Madison’s First Rehearsal

by takeylabenton on April 12, 2017

The tissue box was passed around the table Sunday April 2nd. Madison’s table read was full of laughter, tears and supportive hugs, surrounded by the beautiful furniture of The Century House. This is going to be an unforgettable show you don’t want to miss!

Madison’s first table read is always a highlight of the Listen to Your Mother season.


Madison’s 2017 cast share their stores including Ann


The new cast arrived nervous and unsure how their piece fits into LTYM quilt.

They gathered around to take in the nostalgia of the 2017 Grand Finale Season Video.

It was wonderful to watch the magic of Listen to Your Mother work as we all heard the stories read together for the first time. The support and connections built around stories of motherhood at that table is at the heart of LTYM. We are reminded how deeply can we can share commonalities with someone we’ve never met yet and instantly understand them throughs the simple power of their story.


The grand finale season holds special meaning in it’s birthplace, Madison, WI. With a returning reader from one of the earliest shows. We have another returning reader who was in a sister city, Baton Rouge just last year. We have a long time resident and someone brand new to the city. One thing is apparent, there is more that connects us through our stories.


Linda talks about Kajsiab House

We had the pleasure of welcoming Linda who represented the Kajsiab House, this years’ charity. We learned about the wonderful work they are doing in Madison for the Hmong community. Check their story through Journey Mental Health.


Ann and I will continue working on crafting one last quilt for the LTYM Madison show. We know you’ll love it as much as you loved the first one back in 2010 and find connection in the motherhood story of a stranger on stage.

Ann and Takeyla

Ann and Takeyla


Special thank for The Century House for providing the inviting space for us to share our stories.


Megan enjoying a moment on one of the stylish sectionals at the Century House.

Madison, we are crafting another soulful show you won’t want to miss! Until then, get to know our 2017 cast or catch up on previous years via YouTube. Join us at the 8th Madison LTYM show this Mother’s Day at 3pm at the Barrymore-we’ll be sure to pass the tissue. Tickets on sale now at Barrymoreat Happy Bambino, at The Century House Gift Shop and Dragonfly Hot Yoga (Middleton)!!


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