LTYM, the gift that keeps on giving!

by katharinemckinney on July 17, 2016

Listen to Your Mother is more than just a show. It’s a family full of love, respect and encouragement. Long after the show is over we are laughing together, mourning together, and rejoicing together. And like all families, one of the ways the we show love to one another is through gifts.

Cast gifts are an important tradition for us, probably because we enjoy getting gifts, so of course we enjoy giving them too! This year we gave our cast bags from our Megaphone Sponsor, the Women’s Hospital, and filled them with goodies including teething necklaces from Little Ants, Jamberry’s from Summer Jennings Wright, Lip balm and rose water or beard oil from Sixth Street Soapery,  and a beautiful custom keychain designed by local sponsor jewelry designer S.K. Rhoades. Each one is in the shape of Indiana with the words “LTYM 2016.”


Sara Rhoades has designed our pieces for the last two years and we are thrilled with her work. Last year we gave our cast megaphone necklaces. I also surprised Hillary with these necklaces for she and I. Hillary’s says “Producer” while mine says “Director.”As a bonus Sara made us delicate drop earrings shaped like megaphones as well!

What I was not expecting was gifts FROM the cast! Jhenna Conway gave the whole cast lotion and bath bombs made from the goats she milks daily at The Shepherd Hobby Farm. I wish I had a picture but I used them all up! It smelled wonderful. Natalie Jost gave us all her homemade dishcloths and coffee sweaters from her textile shop Olive Manna, as well as a notebook, pencil and homemade Christmas ornament.FullSizeRender (2)

We were deeply touched and overwhelmed by the generosity.

And now it’s time for a gift from Listen to Your Mother! I am so grateful that this show not only gives the audience a beautiful live experience, but it doesn’t end there. The videos for 2106 are available NOW for viewing by anyone, far and wide! If you enjoyed the show, here’s your chance to relive it! If you missed it, you’ll never want to miss it again. Please share your favorite videos, and come see us in 2017 to audition for your spot in the show!

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That’s A Wrap! LTYM Evansville 2016, Over and Out!

by katharinemckinney on May 24, 2016

It’s been difficult to fully realize that Listen to Your Mother 2016 has passed! We are thankful that we still have videos to release, because it’s so hard to let go! So much blood, sweat and tears went into this production that it’s kind of unbelievable that May 7th has already come and gone.

LTYM Cast 2016 2

Our wonderful cast! Top R to L: Christie Hurt, Megan Danks, Daniela Houk, Jhenna Conway, Lyn Murrell, Natalie Jost, Mike Doyle, Abbey Doyle, Wendy McCormick Bottom R to L: Heather Harper, Anny Townsend, Katharine McKinney, Hillary Melchiors, Ange Humphrey, Elizabeth Wood.

We have a hundred stories to tell, a thousand memories, a million feelings. But it all boils down to that Listen To Your Mother magic. At the end of the day, our cast told amazing stories. Our audience laughed, cried and gasped. And we became a family.

We can’t wait to take you all on the rest of the Listen To Your Mother 2016 journey when videos are released in July! In the meantime, stay tuned as we share remembrances from the cast, special information about our sponsors and supporters, more wonderful photography from Erin McCracken Photography, and more!

Special thanks once again to our sponsors! We could NOT do this without you! Thank you Women’s Hospital, IPICKHERE, Evansville Print Specialist, S.K.Rhoades, Little Ants, Toast, and Manna Mediterranean Grill!

LTYM 2016 Sponsors 1 (1)



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Thank You to Local Sponsor IPICKHERE.COM!

May 5, 2016

Listen to Your Mother Evansville is a huge fan of strong business women, and anything that helps make busy moms lead simpler, more productive lives. That’s why we love IPICKHERE! The brainchild of Karen Sue Conaway, Market Master of the Franklin Street Bazaar and general all-around smartypants, is a game changer for anyone who loves local food but doesn’t have a lot of time to find it! Aided and abetted by fellow smartypants Erica Kissinger, Conaway has developed an online farmers market with multiple pick-up times and locations. Log on at least 48 hours before the pick up time and location of your choice, select your fresh produce, locally raised meat and dairy, and even handcrafted objects! Pay online, and you will find your items packaged up and ready to go at your pick up point! Read more about why director Kate McKinney is so excited on her guest blog on the IPICKHERE […]

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Meet Cast Members Elizabeth, Megan, and Christie!

May 3, 2016

Elizabeth Wood is a writer and recovering perfectionist who lives in central Ohio with her husband, Spencer, and their three children, Leah, Madison and Dylan. Nearly eight years ago, her self-destructive perfectionistic behavior caught up with her and illness struck. She’s devoted her time ever since to living. For her, that meant getting reacquainted with God, standing on her head at yoga class, running half-marathons and focusing on what she has rather than on what she does not. She is writing a book about her journey. Her blog,, chronicles the ways that letting go and living life, even though it isn’t perfect, leads to happiness. 1. Why did you audition for Listen to Your Mother Evansville? A year ago, I discovered Listen To Your Mother. I love what it stands for: Giving motherhood a voice, and supporting local organizations around the country. As I watched the LTYM videos on YouTube, I hoped that I could participate. There […]

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Meet Cast Members Wendy, Natalie and Jhenna!

April 29, 2016

Wendy McCormick, originally from Dayton, Ohio, has lived in Evansville since 1997. Wendy spent 20 years as a Presbyterian pastor, and now works a more traditional workweek with the Center for Congregations. Since 1995 she’s been Mom to Lydia, Joanna and Abigail and is now living that in-between role of a quasi-empty nester parenting young adults. “My own mom, now 80, is still my favorite role model, and giving her birthday party was the most fun I ever had. She was and is the kind of mom always doing six things at once while talking on the phone — she has a thousand friends and never forgets anyone. She was always home and always out at some important meeting or event because while she raised four kids she also raised millions of dollars as a community volunteer. And she gives great parties. She taught me the gift of hospitality and that making a difference in the world […]

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