom think. Colin is currently training to pedal his bike from Detroit to Austin, Texas for his charity The Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy. You can follow Colin on Instagram and Twitter @ColinDetroit


Listen To Your Mother Cast SABRINA NELSON — Sabrina Nelson was born in the late 60’s during the riots in Detroit. Sabrina has been a professional artist for over 29 years and an educator for nearly as long. As a studio art teacher at the Detroit Institute of Arts, she lectures and preforms artist demonstrations. She is also on the staff for the College for Creative Studies where she works hard at motivating and preparing students to pursue an art degree in Detroit. She is a guest curate at The Carr Center and for Music Hall Performing Arts Center. Her work has been exhibited at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Museum of Contemporary Arts in Detroit and the African American Art in Culture Complex in San Francisco. She has participated in the Miami Basel at Jakmel Gallery and has work at Le’Belle Gallerie in New Orleans, LA.