The Little Show That Could (LTYM-Lehigh Valley 2016)

by kirstenpiccini on May 24, 2016

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It takes a while to process all the time, effort, love and stories. In this case it’s been one month to the day and we can finally sit and tell you all about the show.

Or maybe, just perhaps, words will escape us again. Over and over I tell people who ask about the LTYM show that I can’t explain it you must experience it. And that is true of this year especially. These stories were the kind that you think about long afterwards, stories that change your mind and perception, stories that remind you of your own story.

For the eleven men and women who took the stage to share theirs the only words I have are THANK YOU. Thank you for your bravery, your strength, your story. I know that it changed every person in that audience and I hope it gives you pride, every day, to know that.


Thank you so much to Steel Stacks and their wonderful staff again this year for giving us this incredible venue to tell the stories. To Zeke and Parker who captured our moments. To the families, friends and surprise visitors who came from every corner of our lives to share that day with us we are humbled, happy and grateful. To Fran who gave us beautiful programs. To Ann Imig and the staff of LTYM National for your vision, your encouragement, your dedication to this beautiful community and show.

Thank you so much to Third Street Alliance for Women and Children, our charity partner, for attending and making the lives of so many of our neighbors better with your daily work. We are so honored to have you as part of the LTYM-Lehigh Valley family. Alisa and Kim, you are exceptional women doing exceptional work.


Kristina and I are just thankful for the opportunity to give voice and stage to these stories. THANK YOU Lehigh Valley for listening again this year.


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