LTYM- Lehigh Valley- Auditions are OPEN!

by kirstenpiccini on February 16, 2017

The Listen To Your Mother -Lehigh Valley  2017 show has a home.

Our show will return to the Steel Stacks- Red Cinema on Sunday, April 30th at 2PM. 

Kristina and I are so thrilled to be working with the amazing people and staff of this historic organization again for our finale show.  We apologize for the long delay in announcing our auditions. But we’re so excited to share this news with you and we hope that you’ve been writing and preparing to meet us.

Auditions for our show which will take place at The Banana Factory on Saturday, March 4th from 10am- 3pm and Sunday, March 5th  from 1pm- 5pm. 

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We know you’ll have many questions and here are some general answers to them:

Do I have to be female or a certain age to read? Nope. But your story does have to primarily focus on some aspect of motherhood. Motherhood is the star of the show and we want to hear stories about it from every angle, every perspective. So you don’t have to be a mom to read. You just have to have a story about motherhood in your life that needs to be told.  We welcome people from all walks of life because we are as varied as our stories.

Does my story have to be serious? Absolutely not. It can be, of course. We are looking for a variety of stories. Make us laugh, cry, and everything in between. Bring your heart. If you are cast, it will be to read the piece you read at audition.

What if the work I want to read is previously published? That’s fine, as long as you retain full rights or have express permission to read the work for this event.

I am not an experienced writer or speaker. Even better!  We want everyday stories from people who speak from the heart and the soul. Experienced writers and speakers, are of course welcome to submit as well but there is no prerequisite in place. Sometimes the best stories come from people who didn’t even realize how much they had to say. This is your moment to take a chance!

What if I am not active on the Internet? That’s fine as well. While social media and Internet presence is more common these days, it is not a prerequisite to participating, even though we do ask if you have a blog or twitter account in the audition sign up form. (Those questions are not required answers!)

I’m nervous!  Those butterflies you’re feeling? The kind that tell you, deep down, that you have something you want and need to share? Bring those!  We can tell you lots of stories about our own experiences with auditioning for the show or impart the stories of others but this is what you need to remember; Every thing that makes your piece good and right and worthy comes from that nervous place in you. We’ll do our best to put you at ease and listen as you share that part of yourself with us. Pinky promise.

How long should my piece be? Pieces must be approximately 3-5 minutes long when read aloud. (of course we offer a little give and take on both sides of that)

If you’d like to see some of our cast and their incredible readings from last year you can watch them here:



If cast you’ll need to attend two rehearsals before the actual show (those dates are pending) and be available from about 12pm-5pm on Sunday, April 30th.

We cannot wait to meet you, to hear your stories, to share this journey with you and bring it once again to the people of the Lehigh Valley.

So all that’s left to do now is fill out this form:

LTYM 2017 Audition Form. 



We’ll see you soon!

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To watch our 2017 announcement video, CLICK HERE!




Three happens to be my favorite number. A number of charms and wishes come true.

Three years ago our wishes, mine and Kristina’s, came true when we learned that the Lehigh Valley would be home to a Listen to Your Mother show.  We would be the women in charge of bringing the stories to an audience of family, friends, peers and community.  We met amazing people, learned so much about our communities and the organizations that bring help and light to them, and  we grew a friendship.

We can’t wait to make our  2017  show an amazing ending to a true dream come!


How can you be a part of this epic, North American celebration of our mothers/our caretakers, and ourselves ?

Subscribe to our monthly newsletter (yup, just once per month–no spam here) for updates about auditions, ticket sales for our live shows, book news, and alumni news from hundreds and hundreds of amazing creative women and men who’ve graced our stages. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. As we anticipate 2017, enjoy 2000 videos from past seasons on our LTYMShow YouTube channel.

Thank you for helping us give Motherhood a Microphone, telling even more of your stories. WE CAN’T WAIT!!





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