Alumni Reflections: Melissa St. Pierre

by angela on March 16, 2017

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LTYM Metro Detroit alumni reflections

Meet Melissa St. Pierre, LTYM Metro Detroit 2016 alumna

1. What was your favorite part of being a Listen To Your Mother Detroit cast member?

My favorite part of being a LTYM Detroit cast member has been the friendships that I’ve made. I felt instantly connected to other women that just “got” me.

2. What scared you the most?

As someone that doesn’t get on stage often, I was the most scared to read and share my writing on such an important Detroit stage and share my vulnerability with other people. I am thankful for the other cast members for the support and the encouragement to say ‘go for it.’

3. How did being a part of LTYM Detroit impact your life — professionally and/or personally?

Since LTYM, I have been actively back in the saddle, as they say, writing every day. I am also taking more publishing risks and considering more spoken word shows.

4. How did people react to your story and to you being a part of LTYM?

After the show, I had many people, both men and women, come up to me and tell me how much they loved my story and how much they could relate to it. There are many aspects of motherhood, even myself not being a mother at the time, that I could relate to as well. This show is a unifying experience.

My family and friends loved the show and have also encouraged me to do more spoken word events and have encouraged more of my publication as well.

5. What surprised you about being a part of LTYM?

I was surprised at how comfortable I was on stage after I started reading and at how welcoming the audience was. I felt like I was holding them in the palm of my hand.

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