2010 Show

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER (LTYM) was created by Stay-at-home-humorist Ann Imig, and premiered on Mother’s Day 2010 at The Barrymore Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin. A blogger since 2008, Ann wanted her real-life community to experience the sharing of motherhood stories pervasive among women who write online. A former actress and Masters in Social Work, Ann hoped that by giving local writers a chance to share their stories–aloud on stage before a live audience in a well-produced event–a new way to celebrate Mother’s Day as a community might emerge: A celebration of the beauty, the beast, and the barely rested of motherhood.


Nearly 300 people–and four generations of women and their families–streamed into The Barrymore that Mother’s Day, and the Wisconsin State Journal featured LTYM on the front page. Laughter and energy filled the theater, as well as tears of joy and sorrow as the audience bore witness and twelve women gave voice to their stories.



2010 Cast Front row: Lael Sheber, Shawnee Parsil, Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz, Becky Sewell, Kaye Becker, Erin Ruzicka Trondson, Theresa Kim, Erin Clune , Dana Maya. Back row: Oroki Rice, Ann Imig, Amy Recob and Darcy Dederich

Happy Bambino sponsored the event, and 10% of all proceeds went to The Road Home Dane County: Solutions for homeless families. This donation set a precedence of giving to local non-profit causes, which became part of LTYM’s mission for every future production and event.

Listen To Your Mother launched a national Mother’s Day movement. By posting the video online in its entirety, LTYM reached a global audience and garnered a huge response. Bloggers wanted to know how they could bring LTYM to their community in 2011.