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Introducing Cast Member Margie Worrell

by Judy on April 27, 2015

Margie Worrell (1)Margie auditioned because she thought she was in a time of her life where she wasn’t so afraid of taking risks, for one thing. She is starting to realize that “Life is short” is more than just a phrase that we banter about. In her wisdom she shares, “Sometimes you have to jump in with both feet! The other reason, and probably the more important reason is that my children are the reason I am alive today. They have given to me in ways I cannot explain and I wanted to share this with others.”

Margie, we’re glad you took the risk. Michelle and I were, of course, thrilled to have confirmation of the power of our posters!

Why did you audition?

I auditioned kind of on a whim! I was in Starbuck’s waiting for my son to finish his music composition class at Butler, when a poster caught my eye. It was for a show called “Listen To your Mother.”

I thought, “Cool poster…good advice.” I read it and saw that they wanted people to write about motherhood. And in that moment, I decided… I wanted to do this! So instead of doing my work (which was my plan), I pulled out my laptop and started writing. I felt like this piece was already inside of me, waiting to come out. And the rest is, as they say, history…or HER-story! (Sorry, bad one, I know!)

What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could?

I wish I could travel, study painting, exercise regularly and learn another language. What I currently do in my downtime is chauffeur, proofread college essays and high school compositions, help my young budding Broadway star rehearse lines, and enjoy the heck out of time with my family. We do travel some and I dabble in painting and dabble very little in exercising. The foreign language is still a far-off dream for me. C’est la vie!

Describe motherhood.

Motherhood is the most demanding, tiring, challenging job you will ever love. (A nod to the Peace Corp!) It is the ultimate in Yin and Yang. There are so many amazing gifts that are given to mothers in due course, but not freely, not without the work you put into it. I think we all have seen the pride and love in the eyes of a mother as her child climbs onto that big yellow bus, or graduates or walks down the aisle on a wedding day; but those moments would not be possible without the care and guidance that she provided day in and day out. So, motherhood is a precious chore, the ultimate emotional marathon and a journey I would not trade for anything.

Describe your mother in three (3) words.

My mother Martha: Loyal, loving and listening.

Tell us about your family…

My family provides me with moments of joy, hilarity, exhaustion and comfort. We do so many fun things together: hiking, board games, camping and vacations just to name a few. My family is my inspiration for trying new things and continuing to go when I am sure I can’t do it. They are intelligent and are constantly challenging me and teaching me new and interesting things. I truly enjoy the time I carve out to spend with them. I selfishly wish I could have more of that time.

Hey, Indianapolis area folks! What are you doing to celebrate your mother or motherhood this May? Join us! Tickets here. Or call the Indiana Historical Society box office at (317)232-1882.

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Michelle Combs (1)If memory serves me Michelle is the only Pisces in our cast this year, and one of of two Michelles. She’s trying to expand herself when it comes to writing (you will love her story!).

Michelle auditioned for Listen To Your Mother Indianapolis because she thought it would be interesting. She watched the YouTube videos of previous performances and thought it looked like fun and sent her essay in as a spur of the moment decision.

Michelle shares that there is nothing surprising about her, “I got nothing. I am the least surprising person on the planet, which really, would make me the perfect criminal.”

What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could?

I sew badly, read books, watch TV and every once in a while, and go on a baking spree. I also ignore dirty bathrooms, nag at my son about his dirty bathroom, and dream about travel. And clean bathrooms.

What are the top five items on your bucket list?

  • Create a bucket list.
  • Finish my book and see it published.
  • Take a trip with my husband without arguing in the car.
  • Visit London.
  • Move someplace where there is no snow, or at least very little snow.

Describe motherhood.

There are soaring highs and perilous lows. Motherhood is sticky and messy and often hilarious. Motherhood is rarely boring and nearly always fulfilling.

Where do you hail from, if not from Indiana, how did you end up here? When I decided I’d like to submit to LTYM, I found that Ohio doesn’t have a show. Indiana was the closest.

Describe your mother in three words.  

Funny, creative, kind.

What’s your idea of a perfect parenting day/experience?

Watching my kids succeed and grow is invaluable to me. Really, anything that puts a smile on their face, or seeing them genuinely happy is my perfect parenting experience.

Tell us about your family.

My husband and I have 4 children. I acquired two daughters when I married my husband, Randy, 18 years ago. Corinne is 32 and has 3 children, Emma, James and Layla. Haley is 29 and has one daughter, Madelyn. I have a 27-year-old son named Zach and Randy and I have a child together. His name is Joey and he is 17 years old. We are loud and creative and funny and all very different. Each of my children has unique talents and they all have a very strong sense of self. I am quite proud of all of them.

Hey, Indianapolis area folks! What are you doing to celebrate your mother or motherhood this May? How about the gift of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER? Tickets here. Or call the Indiana Historical Society box office at (317) 232-1882.

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Introducing Cast Member Sara Ward

April 22, 2015

Sara readily admits she can’t do without coffee. She shares that people who don’t know her well are often surprised she’s not an extrovert. Up in front of people she can be very bold. But in small groups she is the quiet listener. Sara didn’t know what her astrological sign was when we asked her, but she does now: Leo. Michelle and I are honored to have her here alongside the rest of our wonderful cast. Why did you audition? I love to encourage people to share their stories. Telling our stories teaches us about the important things of life—the ugly and the beautiful, what gives us life, what helps us press on. Our stories are meant to be shared. I believe there is always more room around the table for brave souls willing to share their stories. What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could? Reading and traveling. Where […]

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We Thank Our Local Sponsor: Simplicity Holistic Health

April 20, 2015

Simplicity Holistic Health founder Beth Smith is energy on fire. Simplicity Holistic Health’s business model was grew out of Beth’s desire to share a life approach that changed her life, and her family’s life. Beth is a tireless and passionate advocate for her clients’ participation in their lives. She wants them to wake up and be all that they can be, and this begins with real food and real drinks. Beth strives to help others implement small changes that can make their lives evolve and bring JOY. She asks her clients to follow only one rule: “to hell with all the guilt, fear and shame we marinate in by what we do or don’t put in our mouths.” Simple, huh? Beth offers a large menu of services and products: an array of cleanses; raw foods; supplements to keep you healthy; yummy juiced juices; colon hydrotherapy; and infrared sauna and other holistic health services. Want to feel better? Become more invigorated? […]

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Introducing Cast Member Amber Trowbridge

April 17, 2015

Today we are delighted to introduce you to Amber Trowbridge, a multi-talented, multi-tasking mama. Amber’s story pays tribute to her own mother, and as she read it at auditions, Judy and I both nodded our heads in agreement. Why did you audition? A good friend of mine was in the 2014 cast and I was inspired. That coupled with encouragement from her and others I decided to take on the challenge. I am pleased to be able to honor motherhood in written word. What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could? While sleeping is pretty high on the list of things to do when there is nothing to do (which is rare), my all-time favorite is cooking/baking.  I love to experiment with flavors and recipes. I like using new ingredients though I’m a little nervous about using new techniques. I especially enjoy when my husband and I cook together to prepare a meal for friends/family gatherings. When […]

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