LTYM Metro Detroit 2017: Meet the cast!

by angela on February 10, 2017

LTYM castStorytellers make auditions one of our favorite parts of Listen to Your Mother. They also make it one of the most difficult, because even some of the stories that resonate with us the most don’t fit with our show.

Every year, we talk about how we could hold people in the theater for hours and just let the stories flow from the stage. Every year, we listen and ruminate and piece together a show we know you’ll adore, all the while being so grateful for those other stories we’ve heard, the ones that will hopefully find a home somewhere else — on another stage or on another page.

This year’s cast will bring you an afternoon of unforgettable stories, and we can’t wait to see you at St. Andrew’s Hall on April 30. Don’t forget: We have early bird pricing of $10 during February!

Use the code “storiesmatter” for your $10 tickets!


Introducing the cast of Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit 2017

Angela Amman (co-producer/co-director)

Kaye Byrd

Jaycee Kemp

Desiree Cooper

Audra Dye

Ruth Ebenstein

Meg Elias

Natalie Ford

Christina Herr

Joy Mohammed

Maria Schoonover

Linda K. Sienkiewicz

Angela Youngblood (co-producer/co-director)


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