The Little Show That Could (LTYM-Lehigh Valley 2016)

May 24, 2016

  It takes a while to process all the time, effort, love and stories. In this case it’s been one month to the day and we can finally sit and tell you all about the show. Or maybe, just perhaps, words will escape us again. Over and over I tell people who ask about the LTYM show that I can’t explain it you must experience it. And that is true of this year especially. These stories were the kind that you think about long afterwards, stories that change your mind and perception, stories that remind you of your own story. For the eleven men and women who took the stage to share theirs the only words I have are THANK YOU. Thank you for your bravery, your strength, your story. I know that it changed every person in that audience and I hope it gives you pride, every day, to know that. Thank you […]

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Meet the 2016 Lehigh Valley Cast- Lisa Listwa

April 21, 2016

  Lisa Listwa is wife to David, mother to Abigail, and reluctant owner of three Rotten Cats, Edgar, Thelonius, and Marley. Her eclectic career history includes being a legal secretary, member of the human resources staff for a calendar company, editorial assistant at a publishing house, and program director and assistant martial arts instructor, before finally discovering her calling to teach. She taught high school English and Journalism for fourteen years. And that was a very good thing…until it wasn’t. Much as she thought she would never want to be a stay-at-home mother, Lisa found the pull to be present for her daughter undeniable. After debating the wisdom of it for several years, a series of circumstances occurred that could be interpreted as nothing less than a clear indication that the time was now. Inspired by the words of Henry David Thoreau, – “I left the woods for as good a reason as […]

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Meet the 2016 Lehigh Valley Cast: Jennifer Graney

April 20, 2016

  To say that Jennifer is “Bawsy” is likely an understatement. She came from a single parent home in Northern Florida where she was often put in charge, and over the years she kind of just stayed that way. Jennifer has one brother who is seven years younger who was a definite victim of her strong willed ideas and opinions. In college, like most young wandering souls Jennifer had a hard time deciding what to do with her life. She loved science and adored creative writing yet repeatedly found herself torn between the starry eyed world of writing and the practical world of nursing. She took every creative writing course her college offered but ultimately felt it best to “play it safe” in the world of nursing. Now after nurse of 20 years Jennifer has managed to meld her two loves as she owns her own legal nurse consulting practice and writes technically […]

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Meet the 2016 Lehigh Valley Cast: Anne Schmalzigan

April 19, 2016

Anne Schmalzigan is from a tiny little town in the Catskills called Hobart – not where the school is (because that’s in Geneva) but a tiny little town with no traffic lights and more cows than people.  The sign on the way into the town says: Welcome to Hobart The Best Dammed Village in the Catskills Population 575 Elevation 1600 Settled 1788 Total 3963   HUH?!  Yes, it’s a little upstate humor.  Someone thought it was a good idea at one time, but they took it down years ago.  Today Hobart is termed ‘Book Village of the Catskills’ and is home to numerous used book stores, antique shops and B&B’s.  But to Anne, Hobart will always be home.  That little town in upstate New York is where Anne found her lifelong best friend Kristin Parenteau, fell in love for the first time and has her fondest memories of her family. Anne ran around […]

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Meet the 2016 Lehigh Valley Cast: Joanna deJesus Fenicle

April 18, 2016

  Joanna de Jesus-Fenicle is a first generation Filipina-American.  Born in Baltimore, she moved to Bethlehem at 3 years old, with her parents, little sister, and baby brother.  Her dad was a Civil Engineer with Bethlehem Steel, and her Mom was a stay at home mom.  Her parents then had two more girls and 2 more boys. Arts and culture were very important to her parents.  So Joanna’s childhood was filled with music, some art classes, books, and 12 years of piano lessons.  But good grades and being the top of the class were the biggest expectations from her Asian parents.  So she was smart, musical, and a very shy nerd.  Joanna was supposed to be the doctor in the family.  She applied to Lehigh and was admitted into a six year medical program.  But in freshman year, Joanna realized this was her parents’ dream, not hers.  So she earned a Bachelor’s in […]

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