Meet the Cast- LTYM-Lehigh Valley 2017- Kimberly Rivera

by kirstenpiccini on March 27, 2017

LTYM LV Kimberly

Until a few years ago, Kim actually believed that there were people out there who wrote these bios – mysterious, behind-the-scenes folks to whom you gave all the most important, relevant facts of your life so they could write a bio highlighting your sheer genius. The joke was on her!  She found out those mysterious writers don’t exist – you write your own damn bio! So…enough of this third person. 😉 She…uh…I wrote this bio and first person starts now…

Leader. Coach. Professional Speaker. Administrative Assistant. Executive Director. Fast Food Worker. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian. Mom. Daughter. Friend. Wife…then Ex-Wife ;), Ever-evolving Spiritual Warrior.  These are some of the many roles I’ve played (and some I continue to play) during my time on this planet.

I see myself as a verb, a constantly evolving soul rather than a static noun that never changes.  As a result, I have carved a winding path through life with a few harrowing twists and turns and many adventures along the way, but I know that path is the perfect one for me.  It’s exactly what my soul needs to evolve and grow.

I believe that who I am, how I show up in the world and how I treat others is way more important than how I pay my bills, what job title I have at the moment, how much stuff I own or how much money I have in the bank.

I have been known to take large leaps of faith to pursue things I am passionate about and to give generously to others in unique ways by serving as a surrogate and most recently donating a kidney.

I’ve worked as an administrative assistant at Reading Area Community College, taught English in Mexico, and founded the non-profit Girls on the Run program in Berks County.

I’m currently evolving into new potential which isn’t completely clear yet but definitely involves getting out of my head and into my heart/body and using my unique skills to serve others deeply.  In the meantime, I’m serving as the Assistant Director of my local Huntington Learning Center and creating a blog to integrate new understandings of spirituality and consciousness.  You can find my blog, Humanly Divine, at

I love reading, hiking, music that moves me or makes me want to move, running with friends, taking road trips with my 13-yr old daughter, and eating WAY more than the recommended serving of ice cream.



Come and hear Kimberly, along with our other extraordinary storytellers, on Sunday, April 30th at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA for Listen To Your Mother-Lehigh Valley 2017 benefiting the YWCA of Bethlehem .  

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Introducing the Cast of LTYM-LEHIGH VALLEY 2017 !

by kirstenpiccini on March 10, 2017

LTYM 2017 Auditions


On Saturday, March 4 & Sunday, March 5th, Kirsten and I had the privilege to listen to countless women come and read their stories.  Their stories transcend the journey of motherhood and we are always honored to listen to them.

It didn’t take long to know we had a cast and a special kind of story journey to take you on this year.  These stories are amazing and I know everyone will find a relatable story or two when they listen.

Our show is full of some amazing people and storytellers.

Please welcome our cast of LTYM-Lehigh Valley 2017 :

Erika Bruckner

Megan Crume

Roey Ebert

Eileen Gentile

Alyssa Mierta

Kimberly Rivera

Bridget Schneider

Dana Schwartz

Elise Seyfried 

Shanna Wiedl

Betsy Woytovich

Laurel Youse

News and details about ticket sales COMING SOON!

Come and join us on this this journey to Motherhood April 30th at Steel Stacks in Bethlehem.


CONGRATULATIONS to our spectacular cast!

(Many thanks again this year to our local sponsors Arts Quest and The Banana Factory for always giving us such an incredible, inspiring place to hold auditions.)

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LTYM- Lehigh Valley- Auditions are OPEN!

February 16, 2017

The Listen To Your Mother -Lehigh Valley  2017 show has a home. Our show will return to the Steel Stacks- Red Cinema on Sunday, April 30th at 2PM.  Kristina and I are so thrilled to be working with the amazing people and staff of this historic organization again for our finale show.  We apologize for the long delay in announcing our auditions. But we’re so excited to share this news with you and we hope that you’ve been writing and preparing to meet us. Auditions for our show which will take place at The Banana Factory on Saturday, March 4th from 10am- 3pm and Sunday, March 5th  from 1pm- 5pm.    We know you’ll have many questions and here are some general answers to them: Do I have to be female or a certain age to read? Nope. But your story does have to primarily focus on some aspect of motherhood. Motherhood is the star of […]

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JOIN US THIS SPRING IN 33 CITIES! Listen To Your Mother returns to the Lehigh Valley for our 3rd and final show on Sunday, April 30th, 2017!

November 8, 2016

  Third. 3rd. Three happens to be my favorite number. A number of charms and wishes come true. Three years ago our wishes, mine and Kristina’s, came true when we learned that the Lehigh Valley would be home to a Listen to Your Mother show.  We would be the women in charge of bringing the stories to an audience of family, friends, peers and community.  We met amazing people, learned so much about our communities and the organizations that bring help and light to them, and  we grew a friendship. We can’t wait to make our  2017  show an amazing ending to a true dream come!   How can you be a part of this epic, North American celebration of our mothers/our caretakers, and ourselves ? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter (yup, just once per month–no spam here) for updates about auditions, ticket sales for our live shows, book news, and alumni news […]

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Listen To The #LTYM-Lehigh Valley Videos on YouTube!

July 18, 2016

  It was a magical day in April, when the women and men of the Lehigh Valley came together to witness these eleven stories. If you missed it this year now is your chance to see them. From the heartfelt, to the heartbreaking to the heartwarming. Kristina and I invite you to sit awhile and listen.   LTYM-Lehigh Valley 2016 on YouTube:   This year, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER gave motherhood a microphone in 41 cities — over 500 stories told, with thousands of live-listeners in audiences across the U.S. and Canada. With heartfelt thanks and enormous gratitude to our 2016 cast and production team, and to our North American sponsors SheKnows #BlogHer16, and Luvs. And a giant thank you to our local sponsors, IDreamMachine Photography, American Printing and Arts Quest/Steel Stacks. We also invite you to experience voices from our shows all across North America featuring powerful true stories that capture all facets of contemporary parenting (as well […]

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