Madison 2015 LTYMphoto by Melissa Austin


Another amazing year for Listen to Your Mother! We have YOU to thank Madison. You showed up on Mother’s Day, 500 strong, to listen to the stories of love, strength, inspiration, hope and wisdom. You laughed with us, sighed with us, cried with us and hopefully found inspiration to write down your own stories.

LTYM Madison 2015 Cast For BlogPhoto by Melissa Austin. Top left to right: De’Kendrea Stamps, Michelle Wildgen, Amanda Struckmeyer, Eileen Cecile, Melissa Falcon Field, Danielle Goldsmith, Beverly Davis, Sujhey Beisser, Laurel Bastian, Ann Garvin, Takeyla Benton & Ann Imig.


You learned about Simpson Street Free Press and all their efforts to ignite the love of learning in the kids in our community through rigorous writing curriculum. With your help we raised $1300 for this Madison non-profit! Fantastic! If you’re interested in doing more or keeping up with all they do over at Simpson Street Free Press, check out Simpson Street Free Press.

ZCy01R_BqnQ3C864E_ZQ5LeyQELsD-7uoUXrQr6jFhQphoto by Melissa Austin

Because of you Madison, 38 other cities across the country joined us to Listen to their Mothers along with countless others who picked up the highly praised book. None of this would be possible without the love and support of our national sponsors, SheKnows Media #BlogHer15 and Luvs. Our local sponsors, the The Century HousePasqual’s CantinaDragonfly Hot YogaBrava MagazineThe Purple GooseBlack Belt AmericaHappy BambinoHalf-Pint Resale, & Lakeside Press allow us to give Motherhood A Microphone in Madison year after year.

Madison Youth Choir

Thanks to the Madison Youth Choir for sharing their beautiful voices with us all. Thank you to University Book Store for selling so many copies of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now to our audience. Thank you to Barrymore Theatre for providing our Madison LTYM home once again, and to our LTYM Madison alumni & SSFP volunteers: Rebecca Anderson-Brown, Enjoyiana Bonitaa, Cate Guggino, Suzy Grindrod, Deb & Hannah Nies, and Dija & James Manly. Claire Miller, SSFP Design Editor, thank you for such a moving call-to action.

We’re especially thankful to Melissa Austin for all the fabulous photography!

LTYM Madison FamilyLobby for Blog

It goes with out saying-without all of your support and love, we wouldn’t be able to give motherhood a microphone. Ann, Darcy and I are looking forward to planning another amazing show for you next year and hopefully we’ll see you there either in the audience or auditioning to share your own story.

2015 LTYM Ushers

2015 LTYM Ushers Cate, Ana, Rebecca & Suzy

See this summer when all 2015 LTYM videos get released on our channel!


LTYM Madison 2015 Cast by Melissa Austin

Best wishes for continued success and special thanks to our fantastic 2015 intern Kasey Margelofsky (above left, pictured with cast). Good luck in Chicago! We’ll miss you!!

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We’re counting down the days to our 6th annual, 2015 Listen To Your Mother: Madison show!

Can you feel the excitement?


Photo by Melissa Austin

We’ve been preparing for months and can’t wait to for you to experience this year’s playlist of stories. We’re all incredibly grateful for the cast who trusted us with their stories and are gracious enough to share them with you for Mother’s day.

Photo courtesy of Sujhey Beisser

Photo courtesy of Sujhey Beisser


None of what we do would be possible without the outstandingly generous support of all the local businesses that help us keep LTYM going. For instance, photographer Melissa Austin–a busy sales executive and mom who spends her Mother’s Day shooting our show every year.


photo by Melisa Austin

photo by Melissa Austin


We love the charm of the theatre we have the pleasure of using each year and we are thankful for the Barrymore Theatre. My daughter had her first ballet recital there many years ago so it’s nice to return to make more memories.


The stage wouldn’t be complete without the fabulously chic furniture provided by The Century House. They also provide the space for rehearsals and I always feel so comfortable when I’m there. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my new reading chair there-I just need to find some space for it at home. They’re awesome and we’re so thankful for their support.


pasquals marg

So I just discovered this place and I’m obviously sheltered and not sure why no one told me about how great the food and drinks are at Pasqual’s Cantina. Their loyal support is beyond appreciated. Since we’ve gone there for a couple of meetings I have to admit I’ve been back a few other times. Their hot salsa is for real hot- and I love my spicy foods- and they have this sangria/margarita mixed drink… I’m making myself hungry just writing about it. Yum! Thanks Pasqual’s!



I’m looking forward to visiting this place I keep hearing so much about, Dragonfly Hot Yoga. We’re thankful for their support. I’ll have to blog about my first hot yoga experience. Anyone want to join me?



Thank you to our local media sponsor–Madison’s own Brava Magazine–for the April feature, for connecting us with WMTV’s Leigh Mills, and for helping us promote our book and show.



Ann frequents The Purple Goose, and cites this boutique owned by a local mom as one of her favorite places to buy beautiful and affordable clothing.



Do you have high-energy kids? This year Black Belt America signed on as a new local sponsor. Both Ann’s kids participate in their top-notch Black Belt Training program, where they learn discipline and respect along with all those kicks and punches.



Another awesome place that provides space for us is Happy Bambino in Monona. It’s the place to go for new parents. They have adorable baby clothes and a variety of group classes that I wish I had known about when I started my mommy journey.


Half-Pint Resale proves another great resource for local parents. Don’t miss Madison’s largest consignment for kids clothing for ages 0-12, coming up Sept 11-13. Event admission is always free, and the deals will make any thrifty parent swoon.


Thank you to local printer and worker-owned Coop Lakeside Press for subsidizing our beautiful full-color flyers and programs year after year.

MYC_logo_c_300A special shout to Madison Youth Choir for providing a breathtaking finale for our show (I challenge you to keep a dry eye) and to University Book Store for selling our brand new book in the lobby on Sunday.


photo by Anna Palmer of Jennifer Lee Photography

photo by Anna Palmer of Jennifer Lee Photography

As you can see, Listen To Your Mother relies on the generosity of so many people in order to deliver this show to our community. None of our shows would be possible without our national sponsors SheKnows Media #BlogHer15 and Luvs, without whom Listen To Your Mother could not Give Motherhood A Microphone.




Happy Mother’s Day and see you at the show!!

Photo by Melissa Austin

Photo by Melissa Austin


Day of show fundraising plus 10 % of ticket proceeds will be donated to Simpson Street Free Press, Madison’s youth newspaper and rigorous academic program.



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Spotlight on Madison Cast Member: Melissa Falcon Field

May 6, 2015

With this year’s show right around the corner we’re down to our last cast spotlight. We asked Melissa Falcon Field a few questions to learn a  bit more about her… What’s your favorite jam of the 1990s? In the mid-1990s, I took my first overseas trip to study abroad in Oxford, England. There, I was listening to a lot of Oasis, basically playing “Wonderwall” on repeat, fawning over a British violinist, while humming the chorus:“Because maybe/ Your gonna be the one that saves me . . .”—which he was not— that guy, my wonderful husband, Michael Field, came much later, in my early thirties, at the onset of the 2000’s, along with our mutual obsession with live music. Together we attended every show in Boston, where we lived at the time, from the likes of Iron and Wine, to Josh Ritter, Bob Schneider, Sufjan Stevens. We blared Biggie Smalls and Nas’s “The World is Yours” from our tiny apartment […]

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Spotlight on Madison Cast Member: Danielle Goldsmith

May 2, 2015

What is the one thing you never had that you want for your kids? Although I’m sure I didn’t know it at the time, I had everything I needed growing up. For my kids, I hope I can give them everything they need as well. I know there will likely be battles about $200 shoes or a certain pair of jeans … but, the things they really need – love, understanding, patience – these things are what I strive to provide every day.  Who is your role model, and why? As I thought about this question, I realized I’ve had several role models throughout my life, each one impacting me at a certain time and shaping me to be the person I am today. As for right now, my role model is my husband. He’s doing so much for our family and I know I don’t thank him nearly as often as I […]

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Spotlight on Madison Cast Member: Michelle Wildgen

April 29, 2015

Starting off this week’s cast spotlight is Michelle Wildgen! Michelle answered a few questions for us so we could learn more about her… How do you spend your free time? I cook an awful lot, enough that I have to start admitting it qualifies as entertainment. But life is usually better if you’re eating weekday cake, so I feel all right about it. I also do a lot of sleepy bedtime reading and walking with my daughter to see if the ice cream stand has opened for the season yet. What are your lifelong dreams? I want to keep writing novels and pushing myself with each one. I hope my daughter grows up healthy and open-minded, and that my husband and I manage to remember how to travel again one of these days. And then I have bigger goals beyond our little family–social justice goals, education goals, universal access to reliable birth control […]

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