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LTYM Madison: 2015 Auditions and CAST ANNOUNCEMENT

by takeylabenton on February 25, 2015



Century House Audition Selfie

Century House Audition Selfie: Cate, Ann, Takeyla, Darcy, Kasey

LTYM Madison 

Auditions and Cast Announcement


The audition process itself is seemingly very straight-forward. You come in, bare your soul for about 5 minutes, and then wait for decisions to be made. It was like American Idol, only there wasn’t any singing and the ticket to Hollywood is a “CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the LTYM: Madison community” email. As a “judge” I was riding along on an emotional rollercoaster that kept changing speeds with each performer. It was exciting, nerve-wrecking and seriously soul-satisfying all at the same time. When the ride was over I felt as if I learned a lot about life in only a few hours. It was wonderful to share the auditioning and casting experience for the first time with our intern Kasey, and just as fun to write this post together. We all are ecstatic to announce the cast of our 2015 show!


Takeyla: What was your favorite part it all?

Kasey: I think my favorite part of it all was the wide variety of stories. It showed how different everyone’s life is and how many experiences that people have gone through. Sometimes I’m so caught up in what I’m doing, that I forget to stop and look at the people around me. The audition process was a great way for me to slow down and truly appreciate everybody and their stories.

Century House logo

Century House chair


Kasey: Did you prepare for the audition process in anyway?

Takeyla: The main prep for me was coordinating the auditions. There was so much promoting that went on (thanks to Ann and Darcy) even before the auditions were announced that the email requests just seemed to flow in. Thanks to Happy Bambino, we had a warm, inviting space for our Sunday auditions. This year we added a weekday evening audition and The Century House provided the beautiful space. 2014 alum Cate Guggino volunteered for us as a greater, welcoming all our auditioners. As the auditions went on, I began to already envision how could come together.

Happy Bambino sign


Emily Keown and her twins at Happy Bambino

Emily Keown and her twins at Happy Bambino


Takeyla: What sort of inspiration or insight did you gain from the auditions?

Kasey: The greatest insight I got from the auditions process was that putting your stories out in the world can be a very self empowering decision. Even though most people seemed pretty wracked with nerves, they found the strength to continue and I really admire their strength. I have never seen so many strong, insightful, and creative women in a room as a have for the LTYM audition process. I felt truly honored as they were willing to share their personal experiences with us and I felt humbled by their candor. Each story was enticing in it’s own ways and it’s a shame that we couldn’t make room for everyone in the final cast.


Kasey: How difficult was it making casting decisions for you?

Takeyla: It was difficult trying to figure out how to approach it. From the standpoint of a writer and editor, or stage producer?  It ended up being a combination of each. All the stories were unique and heartwarming and it was difficult not to give all the folks who auditioned a hug. It takes bravery to tell your story and I find inspiration in that. There is value in every experience and story that is told. It took time and careful crafting to consider how the stories could come together. We’re all really excited to announce this years show lineup.

Audition table

Thanks to Happy Bambino in Monona for being so welcoming and accommodating. We’d also like to thank The Century House in Middleton for providing the beautifully inviting space for our evening audition. Huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone who generously shared their stories with us. Selecting from such entertaining, moving, and talented storytellers proves a wrenching process we must weather every season.

And now, we are so excited to announce our 2015 Madison cast!! Congratulations to all, thank you to everyone who auditioned and shared your stories. Please join us at The Barrymore Theatre on Mother’s Day!!

Amanda Struckmeyer

Laurel Bastian

Sujhey Beisser

Ann Garvin

Melissa Falcon Field

Beverly Davis

De’Kendrea Stamps

Michelle Wildgen

Eileen Cecile

Danielle Goldsmith

Founder and National Director Ann Imig will emcee and read and Associate Producer Takeyla Benton will read a poem as well.

Tickets on sale now!

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