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Metro Detroit Mommy: a resource for local moms

by angela on February 23, 2015

resources for local moms

Why local moms will love Metro Detroit Mommy

The Metro Detroit area sprawls across southeastern Michigan, encompassing several counties and countless cities and towns. With everything (relatively) easily accessible by car, navigating the area as a mom can be overwhelming — even if you’ve lived in the area for a while as an adult. Metro Detroit Mommy helps connect local moms with activities, groups and events that make parenting in the Detroit area a lot more fun. We are thrilled to welcome Metro Detroit Mommy as a local sponsor for Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit. The connection between motherhood and the MetroDetroitMommy mission is so clear, and we’re so glad our community has such a fabulous resource for local moms.

Find local events for Metro Detroit families

One of the greatest parts about Metro Detroit Mommy is the wealth of information the site has about local events. From local play places to special events, MDM is a go-to source for finding things to do in the Metro Detroit area. The business directory helps direct parents to summer camps, magic shops, and more. Moms and dads aren’t left out of the fun; there’s a section for parents’ night out. Check out the review section — word of mouth is such a wonderful way to find appropriate places for your little ones to play. Be sure to check the site and the Facebook page often — there are often giveaways for tickets to live shows or admission to fabulous places, like Castaway Bay.

Get recommendations from local moms

Another fabulous feature of Metro Detroit Mommy is the community found among Metro Detroit parents. The MDM Facebook page is a place for parents to answer each other’s questions and chat about recommendations for everything from the best birthday party locations to advice on child care options. Conversations are thoughtful and nonjudgmental, and will make you proud of being a Metro Detroit parent.

Where you can find Metro Detroit Mommy

The Metro Detroit Mommy site is so active, and you’ll want to follow Amber on social media as well.

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LTYM Metro Detroit tickets on sale now!

by angela on February 11, 2015

LTYM Metro Detroit

There’s a thrill every time I see it, the ticket link to Listen To Your Mother on Live Nation.

I’ve been on the site so many times — what can I say, I like concerts — and seeing this fabulous, local event made up of storytellers from all over the Metro Detroit area makes me smile. I’ve purchased tickets for superstars like Madonna and Eminem, iconic artists from Michigan who showcase their stories in vastly different ways. The spectacle of a Madonna show, with its elaborate sets and intricate dance routines, contrasts with the raw vocal power of Eminem.

In just over two months, the 2015 cast of Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit will take the stage, and they will tell their stories in their own words. With their voices and their words, they will welcome you to experience their motherhood stories.

We’d love to see you there, to have you in the audience when the Metro Detroit storytellers move you to laughter and to tears. Tickets are on sale now at Live Nation. The show begins at 3:00 p.m. on April 26, 2015. Doors open at 2:00 p.m., and all seating is general admission.

Join us this Mother’s Day season!

A quick note that auditions for the 2015 cast will take place during the last two weeks of February. If you’re considering telling a story, we welcome the opportunity to hear it! Sign up for auditions here

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LTYM Metro Detroit welcomes Little Bird Soul

February 5, 2015

We are so excited to welcome our newest LTYM Metro Detroit 2015 local sponsor- Little Bird Soul. Little Bird Soul creates handmade mala beads out of wooden and semi-precious gemstones. “Spreading peace and kindness, one strand at a time.”  Founder Amanda Kirksey said she hopes the Mala beads she makes inspire people “to love themselves and take care of themselves.” The product line includes braclets, necklaces, and (recently added) earrings. Check out the Little Bird Soul web site to see “inspired pieces” and prices. One of the things we love about Little Bird Soul is that Amanda is dedicated to creating pieces that fit every individual’s goals, in every individual’s budget.Contact her to create a personalized product. And please follow Little Bird Soul on Instagram for daily affirmations that will brighten your day and your spirit. Little Bird Soul can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. by

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Announcing LTYM Metro Detroit 2015 auditions

January 22, 2015

Pull up a chair. Don’t worry about what you’re wearing or how your hair looks or if your voice is a little hoarse from all of the dry air surrounding a typical Michigan winter. We want to hear your stories, and we’re thrilled to announce cast auditions for the 2015 cast of Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit. You have about a month before auditions begin, and we’ll be writing more about how to translate your pieces “from page to stage” — as our fabulous founder, Ann Imig once wrote. But remember, at its heart, LTYM is a storytelling show. We want to hear your stories; whether yours is raw or polished, heart-wrenching or gut-busting, our ears are open. Important audition information LTYM Metro Detroit is having three audition opportunities this year: Saturday, February 21, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. 620 Romeo Road, Rochester, MI 48307 Wednesday, […]

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LTYM Metro Detroit supports Cass Community Social Services

January 20, 2015

Listen to Your Mother is about storytelling — finding the threads that connect us in a vibrant tapestry of unique experiences. Those stories, your stories, are a part of our communities, but there’s another facet to the Listen to Your Mother Show that deepens and enriches our involvement in each of our 39 cities. A portion of the Listen to Your Mother Show ticket sales in each city are donated to a cause that provides support to the women and children in the community. This year, the LTYM Metro Detroit team is absolutely thrilled to partner with Cass Community Social Services. Faith Fowler, the founder of Cass Community Social Services, is an author who truly values people’s stories. She strives to help the people of Detroit find ways to build positivity and hope into their stories without losing their authentic connection with the community. Cass Community Social Services is a fabulous fit because of how important they […]

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