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Announcing our 2015 cause: Simpson Street Free Press

by takeylabenton on January 27, 2015

Each year, all our LTYM cities choose a local non-profit cause to whom we’ll donate 10% of the ticket proceeds, and fund-raise for on show day. For our 6th annual Madison show, we are excited to announce we have chosen the Simpson Street Free Press.




Simpson Street Free Press is built on ideas and innovation with education, specifically literacy, at its core. Its non-profit model allows room for the students from various backgrounds and those many others consider “at risk” to take initiative to grow into leaders and use the skills they learn in ways that go beyond what they learn as writers and reporters.

SSFP Slogan Wall

SSFP Slogan Wall

They have a multi-mission approach:

Mission #1- Provide a challenging academic experience for the teen writing staff.

Intense academic lesson plans are the backbone of all the SSFP programs. The lesson plans are carried out in an authentic newsroom atmosphere. The student writers learn to research, plan, revise, revise and revise some more before each article is ready for submission. They learn how to organize their ideas and write effective and strong stories. These skills prove to be useful in many other academic areas for the students. Academic progress and grades of all students are monitored, and peer tutors are provided for any subjects in which the students feel they need additional assistance.


SSFP room

Mission #2-Spread a positive message of youth achievement, academic success and community service throughout surrounding areas.

Students writers at SSFP become role models with not only their peers, but in the community as well. There, students of various ages and races work together to build a paper they all can be proud of. Many students who graduate high school have gone back to continue to mentor and work with younger generations at SSFP.

With book clubs, various different news sections including a Spanish paper, it’s no wonder they continue to receive numerous awards and accolades for the work they do with students.

“The Free Press has been instrumental in developing young leaders equipped with the skills to succeed in higher levels of education, and eventually, the workforce. Madison has been fortunate to have such a stellar example of youth initiative and achievement in its own backyard. I know from personal experience the value of the work done by the student writers at the Free Press. I have been interviewed by their reporters several times and I am always impressed by their insight, dedication, and courage.”

– Tammy Baldwin, United States Senator


“Everyone else is talking about it. Simpson Street Free Press is actually doing it.”

– Kaleem Caire, Former President & CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison


“Teaching a kid to read is a laudable and necessary service to the community. Teaching a kid to write is to empower an individual to compete in any field on any stage.”

– Vince O’Hern, Publisher of Isthmus


“This is a group of students that we must continue to nurture and build the partnership. These are students we want at Edgewood college!”

– Daniel Carey, President of Edgewood College


“Nothing gave me more academic self-confidence than when I first saw my byline in the Free Press

– Deidre Green, Former student, now Managing Editor


LTYM: Madison thanks Simpson Street Free Press for all the wonderful work they do, and the value of writing and storytelling they instill in the students who will go on to lead our communities. We invite you to check out more of what they via their website or like them on their facebook page. Be sure to join us show day at the Barrymore, May 10th to help us support this innovative organization!


LTYM: Madison auditions are coming up quickly! Appointments still available through Feburary 5th. Find out all the details here.


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Every year I spend a morning at the university, meeting students interested in becoming an LTYM intern who will work closely with me for a season (both as a part of the Madison production team and assisting me in my role as National Director). This year, Darcy and I met an exceptional group of candidates. The young adults we interviewed prioritized women’s issues and social issues in their lives and work, possessed impressive creative talents, and many of them already had a full resume of accolades and accomplishments. It sounds like an overstatement, but spending time with these students made us feel optimistic about the future leadership of our country–especially leadership by strong, smart, creative women. Add to those qualities a fellow theater-geek, writer, and student (now graduate) activist, and well, we feel like we pretty much won the intern lottery.

Meet Kasey Margelofsky:


bio picture

A recent graduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kasey is exploring her interests in writing, music, and theater. Unable to decide what she likes doing the most, she writes music reviews for UW Madison’s student-run Emmie Magazine, contributes to WORT 89.9 FM’s news program Her Turn, and occasionally volunteers as a stage hand at the University Theater. She is excited to be beginning her post-college life with LTYM and is looking forward to whatever opportunities life may present her with.

I got the pleasure of having coffee with Kasey last week, and I asked Kasey to answer a few questions for the entire internet, so we can learn more about her, together.

1. If you could be doing absolutely anything, anywhere, a year from now, where would you be and what would you be doing? If we’re being realistic, I would be in living in New York City and attending a variety of concerts and Broadway shows while interning for Rolling Stone. If we’re talking about literally ANYTHING, I’d be an international pop star and best friends with Taylor Swift. A person can dream, right?

2. Tell us about one of your favorite teachers. The teacher that I have had that has been my favorite would be my high school Communications teacher, Ms. Guenther. The class was really flexible and she encouraged me to write and create things that I cared about. By doing so, her course was able to expose me to something I loved doing that I was also good at; traits that I still believe to be essential to a future career. The joy I felt while doing projects for that class is what ultimately led to my undergraduate degree in Communication Arts. I want to thank her every day for that.

3. Describe what a super happy day looks like for you. A super happy day for me usually consists of seeing the people I idolize while being with people I care about. Whether it’s a concert, meet and greet, festival, or a show of any sort, I feel incomparable joy when experiencing such a rare opportunity. Not only that, but reliving those moments with friends and family through stories is something that I’ve always cherished.

4. What draws you to LTYM? What drew me to LTYM was it’s expression of womanhood and motherhood as well as its theatrical presentation. Being a fan of theater, I have envied anyone who is willing to go up on a stage and pour their heart out onto it. Watching past performances really moved me, and I wanted to contribute to the production. Additionally, I found it empowering to women through the use of artist expression, which is something I find very important. The performances have also reminded me of my own mother and how strong she is. I love her lots and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Please join me in welcoming Kasey to LTYM. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with you, Kasey!!

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