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Local Sponsor Spotlight: 12 Stars Media

by Michelle on March 30, 2015

12-Stars-LogoJudy and I are excited to welcome 12 Stars Media back as a local sponsor for the third year straight. We so appreciate our local sponsors who return year after year and support the show without a second thought. 12 Stars Media is responsible for the video recording that enables ours stories to be shared globally long via LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHERS’s YouTube channel, long after the live show is over.

12 Stars Media continues to do what they do best–tell stories via video for organizations large and small. 2015, however, started off with some team building, at Walt Disney World. That’s right, the entire 12 Stars team headed to Orlando, Florida to visit the mouse in February. President Zach Downs said the trip had several purposes, one of which was to observe the excellence the the Disney corporation is known for. The team of 12 came back inspired and refreshed, and maybe with hints of tan.

See their work first hand on  tweet them @12StarsMediaand find them on on Facebook. Thanks, 12 Stars, for supporting LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Indianapolis for a third straight year!

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Introducing Cast Member Liza Hyatt

by Judy on March 27, 2015

Liza HyattWe are excited to welcome back Liza Hyatt. Liza was in our inaugural cast in 2013 and read a lovely compilation of poetry about her mother. This year she reads a story about being a mom and letting go. Liza is the author of The Mother Poems (Chatter House Press, 2014), Under My Skin, (WordTech Editions, 2012), Seasons of the Star Planted Garden (Stonework Press, 1999), and Stories Made of World (Finishing Line Press, 2013).

Why did you audition?

Being part of the 1st LTYM show two years ago was a profound experience in which I shared poems I had been writing in response to my mother’s death.  News of auditions for this year’s show inspired me to write new work about my relationship with my daughter as I anticipate her embarking for college this coming fall.

What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could?

I play Celtic harp, hike, cook, and read.

What are the top five on your bucket list?

Top items on my bucket list are to see a Shakespearean play at the Globe Theater, to visit the counties in Ireland where my great-great grandparents were born, to visit the garden where Monet painted, to go to the Rhine valley where Hildegard of Bingen lived, and to visit Carl Jung’s Bollingen Tower.

Describe motherhood.

Motherhood is something I was terrified to enter into and has been the most profoundly spiritual relationship in my life.

Where do you hail from, and if not from Indiana, how did you end up here?

I am from Indiana, grew up in Zionsville when it was still a small country town, and now live in Oaklandon in the northeast corner of Marion County.

Describe your mother in three (3) words. 

Fierce, impatient, snarky.

What’s your idea of a perfect parenting day/experience? 

There were so many days that were golden and I wished I could capture them in a vial, and revisit them later, if only there was such a thing as a pensive like in Harry Potter! I think what made each of these days golden is that the sharing and communion that happened on those days was natural, in the midst of home life, and flowed smoothly, with play and wonder that was spontaneous.

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Introducing Cast Member JL Kato

March 25, 2015

Michelle and I are excited to welcome our first male reader for Indianapolis. JL keeps us giggling in our private Facebook group and on the edge of our seats when he shares his stories and poetry. He is the President of Brick Street Poetry, Inc., a literary arts group, and the poetry editor of The Flying Island, the Writers Center of Indiana’s online literary journal. JL’s first book, Shadows Set in Concrete, was selected the 2011 Best Book of Indiana for poetry. Why did you audition? It was a challenge and chance to stretch myself. But really, I wanted to share terrific stories my mother passed down to me, though at the time I had not realized that she was doing so. Okay, so it was because she expected me to one day write her life story. What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could? I write poetry, organize poetry events, read, or listen […]

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More on Our Cast!

March 23, 2015

This year we are expanding the scope of our show while still keeping it to 90 minutes. We are thrilled to announce that we will have ASL/English interpreters at both the 1pm and 5pm shows on May3rd. We are excited to welcome and thank the following: Chuck Daube, a professional performing arts interpreter who works with interpreter interns. Janet W. Acevedo, the Director of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis’ (IUPUI) ASL/English Interpreter Program. Senior Students: Angie North Kaitland Durr Sarah McWhorter Amy Pierce Dionne Coleman Lands Morgan Chapman Megan Collier Kristy Ludwig Our interpreters are provided through the IUPUI ASL/English Interpreter degree program.  These senior interpreter students are earning valuable practicum hours through this experience with LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, while making the presentation accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. Do you have your ticket? Who’s coming with you? PURCHASE TICKETS by

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The First Rehearsal: The Cast Meets In Person!

March 20, 2015

Wednesday night Judy & I hosted this year’s first rehearsal. It never gets old watching cast members get to know each other, or seeing the show unfold at the table read. Reggie’s Delicious Catering continued the tradition of an amazing meal for us. We devoured the perfectly cooked salmon, chicken, potatoes and asparagus. The salads were fresh, and the lemon pound cake was to die for. THANK YOU, Reggie, for sustaining us during this first rehearsal!!! As the cast got to know each other, connections were made and common friends discovered. When the table read was over, nobody was in a big hurry to move along. Some were even disappointed to learn there would be FIVE WEEKS until the next rehearsal. We cannot wait for this production to take the stage on May 3rd at the Indiana Historical Society. Do you have your tickets? by

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