Brava Magazine’s Madison Women’s Expo invited LTYM: Madison to return to its Dreambank stage at the Alliant Center, this Sunday November 23rd at 12:30 pm. With this entry coupon, you can experience some of LTYM: Madison’s favorite storytellers, enjoy a whole roster of other entertainment and speakers, with eating, drinking, and shopping in between acts.

Our mini LTYM: Madison alumni show will feature:

  • Araceli Esparza, Children’s book writer and poet, reading her poetry about the challenges of being a poor mom, and mothering her younger brother
  • Fabu, a Madison Poet Laureate and playwright, reading  mother poetry spanning three generations
  • Linda Hedenblad, Business Consultant and Improv Comedian, reading “Confessions of a Non-Mom Mom” about her unlikely and later-in-life path to motherhood
  • Abby Jakowski, wife and mother of three, reading “I See You,” relating to moms parenting kids with allergies and special needs
  • Elizabeth Katt-Reinders, policy director at an environmental nonprofit, reading “Grace and Connection” about a random encounter between two exhausted moms.
  • Deb Nies, social media consultant, reading her hilarious “Puberty aka When Things Get Hairy” regaling her daughter’s foray into adolescence.
  •  Sara Williams plans to write her way into old age instead of sitting in a rocking chair. She reads “Connection” about her relationship with her mother

I will emcee this 30 minute program, and then we can go grown-up lady trick-or-treating at all the fabulous exhibitor booths!


Have you heard? LTYM will be in 39 cities in 2015!! Check out our announcement video here:



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Meet Takeyla Benton:

Takeyla Benton, LTYM: Madison Associate Producer

Takeyla Benton, LTYM: Madison Associate Producer

Takeyla wowed us when she walked into our 2013 auditions with her fierce, funny, and poignant poetic voice. She went on to read in our show, and she’s served an ambassador and volunteer for LTYM: Madison ever since.

Last year, Takeyla expressed her desire  to take on a larger role with LTYM, and I’m thrilled to announce her position as LTYM: Madison Associate Producer. Together with Co-Producer Darcy Dederich, Takeyla and I comprise the production team for the 6th annual LTYM: Madison, scheduled for Mother’s Day Sunday May 10th, 2015 at The Barrymore Theatre.

I asked Takeyla a few questions to give us all a chance to know her a bit:

What brought you to LTYM and why have you stayed connected?
I was brought to LTYM in search of rediscovering my poetic voice. I was touched that women were freely sharing their private experiences and it was warmly welcomed by so many. The fact that proceeds benefited local charities* was even more impressive. I stayed connected because of the positive energy and potential to keep bringing people together through words.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you (or might be surprised to know):
I’m slightly obsessed with all things about cosmology, space and alien related (yup I’m a secret sci-fi geek). If me and math were better friends I would have been a cosmologist or astro-physicist.

Who are some of your favorite storytellers?
Generally I think poets are some of the best storytellers. I also dig Stephen King, Walter Mosley, Toni Morrison, Alfred Hitchcock and H.G. Wells.

What are you reading and writing right now?
I just ordered a couple of new books actually: Stephen King’s Dr. Mercedes and someone new to me, James Rollin’s The Sixth Extinction. I’m excited to get started on those!

I’m still working on my first and second novel. I’m a plotter (and compulsive self-editor) so both are completely plotted with notes from beginning to end, I just need to stop editing as I write and perhaps the first drafts can get completed. :)

What inspires you?
Inspires like a muse? Everything honestly. I’ve never had the problem of shortage of ideas or inspiration; time to act on the ideas or confidence in my abilities, for sure all the time but never a shortage of inspiration. People watching is a great generator of idea and so is reading the newspaper.

Please join me in welcoming Takeyla Benton!!

*Local LTYM shows donate 10% of ticket proceeds to a local cause supporting women and families in need, and fund-raise day of show.

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