Listen To Your Mother Madison 2017 Supports Kajsiab House Women’s Group

by Ann on April 8, 2017

LTYM’s mission includes supporting parents and communities in both creative and tangible ways. The benefits of LTYM reach beyond the audience and cast, with a portion of the proceeds from all LTYM productions going to local community charitable causes supporting mothers and families.

In Hmong, Kajsiab (Ga shee’ ah) means the relief of stress and tension from worrying about the safety of loved ones.

Kajsiab House is a program of Journey Mental Health Center, Inc. and was developed for and by the Hmong Community, as a place in which Hmong elders and their families can be safe, express and experience culture, increase their understanding and the ability to live successfully within an American cultural context and receive help and treatment for mental health issues. Kajsiab House participants are Hmong refugees, widows of veterans and other adults who have severe health problems from traumatic experiences from their support and service to the United States during the “Secret War” in Laos from 1961 to 1975 and the aftermath in refugee camps.


Kajsiab House’s representative, Linda Aroonsavath has been a volunteer of the Kajsiab House since 2006 when she began her educational journey in the counseling field and was introduced to the Women’s Group. As a first generation U.S Hmong woman, Linda was positively impact by the faces of these strong women when they told their stories, each resilient in her own right, and inspired her with their new outlook of their future here in the U.S. while reaching for recovery to make a difference in their lives. Listen To Your Mother Madison is honored that Linda will speak on behalf of Kajsiab House at our show.

Of the 6,000 Hmong Americans living in Dane County, over 300 are war veterans or widows of veterans. A high percentage of elders live with severe health problems, such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and chronic pain that were caused by their war and refugee experiences. In addition, language, cultural and transportation barriers, as well as unmet social and health problems that social services and health care providers lack the skills and resources to address have complicated their assimilation into American society. LTYM Madison is proud to support the Women’s Group of Kajsiab House.

The Women’s Group of Kajsiab House provides a culturally sensitive and comprehensive program to Hmong elder women participants, a group of individuals who often go unnoticed. The program’s mission is to enhance their road to recovery by providing social support, counseling, education, and interactive activities.

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10% of all Listen To Your Mother: Madison ticket proceeds will go directly to Kajsiab House Women’s Group. We will also fund-raise day of show.

Join us Mother’s Day at the Barrymore! Tickets on sale now!

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