ANN IMIG is the founder of the live-reading series and video sharing company LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER and editor of the acclaimed anthology LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now (Putnam Books, 2015). A Stay-At-Home Humorist, Ann’s writing has been featured on sites like CollegeHumor, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Huffington Post and The Washington Post. National TV appearances include, NBC Nightly News and the webseries Battleground and The Louise Log. Ann’s blog ( has been named a Babble Top 100 Mom Blog, A BlogHer Voice of the Year, and a SheKnows Top 5 Funniest Mom Blog. Ann lives with her husband and children in Madison, Wisconsin.

aboutaviSARABETH JONES Little Rock Director – Sarabeth is a creative at Fellowship North who enjoys all kinds of artistic work: writing, directing, acting, design, photography, and the occasional flash mob. She lives in Sherwood with her husband, Bryan, and their kids, Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Will. She loves to write about they way they make her laugh, whether they are traveling the world or living the #DogtownLife at home. She blogs at – where life is series of scenes: some with fabulous costumes, some with witty lines, and some that should probably be edited out. [LTYM 2013 performanceTwitterInstagram]

Kerri web-1KERRI JACKSON CASE Little Rock Co-Director – Professionally, Kerri has been an award winning reporter, accredited PR professional, results-driven public affairs practitioner, legal drug peddler and college professor. Personally, she’s consumed massive quantities of caffeine, thrown fabulous parties, organized my kid’s homeroom like nobody’s business, mixed fantastic cocktails and possibly, not even once, parked legally. Despite her Southern upbringing, she was never able to twirl a baton. She lives in Little Rock with her husband, son and two smelly dogs. If you’re around at supper time, she’ll feed you. You can follow her ordinary, yet thoroughly entertaining life at [LTYM 2012 performance, Twitter]


KYRAN PITTMAN Little Rock Co-Director – Kyran is an author, magazine writer, and 2012 Babble Top 50 Mom blogger. She lives deep in the heart of suburban America with her husband and three sons, chronicling their adventures at She was a cast member of the first LTYM production in Arkansas. [LTYM 2012 performance, Facebook]


donnaDONNA HALL Little Rock Producer – Donna is at her best when she’s behind the scenes, pulling strings together – helping all the different pieces weave into something beautiful. In other words, she knows a LITTLE about a LOT of things and likes to help people SHINE.  She does this for a living at Fellowship North, leading the Creative Arts team.  She learned many of these skills teaching in the drama department at North Little Rock High School back in the day.  She’s also the mother of three boys who have become men and is enjoying being a mother-in-law for the first time.  A Dogtown native through and through, she’s excited to be on the LTYM team. [TwitterInstagram]

Jessi Duncan - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Duncan Little Rock Cast – Jessi Duncan is a professional mom. Her adoring fans have been known to crawl into bed with her at night. Jessi’s favorite things in order are her faith, her husband, her three boys, and cheese dip. Her least favorite things are Facebook idiocy and Satan but not in that order. Jessi loves research and statistical analysis especially when it is about child development or family life. She studied Early Childhood Education and Family Sciences at Brigham Young University. While at BYU she served as assistant director of the BYU International Preschool and assistant teacher of gymnastics. She also designed curriculum and taught parenting classes in Spanish as a volunteer for United Way. She enjoys talking politics as long as you aren’t prone to Facebook idiocy. She reads way too much and eats even more than that. She enjoys writing because it is her way of sharing her truth.

Elizabeth Harrell - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Harrell Little Rock Cast – Elizabeth Harrell is an office drone and author. Her book, My (not so) Storybook Life was published in 2011. Her blog projects have been featured in At Home In Arkansas, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, and Better Homes and Gardens. She blogs about her life at Can’t Never Could. She lives with her daughter Jane and their eerie-eye-contact-making fish Flotsam. 


Martha Lauster - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Lauster Little Rock Cast – Martha Lauster comes from a long line of mothers, and she has always been grateful to and for them; her appreciation of the mothers who came before only grew once she became a mother herself, as one might imagine.  She works hard at her day job, and she works even harder to be the mother her children need, the friend her friends are to her, and the partner that her beloved partner deserves.  She is currently in the process of moving through Kubler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief as her children grow older and prepare to become independent adults and, perhaps eventually, the partners of mothers.  In her spare time, she enjoys being outside and filling her life with words of all sorts.

Kimberly Mitchell - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Mitchell Little Rock Cast – Kimberly Mitchell loves journeys, real or imagined. She has traveled to five continents, speaks four languages and holds Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and International Relations from the University of Arkansas and a Master’s degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Pine Manor College. Kimberly writes middle grade adventures and is represented by Marlene Stringer of the Stringer Literary Agency. She lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband and the best souvenir she ever found, a Yemeni cat. Find out more about Kimberly and read her blog at Follow her on Twitter @KSMitch17.

Celeste Payne - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Patrice Little Rock Cast – Celeste Patrice is a speaker, writer and youth advocate. She is the founder of Love Notes, a weekly empowerment call designed to teach women how to move past the pain, discover their passion, embrace their authenticity and walk in their purpose. Celeste really enjoys teaching people how to win using everyday lessons coupled with the word of God. Celeste is also a master baker and the owner of Lip Smacking Goodies, a small bakery specializing in old fashioned homemade desserts just like your granddaddy used to make. Celeste lives in Sherwood, Arkansas and is currently finishing her first book.

Jen Pyron - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Cobb Pyron Little Rock Cast – Jennifer Cobb Pyron is the Director of Communications & Planning at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation, where she directs the communications and strategic planning efforts of the fundraising staff. She was previously editor of Little Rock Soiree and publisher/editor of Little Rock Family, both publications of Arkansas Business Publishing Group. Prior to returning to her hometown of Little Rock, she worked in public relations and communications for a variety of nonprofits in Montgomery, Alabama. Jennifer is the proud mother of Charles Jr. (14) and Emily (11). She’s a self-proclaimed wannabe rock star, part-time comedian and hot mess. She recently returned to personal blogging to tell her own story after years of telling everyone else’s stories. Her blog, JennCobbNito, is about revealing herself to the world as a work in progress, as a messy, imperfect human trying to figure out this thing called life. It’s her gift to herself, but she hopes readers will enjoy it, too.

Kris Redenius - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Redenius Little Rock Cast – Kris Redenius is a stay-at-home-mother of five and an Air Force wife. She is the author of Welcome to Christianity: Born Again 101. She is a proud Iowa native, but the Air Force has enabled her and her family to call Texas and Arkansas “home” as well. Thanks to her time living in the south, she now enjoys porch sittin’, sweet tea, and the word “y’all”. Kris loves teaching for the women’s ministry at her church, blogging for a local fashion boutique, and laughing. Laughing is important.

Matthew Reed - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Reed Little Rock Cast – Matthew Reed is bald. He lives in North Little Rock with his wife, a brilliant and lovely fellow pedant. Together they have produced two quite tolerable children whose mirroring of their own behavior has led to a self-imposed ban of the word “actually” from their home. Mr. Reed spends his day probably much like you do: selling his labor (software development, in his case), parenting, running errands, and looking around at the piles of things in his home while rocking back and forth and holding himself. He is not a mother, but he thinks they’re pretty great. You can find him online at The Tool Shed.

Lakey Goff Sanford - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Goff Sanford Little Rock Cast – Lakey was born under the white stars of December on the winter solstice of nineteen seventy three. Her name means Little Blue lake. She writes of her time on a commune as a baby, to the mission field, to her struggle with Bipolar, her recovery from drugs and alcohol, failed marriages, motherhood and her her spiritual journey of moving from the dark into the light. Lakey writes of the long, arduous journey of of awakening to The Divine and dying to self, stories of survival in the midst of self destruction. She weaves tales of beauty and redemption from the funeral pyre. Lakey writes at littlebluelake.

Crady Schneider - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Schneider Little Rock Cast – Crady Schneider is a wife to pediatrician Brad, and mother to Cooper, who has special needs, and Semmes. She lives with her family in Little Rock, where she spends her days wrangling toddlers and being thankful for having friends that keep her sane. She loves vacations, dinners with friends, and a hoppy IPA at the end of the day. She hates kids’ TV shows, people who park in handicap spots when they aren’t handicapped, and tomatoes. Check out her blog at OutMANned: Living Life with my Three Guys.

DeannaSmith - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Smith Little Rock Cast – Deanna Smith is a slightly sassy mother of five kids, ranging in age from twenty-one to two. Although she has Bachelor’s degrees in both Spanish and Professional & Technical Writing, she currently only uses them to sing along with Dora the Explorer and compulsively correct the grammar of others while she stays home with her two youngest children. Deanna has discovered that attention deficit disorder can be a fun, meandering journey of creativity, but she has also learned that depression flat out stinks. She firmly believes you can never have too much of a good thing—especially if either of those things are naps or chocolate.

Teriney Tobler - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | Tobler Little Rock Cast – Teriney Tobler is a mother to four wild and crazy kids and wife to one Joe. Originally from Arizona, she has lived in Arkansas for the almost ten years. She loves the warmth of summer and the cool taste of Coke Zero. She spends her days teaching her kids, working for Arkansas Virtual Academy and cooking and sewing for others. Her goal this year is to learn to say, “no” more often. Although she will probably end up saying, “sure, absolutely, no problem.”

Anthony Valley - Cast of Listen To Your Mother, Little Rock 2015 | K. Valley Little Rock Cast – Anthony (also called Valley or AK) has a mom, but is in fact not a mom. To make up for that shortcoming, he is the husband to Stacey (LTYM LR ’14 alumna), the father to four daughters, and is disliked by the family dog (female). During the day, AK works with the customer experience methodology as a database professional in Enterprise Marketing at Windstream. Happiness is his livelihood. What’s the secret to AK’s success? He accepts that he’s a broken man fully redeemed by Jesus. In response to this love, AK serves Christ imperfectly everyday. AK helps our homeless neighbors, mentors at-risk students, and often takes missions trips. AK serves as an Elder, musician, student leader, and actor at Fellowship North. [TwitterInstagramFacebookBlog]