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LTYM Metro Detroit 2017: It’s a wrap!

by angela on June 22, 2017

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

I struggled to write this recap. We knew, going into our 2017 season, our fourth show would be our final show, and everything we did took on a greater significance. We tried to celebrate our finale and sit with its finality in the quiet moments between celebrations, and I thought I’d be ready to wrap up our experience by this time.

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

I’m not, but like so many things I love, saying goodbye doesn’t come easily.

We adored our final cast, their stories, and the thrill of watching them step up to that podium to feel the connection with the audience. Working with the guys at St. Andrew’s Hall couldn’t have gone more smoothly, because if we’ve learned nothing else over the years its that people who love their jobs are fabulous people to have on your side. Our audience wrapped us all in their laughter and their support and sometimes even their tears.

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

I wish I could bottle those moments on the stage for everyone who’s ever doubted the power of chasing a dream they love. LTYM bottled that moment for us, at least for a little while, and I’m so grateful to carry what I’ve experienced with me as we move forward into something new.

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

Thank you to Ann Imig and the national team. Thank you to this year’s cast. Thank you to our alumni. Thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to Reverend Faith Fowler and Cass Community Social Services. Thank you to the team at St. Andrew’s Hall. Thank you to our audiences. Thank you to our families for supporting us on this wild, amazing, fulfilling ride. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


The Angelas

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography

photo credit: Meghan Lafferty Photography


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Alumni reflections: Annelyse Miller

by angela on April 19, 2017

We love sharing Annelyse Miller’s thoughts from and reflections on her time as part of our Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit cast! (And as you can see, you can still catch her on stage!)

Annelyse Miller Jalopy

With Andy Lograsso-Gaitens of Jalopy at the Grand Rapids Improv Festival 2016

How did being a part of LTYM Metro Detroit impact your life–professionally and/or personally?

Being a part of LTYM Detroit buoyed my confidence in my professional writing and almost more importantly it showed me that I didn’t have to work in a vacuum.  It felt wonderful to have this nice little finished product in my back pocket, so to speak.  Knowing I had this five minute snap shot of my work a click away on YouTube felt good, tangible and real.  It was also incredibly helpful to have a network of friends I could go to for advice and reassurance.  It has also been a nice push, looking at what my cohorts are accomplishing has encouraged me to push myself.

Shortly after being a part of LTYM in 2014, I saw an improv show put on by the Detroit Creative Project. It included middle and high school students as well as a number of well known hollywood performers that got their start at Detroit’s Second City. On the drive home, my husband encouraged me to take improv lessons. I thought about much fun it was to be back on a stage performing my LTYM piece. I, of course, said yes.

Three years later both my husband and I completed improv training at the Planet Ant in Hamtramck. I am in two improv troupes, including a newly formed two-man with my husband and perform in the metro area a few times each month. I was also able to combine my love of improv with my teaching experience and now work for the organization that started my improv obsession. I currently work with other professional improvisers teaching students in Southwest Detroit. It is truly a dream job for me.  I am able to encourage Detroit Public school students to trust their instincts, work as a team and not fear failure.

Through my improv pursuits I have a whole new circle of friends involved in the theatre that are encouraging me to get my playwright arse into gear. I am currently collaborating with two friends on video short that we will be producing early in 2017. It is so wonderful to know that writing doesn’t have to be a tortuous, solitary process. I actually thrive when working with others. Weaving, swapping and editing together ideas to make one polished piece feels really good to me.

I haven’t abandoned working alone though. The confidence I garnered from LTYM helped me pursue a ghost writing job, and send out tons of submissions. I also now work on a comedy website where I have had the honor of interviewing comedic writers, artists and even an Emmy nominated composer. I also get to see and review comedy shows by working for Detroit Laughs Louder. My editor there has huge goals and plans for the website, and I am excited to help him grow the site into a real comedy and theatre platform for the Detroit area.

Annelyse Miller LTYM Metro Detroit alumni

I have yet to see one of my plays hit the stage but with my new found confidence due in large part to LTYM, I know that it will happen soon. My mother and her girl friends have a tradition in which they host a trousseau tea for all of the new brides from our neighborhood community. Unlike a shower, each married woman that attends offers advice to the newly married woman rather than material gifts. As the first recipient, I love attending not only to share my advice, but it is always good to get a refresher course from such a smart group of mothers and wives. One of my mom’s friends always shares a piece on the importance of having girlfriends. I have always believed it but never felt I had that close circle of woman around me.

I was one of those people that had lots of acquaintance friends, but no true inner circle. I have seen that change since becoming a mother. Rather than feel sad when I hear that piece at each trousseau tea, I now vehement nod my head like a crazed bobble head doll.  I can not agree more how important it is to have a circle of strong woman accompany me on this life walk. Some of the woman in my circle are part of my LTYM experience. It has been an amazing journey and I am ever so thankful.  Namaste.

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