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2015 welcomed over 400 new videos to the Listen to Your Mother channel. Get cozy on your couch or start walking with your headphones, because once you begin listening to these amazing stories you won’t want to stop.

Start with the Metro Detroit show — of course! — but don’t miss the other cities’ storytellers. One of the true gifts of LTYM is the universal emotions threaded through the individual stories. You never know where you’ll find the video that resonates with you the most. To make your trip down the rabbit hole a little simpler, you can search by name or topic to get started on your Listen to Your Mother journey.

Thank you again to all of the LTYM Metro Detroit 2015 Sponsors! Our show couldn’t go on without your support, and we are so grateful for the connection between storytelling and the Metro Detroit community.

Happy viewing!

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Looking back at LTYM Metro Detroit 2015

by angela on May 13, 2015

The morning of the show, we drove together, as we did so frequently this season: car rides where we planned and dissected and let the conversation shift between Listen To Your Mother and the rest of our lives. The lines separating LTYM from “the rest of our lives” aren’t so clear anymore, and I love that.

Avalon Bakery
Before making our way to Saint Andrew’s, we stopped at the amazing Avalon Bakery. (Lots of A’s this year — Angelas, Andrew’s, Avalon.) They provided lunch for our cast the day of the show, including a vegan chocolate cake they personalized with a megaphone for us. Basking in the sunlight for our few last quiet moments before the rush of show day, we drank coffee. We made last minute phone calls and texts to make sure all of our kids and husbands — six kids between the two of us, but we each only have one husband — were on track to be where they needed to be.
Graffiti podiums
When we arrived at Saint Andrew’s, it felt like home.

Maybe that seems silly, but from the time the Angelas checked out Saint Andrew’s for the first time, with our little preschool boys in tow, we’ve loved it. The vibe, the space, the staff who makes us feel like our production is as valued and rock-star-worthy as the bands that grace its stage the majority of the year.

The graffiti-painted barrels mean a little more to us this year. We spent hours meeting small business owners in the city this season, cultivating sponsor and charity relationships — but doing more than that. We heard their stories, too, stories that aren’t about motherhood, that weren’t on our stage on April 26, but stories that are part of the fabric of our show. We’re still so proud to represent the Metro part of Metro Detroit, but we feel connected to the city of Detroit more than we did last year, and it made our venue feel even more exactly right for our show.

The Angelas toast
We toasted this year’s journey.

While we finalized logistics — and maybe basked in the awe-inspiring moment of an empty theater awaiting our audience — our cast continued getting ready in the dressing room.

They were the embodiment of LTYM.

One of our favorite parts of the show is the weaving together of the individual stories to create a journey through motherhood, the way unexpected beauty and unfathomable pain knit together to show the strength of the human experience. Our cast, our stunning, stellar cast, wove together that way. Friendships formed, and the bond tied together each of the people in the dressing room with the threads of their stories, until those friendships seemed more like family.

The Angelas Post ShowWith a year of production under our belts, The Angelas thought we understood how this year would unfold.

We were wrong.

The stories, the people, our sponsors, the relationships, our charity, the lights and microphones and sequins and prom dresses… each of those things is amazing in its own way, but putting them together, truly feeling and investing in every one of those things over the course of the 2015 season?

Listen To Your Mother is magic.

The Angelas may never be the same, and we are so grateful for that.


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LTYM Metro Detroit is grateful

May 6, 2015

Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit 2015 was a huge success.  Thirteen courageous readers took the stage to share their stories of motherhood. The audience of nearly 400 people in Saint Andrews Hall listened and cheered, laughed and cried, and had “Me Too” moments.  “Me Too” moments are when someone connects with a story and understands because they have a similar story, because they know what it’s like.  These “Me Too” moments are what Listen To Your Mother is all about.  The show is about connecting people through stories, helping people feel less alone and encouraging empathy and compassion. After the show there were hugs and high-fives and flowers and lots of connections.  It was a celebration of being real and being authentic, and being brave enough to tell the stories and connect with others and to feel it all. None of this would have been possible without sponsors that supported this kind […]

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April 21, 2015

Ten years. Ryan and I lived in our Royal Oak home for ten years before selling it. We purchased it before babies, before our wedding, before our engagement, back when we were able to spend late nights at restaurants and bars and lingering evenings drinking coffee on Main Street. Slowly, we made the walls our own with coats upon coats of red paint in the dining room, and our words painting our family’s story onto the walls. We brought our babies home to that house: Abbey to a purple nursery we painstakingly matched to my favorite stripe in her crib bedding, Dylan to a room he only deigned to sleep in for hours at a time. We finally stopped trying when he began climbing out of his crib and wandering to one of our rooms in the quiet hours between midnight and please-sleep-anywhere-just-sleep. Selling it was harder than I expected. Not logistically — […]

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April 20, 2015

1. Who is your favorite TV mom and why? My Favorite TV Mom is Julia (1968-1971 Diahann Carroll). She was a single mother who was widowed because her husband was shot and killed in Vietnam — she was beautiful, smart and strong and I wanted to be her. There are some episodes on YouTube… You’ll see why we watched her in my home when I was a little girl, especially this clip here: 2. Do you have a favorite quotation, book, author, or artist? Who or what is it? “If you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready!” Artist — I have so many, but I’ll name a few. Frida Kahlo because of her strong-willed tenacity. She created by any means necessary. SHE DIED AT 47; I am 47 now until August, and I feel like a chump when I don’t create. Gilda Snowden (1954-2014) is a mentor of mine. I loved […]

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