Join Us at The Barrymore on Mother’s Day 5/10/15 at 3PM!

Tickets on sale now via The Barrymore Theatre, Barrymore outlets,
Happy Bambino, Dragonfly Hot Yoga Middleton,  & The Century House gift shop!

Happy Crappy spring, Madison! You know what’s awesome about 5 inches of snow in March, after all the snow already melted and temps topped out at 70 degrees? NEARLY NOTHING. Pretty much nothing with one giant exception–my savior named Dragonfly Hot Yoga.

Dragonfly’s incredible staff and facilities, bring me peace and keep me warm year round, especially on snowy, frigid, or rainy grey days. I’m pretty sure D’fly saved me from breaking my ankle recently, too. I stepped off a curb wrong and turned my ankle harder than I can ever remember doing. I feared a broken ankle. Not only did my ankle not break, it doesn’t even hurt today, and I’m pretty sure I owe that muscle/joint elasticity and resilience to my yoga practice. The superb coordination? That’s all mine.

Here’s 10 reasons YOU should try Dragonfly Hot Yoga this week:


1. Dragonfly has 2 gorgeous and spotless locations in Fitchburg and Middleton, with two more opening soon (Sun Prairie in May, Downtown in July)!


2. The instructors aren’t just great yogis, they’re great teachers (important distinction) who understand that yoga means more than exercise–it means uniting mind/body/breath/spirit. D’fly instructors help me find and maintain my balance–both inward and outward. Dragonfly creates a safe space to quite literally practice pushing myself and falling over and over, while toying with that balance between pushing myself to my edge while honoring the limits of my body. Best of all, the instructors encourage play–often inspiring me to smile, take myself less seriously, and laugh through the wobbles.

3. Yoga increases flexibility and strength, and yes it’s also an amazing workout using gravity for natural weight-bearing exercise. I’ve been practicing hot yoga at D’fly since they opened four years ago, and my heart-rate still soars in every single class, while the sweat spills off me. Best of all, I leave every class with more peace of mind that when I entered. D’fly offers dozens of butt-kicking classes beyond yoga, including barre, a variety of fitness classes, and intensive workshops.

4. Yoga practice is always a challenge for me, and has been as I’ve practiced for over a decade. Dragonfly Hot Yoga teaches me to stay with discomfort, and shows me I can keep breathing through really tough moments. This practice influences my ability to grow and exist in all areas of my life.

5. D’Fly is a hyper-local woman-owned business that supports Listen To Your Mother: Madison as a hyper-local sponsor (as well as many other organizations doing good work in our community).

6. D’Fly is offering LTYM: Madison fans and friends (who are brand new to Dragonfly) this special discount: LTYM20 for $20 off our intro month (50% off) and LTYM40 for $40 off our 10 class pass (normally $150)!! **Code expires July 1st, 2015.

7. They offer classes in a cool room, too, if heat isn’t your thing.


8.  Plus, they a have lovely tea lounge where you can sit and drink some free tea and relax while your beloved tot plays in D’Fly’s…

9. ON-SITE CHILDCARE!!! Word, moms and dads, word.

10. D’fly offers teacher training, so you can realize your dream of guiding others along this path/making people stay in chair pose sweating profusely while trying to engage their core, keep their hips level, release their jaw tension and definitely not silently curse you.

11 [BONUS!] If yoga just isn’t your thing? Dragonfly recently opened a brand new cycling sister studio called FLYGHT. Check it out.

Thank you Dragonfly for your loyal support of LTYM: Madison!! And for saving my sanity and possibly my ankle!

Tickets on sale NOW via The Barrymore Theatre, Barrymore outlets, Happy Bambino, Dragonfly Hot Yoga Middleton, and The Century House gift shop!

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Every year Listen To Your Mother: Madison hosts a cast party for both new cast members and our alumni from previous seasons. We make new friends, catch up with old friends, and most importantly we bond over our stories–some fit for microphones and audiences, some more suitable for margaritas and roundtable joviality. Last night we gathered at our local sponsor Pasqual’s Cantina Hilldale location for hugs, laughs, and connections interspersed with Pasqual’s famous margs, chips & guac, lemonade and spicy fries.

Madison’s unseasonably warm temps didn’t quite reach outdoor seating levels yesterday, but today’s 70 degree sunny forecast begs for Pasqual’s Happy Hour!


Pasqual’s is a decades-old Madison tradition and a great spot for family-friendly service, a night out with girlfriends, your business/networking function–essentially any community gathering that brings fun together with nachos and tequila. LTYM: Madison thanks Pasqual’s for their loyal support as a returning local sponsor of our Madison show, their hospitality, and especially their menu!!


Join us at The Barrymore Theatre for our 6th annual Listen To Your Mother Madison, Mother’s Day Sunday 5/10/15 at 3PM.

Tickets on sale now at or by phone 241-8864 ($2 convenience fee), at all Barrymore outlets, and at local sponsors Dragonfly Hot Yoga (Middleton location), Happy Bambino, and The Century House gift shop.

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