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by Judy on April 29, 2015

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Judy and her Crew

The 2014 Cast

The 2014 Cast

Judy and I have been friends now several years. I’m so glad the Internet brought us together!

After reading her bucket list below, I’m very glad that our paths have crossed in central Indiana, because it sounds like she’s got a lot of wanderlust to resolve.

I love working with Judy; her energy and enthusiasm is balanced with incredible insight and compassion. So much of the show has been her vision, and it’s my privilege to help bring those visions to fruition. I can’t wait to revel what we’ve been working on this year on May 3rd!

This is Judy’s fourth season with Listen to Your Mother. She began as a cast member, and has been giving motherhood a microphone ever since.

Judy was in the 2012 Northwest Indiana cast. She also read in 2013 and 2014, in addition to co-producing and directing Listen To Your Mother Indianapolis.

What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could?

I don’t have much downtime, and I’m partly to blame for this. I like to experience life, so I tend to go full-throttle. Slowing down is a goal of mine, to make more time and to appreciate it.

I enjoy the quiet spaces, and the textures of nature.  I’m a passionate traveler who loves to immerse herself in culture and distant ancient places (I am an anthropologist.) I get lost in these spots. My soul fills up.

What are the top five items on your bucket list?

  • Machu Picchu
  • Take my son back to visit and appreciate his Maya heritage in Guatemala (So, of course a second visit to mind-blowing Tikal)
  • Take my daughters back to China to visit and appreciate their birth heritages. (We might need an entire summer…)
  • Move to Italy, because I can never get enough of her, after my kiddos are out of the nest. (This will be a great base for my other European and African travel.)
  • Join the Peace Corps for a few years, or an organization where we can give back intensively. My husband agreed to this, after the kids our out of the nest.

Describe motherhood.

Motherhood encompasses the richest, most humbling experiences. I welcome some and drag my feet on others. Being a mother has jettisoned me into a new realm of knowledge, compassion, and empathy I never dreamed possible.

The work I do—coaching and supporting parents who have adopted and adopted their families, and writing and books, What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween and Writing to Heal Adoption Grief: Making Connections & Moving Forward, result from my experiences as a mom to a blended multiracial family created through adoption and birth.

Where do you hail from, if not from Indiana, how did you end up here?

I’m a Chicago girl. And even though I married a Hoosier boy 25 years ago and have reconciled to living in Indiana, I am still in my heart-of hearts that girl.

Describe your mother in 3 words.  

Only three? Hm. Wise, warm, wonderful.

What’s your idea of a perfect parenting day/experience?

My perfect parenting day is watching my crew of four, along with my husband—ages 22 (son), 17 (daughter), 15 (daughter), and 13 (son)—hang out and enjoy one another. They are my pride and joy.

Hey, Indianapolis area folks! What are you doing to celebrate your mother or motherhood this May? Join us! Tickets here. Or call the Indiana Historical Society box office at (317) 232-1882.

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