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LTYM Metro Detroit 2017: Meet the cast!

by angela on February 10, 2017

LTYM castStorytellers make auditions one of our favorite parts of Listen to Your Mother. They also make it one of the most difficult, because even some of the stories that resonate with us the most don’t fit with our show.

Every year, we talk about how we could hold people in the theater for hours and just let the stories flow from the stage. Every year, we listen and ruminate and piece together a show we know you’ll adore, all the while being so grateful for those other stories we’ve heard, the ones that will hopefully find a home somewhere else — on another stage or on another page.

This year’s cast will bring you an afternoon of unforgettable stories, and we can’t wait to see you at St. Andrew’s Hall on April 30. Don’t forget: We have early bird pricing of $10 during February!

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Introducing the cast of Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit 2017

Angela Amman (co-producer/co-director)

Kaye Byrd

Jaycee Kemp

Desiree Cooper

Audra Dye

Ruth Ebenstein

Meg Elias

Natalie Ford

Christina Herr

Joy Mohammed

Maria Schoonover

Linda K. Sienkiewicz

Angela Youngblood (co-producer/co-director)


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LTYM Metro Detroit Alumni Reflections

by angela on February 6, 2017

Now through the end of February, $10 early bird tickets to LTYM Metro Detroit are available with the code “storiesmatter”

As we reflect on our LTYM journey, we wanted to share some of the thoughts and reflections of our alumni cast members. We asked them a few questions, and we are so grateful to share some of their memories with you.

First up is Melissa Grunow!

LTYM Metro Detroit

1. What was your favorite part of being a Listen To Your Mother Detroit cast member?

It was humbling to know that I was part of something iconic, historical, and far bigger than myself. Listen To Your Mother revolutionized the perception of motherhood the way The Vagina Monologues gave voice to women’s experience and sexuality in the late 90s. Our LTYM cast, in particular, was immediately supportive and connected from the first few minutes of our very first rehearsal when we got to hear each others stories for the first time. Even though I had auditioned with my story and told it casually countless of times, I cried through that first read through because I knew our show was going to be great, and I was overwhelmed that I had an opportunity to be a part of something so remarkable.

2. What scared you the most?

The audition! Even though The Angelas are the kindest souls you will ever meet and make you feel as comfortable as possible, sitting in a public place reading my story across a table was far scarier than being on stage under blinding lights in front of hundreds of people sharing the same story.

3. How did being a part of LTYM Detroit impact your life — professionally and/or personally?

My memoir, Realizing River City, was published a few months prior to the LTYM show, so the impacts of the show really go in tandem with the release of my book. Even though they don’t tell the same story, the show and the book really reinforced for me the fortitude that comes with speaking your truth. The show gave me confidence to speak about my book in public in a more focused and clear way, and I stopped apologizing for things that weren’t my fault or that I shouldn’t have been sorry for in the first place. One of our cast members came up with the hashtag #dothething, and I’ve tried to live by that since. If you want something, you have to make it happen.

4. How did people react to your story and to you being a part of LTYM?

I wasn’t sure how well my story would fit in with the show since it’s about being estranged from my own mother, rather than a positive perspective on motherhood. Surprisingly — or maybe not surprisingly —people found something in the story to connect with. Strangers came up to me after the show and asked to hug me. Others said my story was their favorite. Nobody questioned whether or not I belonged on the stage. Any doubts I had about whether I belonged in the show were concocted in my own mind and something I had to get over on my own.

5. What surprised you about being a part of LTYM?

The longevity of the friendships I made from being a part of the show. When 12 strangers come together and take the stage, an everlasting bond forms that can’t be broken by time or distance.

More from Melissa:

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Stories matter: LTYM Metro Detroit ticket deal

February 1, 2017

We’ve started our LTYM Metro Detroit auditions, and with each story we hear, we’re reminded of how important storytelling truly is. Storytelling doesn’t sound all that transformative on paper. You don’t need much to do it: two people and a few minutes are really all it takes. But those few minutes? They reaffirm the connection people have to each other and to the world around them. Stories make us laugh, cry, and think. They make us feel sympathy and joy. They remind us we’re not alone. Knowing we’re sharing space with individuals all housing their own stories feels important to recognize right now. The world feels uncertain, and many of us are searching for answers about what we can do to help chase away some of that uncertainty. We can listen. We can listen to people who agree with us. We can listen to people who don’t. We can listen to people who have […]

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Casting call: LTYM Metro Detroit 2017

December 23, 2016

Holiday season has moved from festive to frantic in a lot of households, and that means spending time with family and friends — or not. Holidays bring emotions and memories crashing to the forefront, for better or for worse, and that means there are lots of stories waiting to be told by the time January rolls around. We’re ready to hear your stories. Seriously. We’re ready. We’re holding auditions for the LTYM Metro Detroit cast this January, and we want to hear what YOU have to say about motherhood. The LTYM experience brings motherhood stories to the stage, which means every single person in the Metro Detroit area has a story that belongs in our show. We want to hear about your mother or about what it means to you to be a mother — or what it means to you to NOT be a mother. We welcome stories from mothers, but we’re also […]

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Announcing LTYM Metro Detroit 2017

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Typing 2017 feels a little surreal, but it’s a sure sign that 2016 is barreling to a close. The Angelas are looking forward to welcoming a new year, and we’re thrilled to invite you to our fourth — and final — Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit. That’s right. This is our grand finale year. We think it’s fitting that it’s our fourth season in Metro Detroit, because we want our grand finale to feel a little like our senior year of high school. Well, our senior year of high school if we went to high school on a TV show: celebrations and nostalgia and embracing every single moment of the 2017 LTYM season. We’re returning to St. Andrew’s, which feels a little bit like an “of course” for us. When you love a venue the way we love and appreciate those storied walls, it’s the only choice for your grand finale show. We […]

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