Stories matter: LTYM Metro Detroit ticket deal

by angela on February 1, 2017

this wall is only one of the many reasons we love St. Andrew's

this wall is only one of the many reasons we love St. Andrew’s

We’ve started our LTYM Metro Detroit auditions, and with each story we hear, we’re reminded of how important storytelling truly is.

Storytelling doesn’t sound all that transformative on paper. You don’t need much to do it: two people and a few minutes are really all it takes. But those few minutes? They reaffirm the connection people have to each other and to the world around them. Stories make us laugh, cry, and think. They make us feel sympathy and joy. They remind us we’re not alone.

Knowing we’re sharing space with individuals all housing their own stories feels important to recognize right now. The world feels uncertain, and many of us are searching for answers about what we can do to help chase away some of that uncertainty.

We can listen.

We can listen to people who agree with us. We can listen to people who don’t. We can listen to people who have had similar experiences to our own and people whose lives don’t look anything like ours. We can listen, and we can use what we hear to find that connection to humanity that tethers us together, the connection that makes us stronger than we are on our own.

In an effort to help bring as many people as possible to hear some amazing stories at St. Andrew’s on April 30th, we’re offering a special LTYM Metro Detroit ticket deal. Starting February 1 (yes, that’s today!) enter the code “storiesmatter” for $10 tickets to our show!

We’re thrilled to offer early bird pricing this year, and we really hope you come and join us in April. Metro Detroit storytellers know how to bring authenticity to the stage, and we know our storytellers’ words will resonate with you and remain with you long after the doors close on our final show at St. Andrew’s Hall.

Stories matter: the ones our cast will share on the stage and the ones we can share with each other each day, on the street, in coffee shops, and maybe where and when you least expect it.

A quick recap:

$10 tickets to LTYM Metro Detroit available now with the code “storiesmatter”

LTYM Metro Detroit will take place on April 30, 2017 at St. Andrew’s Hall

There are still a few audition spots available if you’ve been thinking about sharing a story! 


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