2015: Show Day in Review

by Michelle on May 12, 2015

It’s been a week since we took the stage at the Indiana Historical Society. A week since we stormed the green room in laughs. And a week since we took any deep breaths and fought to calm our nerves, before bringing our show to the stage.

I’ve come to love show day, and in year three, I found that my own nerves were pretty under control, so the whole experience was more enjoyable.

We were greeted by our favorite photographer, Mike Washington, and we walked across the street from the auditorium for some cast shots.

I love these pre-show photo shoots with Mike (it was our THIRD with him). We laugh, ham it up for the camera, and have a great time.

2015 LTYM Indianapolis Cast Outside

Our Remarkable 2015 Indianapolis Cast

Our 2015 with our ASL interpreters.

Our 2015 Cast with our ASL interpreters.

After getting a feel for the stage, and greeting Braden of 12 Stars Media, we went backstage to do some deep breathing before the show. We also had a power-stance circle, and an energy hand squeeze. Without photos these are a little hard to explain, so we are sharing one…

The power-stance circle...

The power-stance circle…

Then it was show time. And each cast member read with such grace and poise that it took my breath away. Each one of readers had found her voice (and JL his), and all of their words were so powerful. Their stories connected with our audience.

The show sped by, like I’ve learned it does. All of a sudden we were standing in the lobby greeting and mingling with our audience.

We took a few more photos with Mike. I also love these shots, because we tend to look a lot more relaxed (we were!). The cast went for a brief walk on the lovely canal and enjoyed snacks provided by our local sponsors, Simplicity Holistic Health and Reggie’s Delicious Catering.

After the 1pm Show

After the 1pm Show

Before we knew it, it was time to do the show all over again. The second performance was as strong as the first.

An emotional reaction from the cast.

An emotional reaction from the cast.

As we cleaned up the green room we made plans to see each other again, and soon. We kinda like each other; this happens when we meet each other in a vulnerable place.

All in all, Judy and I loved every minute of this Listen To Your Mother season. To be tasked with creating a show is an honor in itself, and to be part of a larger movement, one that will yield over 500 taped stories this year alone is also a privilege.

This season is a wrap. Thank you Indianapolis, for listening.

The proud co-producers and directors.

The proud co-producers and directors.

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Michelle and her Family


Our 2013 Cast

What began as a conversation in a car ride up to Chicago seven or eight years ago between strangers year grew into a friendship and now a partnership. Michelle and I are producing our 3rd Listen To Your Mother show for Indianapolis! This is hard to believe. And like the first year, we have butterflies in our stomachs as May 3rd hovers on the horizon. We are excited to bring Indy a fresh show, with remarkable new stories that will resonate with everyone in our audiences. Michelle read in 2013 and 2014, in addition to co-producing and directing.

We begin preparations for our show about six months ahead of our date—securing our venue, identifying a cause we wish to support, courting local sponsors, calling for submission, auditioning many of the submissions, selecting and rehearsing with our cast all the wile trying to market our show and sell tickets. Michelle is at my side, helping me birth this baby—Listen To Your Mother Indianapolis 2015, even in the midst of moving into a new house.

Discover more about my fabulous co-producer and director. I actually learned a few things myself…

What do you do in your downtime, or wish you could?

Downtime is rare these days, but I love to read. Since installing the GoodReads app, it’s kind of become a competitive sport.

Describe motherhood.

I don’t know if my description will do this role justice, but I’ll try. Motherhood is the most emotional thing I’ve experienced, because of the great responsibility and the great rewards. Some days it’s like trying to swim through Jello, other days it’s like winning an Olympic gold medal. To be that default person is a privilege, even when it feels like a burden. To know that someone else trusts you completely to drive back home and get the lunchbox, to clean up to cuts, and to be the person who will listen is huge. My son recently had a reading assignment, and at the end was a question about where he gets his food (compared to animals in the rainforest). His answer was simple, but it struck me, “My mom makes me dinner.”

Where do you hail from, and if not from Indiana, how did you end up here?

I was born in New Jersey, but moved to northwest Indiana in the third grade. After college, I had brief stints in Ohio and Illinois. My husband and I have lived in Indianapolis since 1999 and have no plans on leaving any time soon.

Describe your mother in three (3) words.

Unconditionally loving, giving and kind-hearted.

Tell us about your family.

I’ve gotten more joy out of my little family of four than I could have ever imagined. I met my husband on New Year’s Eve. We rang in 1998 together, and have pretty much talked to each other every day since. We adopted Megan in 2005, and Andrew in 2008. They are incredibly funny, sensitive and creative kids, and they amaze me every day. We’re having fun participating in Scouting with them, as well as assorted sports and school activities.

Hey, Indianapolis area folks! What are you doing to celebrate your mother or motherhood this May? Join us! Tickets here. Or call the Indiana Historical Society box office at (317) 232-1882.

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