Join Us at Saint Andrew’s Hall Sunday May 1st at 2PM!

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Tickets on sale now! 

LTYM Metro Detroit tickets are on sale

by angela on February 4, 2016

LTYM Metro Detroit I got the text in the middle of Kroger, because my life is nothing if not filled with glamour. I got excited and jumped up and down a little, and my six-year old joined in because he gets excited about pretty much everything.

I’m not sure where he gets that from.

The source of our excitement — mine and the six-year-old’s and Angela’s over text message — is that our tickets are on sale!

Our Metro Detroit show will be at Saint Andrew’s Hall for the third year, and we are thrilled to invite people to purchase tickets. We adore our venue, and we think our past audiences will agree Saint Andrew’s lends a unique Detroit vibe to our LTYM show.

Join us on Sunday, May 1 and we will do our absolute best to welcome you into the LTYM experience. Our storytellers will focus on “the beauty, the beast and the barely-rested of motherhood,” and we just know you’ll appreciate the journey told through the individual readings.

Tickets can be purchased here. We’ll see you in May!

(We still have audition spots open. If you’ve ever considered telling a motherhood story, come and share your words with us. We can’t wait to hear them.)

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LTYM Metro Detroit casting call

by angela on January 11, 2016

LTYM auditions**Please note, audition information has been changed.**

Everyone standing on the steps of Saint Andrew’s told a story on stage last year — well, except the baby, though maybe one day she’ll step up to the podium as well. Before any of the storytellers took the stage, they came to an audition, their stories on paper or index cards — and in that space between our heads and our hearts where we keep our stories.

We’re excited to announce the auditions for the 2016 cast of Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit. Sign ups are now open, and we want to hear your stories. And we mean YOURS — even if you’re not a writer or a stage performer or someone who likes hearing their own voice in the microphone.

We want to hear you.

Some facts about this year’s auditions

Auditions will be held on February 13, 17, and 21. More information about specific times can be found on the sign up form.

February 13 — Rochester Hills, Michigan (St. Paul’s Methodist Church)

February 17 — Dearborn, Michigan (location TBD)

February 21 — Detroit, Michigan (Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters Detroit)

The quick and dirty about what you need

  • A true story about motherhood — in any of its forms: positive, negative, joyful, heartbreaking, or exquisitely simple — that is 3 – 5 minutes long when read aloud.
  • Two copies of your piece to the reading — we’ll be keeping at least one of them

The quick and dirty about what you don’t need

  • To be a professional writer, storyteller, or stage performer — We have had readers who have never been on a stage until our rehearsal and readers who do improv theater as a hobby. Every story — and every storyteller — is invited and celebrated during Listen to Your Mother.
  • To memorize your piece — LTYM is a series of readings. You do not have to memorize your piece — not for the audition, not for the rehearsal, and not for the show. You will always have a copy of your piece in front of you.
  • To be a mother — With over a thousand stories told during Listen to Your Mother shows, the stories exploring motherhood have been told by daughters, sons, fathers, sisters, and brothers. Some of them  read about their mothers, some read about becoming mothers, and some read about people in their lives who have taken the role of a mother figure. Motherhood is messy, complicated, and can be explored in myriad ways. Everyone has a motherhood story to tell.

Please sign up to tell us your story. We can’t wait to hear it!

For a fabulous breakdown of why you (definitely) don’t have to be a mom to participate in a Listen to Your Mother show, hop on over to the LTYM Chicago page.

Some of the LTYM Metro Detroit readers who have not been mothers can be heard on YouTube:

One more time… sign up here to audition for Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit 2016. We’d love it if you would share this post with anyone who might be interested in auditioning to read in a Listen to Your Mother show, either in Metro Detroit or one of the other 38 fabulous cities hosting LTYM shows this year.

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Getting ready for LTYM Metro Detroit auditions

December 28, 2015

Last year’s show book sits on my nightstand, on the bottom shelf, not the top where it would live in danger of being marred by my overturned water cup or my early-morning fumblings for the snooze button. I flip through it, running my fingers across the words and reliving the feeling of the day, at least as much as I can. Nothing, not even the strongest page protectors, can capture and hold the feeling that exists between the storytellers and the audience the day of a Listen to Your Mother Show. Lately, though, I’ve started to wonder more about the stories that will make up the pages of this year’s show book. Which stories will be told in front of our audience on May 1? We don’t know yet, but we’re getting so excited to find out. Not all of our audition details are cemented, but Angela and I are confident we can […]

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LTYM Metro Detroit, Take 3

November 18, 2015

The Angelas are ready for LTYM Metro Detroit 2016! The Listen to Your Mother Show is coming to Metro Detroit for our third season, and we can’t wait to give motherhood a voice and a stage this May. Unsure about what LTYM is? We’d love if you took a few minutes to watch this: Stay tuned, Metro Detroit! We’ll be sharing more about the show, our charitable cause, and the many ways you can be a part of LTYM this year, from sitting in our amazon audience to auditioning — yes, you! by

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Introducing the LTYM Metro Detroit 2015 Videos

July 13, 2015

2015 welcomed over 400 new videos to the Listen to Your Mother channel. Get cozy on your couch or start walking with your headphones, because once you begin listening to these amazing stories you won’t want to stop. Start with the Metro Detroit show — of course! — but don’t miss the other cities’ storytellers. One of the true gifts of LTYM is the universal emotions threaded through the individual stories. You never know where you’ll find the video that resonates with you the most. To make your trip down the rabbit hole a little simpler, you can search by name or topic to get started on your Listen to Your Mother journey. Thank you again to all of the LTYM Metro Detroit 2015 Sponsors! Our show couldn’t go on without your support, and we are so grateful for the connection between storytelling and the Metro Detroit community. Happy viewing! by

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