Join Us at The Barrymore on Mother’s Day 5.11.14 at 3PM!

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We are well into our show season and just want to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful local sponsors for supporting Madison’s 5th anniversary show. We couldn’t do it without you!

Pasqual’s, thank you for jumping in as a new major local sponsor, and for the best southwestern food and margaritas in town!


The Century House, thank you for supplying our beautiful set yet again, and for pushing Ann to finally get a new couch.


Susan Gloss, thank you for your continued support and for bringing a wonderful new book “Vintage,” into the world!


Dragonfly Hot Yoga, thank you for your help and for your gorgeous facilities, dynamite instructors, and for helping Ann relax so her emails are always nice.


Melissa Austin of 2nd Street Photography, thank you for your loyal support and sharing your Mother’s Day with us, capturing the heart and story of our show in such beautiful and evocative photos.


Alvarado Real Estate Group, thank you for providing Madison with a local, family-owned, green-focused realty alternative.

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The Purple Goose, thank you for continuing to partner with LTYM: Madison and for bringing fashionable clothing and accessories at such affordable prices to the Madison area, and all in a delightful boutique setting.


Lakeside Printing Press, thank you for not only assisting LTYM: Madison with affordable printing, but for empowering Madison workers with your co-op structure.


Bunky’s Cafe, thank you for feeding our cast on show day (lucky cast!!) and for the best falafel in Madison!


Half-Pint Resale, thank you for teaming up with LTYM: Madison once again, and for your epic annual kids’ consignment sale. Best thrifting for kids 0-12 years, and happening THIS WEEKEND!


Happy Bambino, the ORIGINAL first-ever LTYM local sponsor, thank you for your help year after year, for serving Madison parents and babies, and for the great audition environment.


and, Elements Massage, thank you for continuing to be a friend to LTYM: Madison for another season.

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Without all of you, we wouldn’t have had this amazing second rehearsal last weekend!


Cate reading her piece while Ann listens attentively


Erin, Jen, Abby, Cate, and Deb also listening

Check out cast member Lisa Bagchi’s post for some great pictures she took at rehearsal.


And as always, we owe our National Media Sponsor BlogHer an enormous debt of gratitude for helping sustain LTYM national year after year.10th Anniv Logo LoRes





Sunday was our first rehearsal for the LTYM Madison 2014 cast. I’ve decided this is my favorite day in the entire Listen To Your Mother season. Yes, even more than show day.

For months before this afternoon in March, four of us spend countless hours preparing, deliberating and creating.

First there is the call for auditions, then weeks of gathering emails into a cohesive schedule, then audition day which is wonderful and utterly exhausting. Next comes deliberation time where we nosh on Trader Joe’s finest and discuss each and every piece. Often times we re-read the pieces out loud to each other, as even though it’s only been a couple days since the auditions you can forget the small treasures which now leave you teary eyed with a resounding “YES!”

Thanks to our loyal returning local sponsor, The Century House, who once again opened their store just for our cast on a Sunday afternoon, providing a beautiful setting for our table read.

Trica Dining Set

There is something so Kumbaya-like about the first meeting of everyone, and especially the introductions. As we go around the table to explain how we got to this very seat at this very table there is already a lot of nodding “Me too!” and “Thank you for saying that…”

ltym 14 rehearsal

Cast member Lisa Bagchi

ltym 14 rehearsal2

Cast member Jenny Fiore

ltym 2014

Cast members from left to right: Cate Guggino, Abby Jakowski, and Erin Hanusa

By the time the first read-through happens, the air feels electric.  Since it’s been a month after our casting meeting, many of these wonderful pieces of work had left the cracks in my brain. To hear them laid out in order of the show, in the voices of these amazing women who wrote these words, I can’t even tell you how many times my skin raised with Goosebumps. Piece after piece I would look at Ann with an expression that said, “Damn lady, we did so good. AGAIN!”

I know we say this every year but I’m saying it once more; do yourself a huge favor and get your butt in a seat at the Barrymore on May 11th at 3pm. Tickets are $15  on sale at, by phone at 608-241-8633 ($1.50 convenience fee), at all Barrymore outlets as well as Happy Bambino, The Century House gift shop, and Dragonfly Hot Yoga Middleton.

This is a special cast of women and I guarantee you will leave the theater better for it.

Note: The Century House is also better for LTYM, as Director Ann Imig took home more than our LTYM stories in her heart that day…

photo (11)

meet Ann’s new couch…


LTYM: Madison Cast Reunion 2014

March 24, 2014

On Thursday, March 13, we gathered in the wine cellar of Porta Bella restaurant in downtown Madison to combine three of the best things in the world: wine, snacks, and wonderful women. 15 of us showed up to have a good time, reunite, and for some people, meet for the first time. We even got an impromptu dance performance from one of our former cast members! Five 2014 cast members got to meet each other and talk with former LTYM women about their thoughts on the show. It was a fun time with a little wine and lots of laughs! Check out more photos from the night below.

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Local Sponsor Spotlight On: Pasqual’s Southwest Restaurants

March 20, 2014

We grew up with Pasqual’s. Did you?   Ann and I nearly jumped for joy when Pasqual’s generously agreed to sponsor our 5th Anniversary 2014 show, and not just because dreams of tacos and margaritas filled our heads. We grew up eating Pasqual’s addictive made-fresh daily chips, guacamole, and salsa, and went to High School with the (now) owner, Ben Roberts. Some of our friends–like Ben himself–found their first jobs at Pasqual’s, and Ann knew to pick her college roommate accordingly. The question was not “Would there be Pasqual’s beans and rice in the fridge?” but rather “How many bites of Maria’s leftovers could she sneak that would remain undetected?” As moms, Pasqual’s Happy Hour made our witching hours a little easier, and now our kids are hooked on their guacamole too, as we dutifully pass the Pasqual’s torch to the next generation of Madisonians. Madison may be known for the Badgers, the […]

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Meet the Cast of LTYM: Madison 2014

March 19, 2014

We are proud and excited to announce our cast of twelve wonderful new women for the LTYM: Madison show this year! Read all about them below. Tickets are already on sale! Click here for full LTYM: Madison show information. Lisa Bagchi Lisa started her blog, Black Panty Salvation, in 2012 and like Miley, she can’t stop. She won’t stop. Wrecking ball. When not documenting every single moment of every single day, she mothers her 4-year-old son Arlo and 1-year-old daughter Farrah Star spectacularly, all while ignoring those goddamned cats.  Prior to becoming a proud Madison Stay-at-Home-Mom, Lisa founded a Fertility Support Group, worked as a Birth Doula, volunteered overseas and served in the Army. Araceli Esparza is from Madison, Wisconsin; her parents were migrant farm workers from Guanajuato, Mexico. She is pursuing her MFA studies with a focus on Children’s literature at Hamline University. Araceli is currently working on a picture book collection. She is a proud parent of […]

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