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Meet the DC Cast: Taylor Harris

April 6, 2017

Taylor Harris is a writer and stay-at-home mom living in Ashburn, VA. She once wrote a yearlong column for McSweeney’s about that time she and her husband returned to their alma mater and raised two toddlers in a dorm. That was the year Jesus came to UVA in the form of a dining hall buffet and saved her life. Her work has been featured in Narratively, The Toast, Babble, NPR, and other publications. You can find more of her writing on her website. Want to hear more? Here is a little Q&A: LTYM: Who IS Taylor? Taylor: According to my four-year-old son, Tophs, I’m a hero princess. But on my less heroic days, I’m a writer and a mom and a wife trying to figure out how to live life well. Usually this means ignoring the dishes and, sometimes, the kids. I have a flats-only shoe policy except for Easter, and I still long for the […]

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Meet the DC Cast: Rachel Nusbaum

April 3, 2017

Rachel Nusbaum is a partner, mom, daughter and sister who writes in pursuit of connection with herself and others. Sharing the journey of her son’s diagnosis of congenital heart disease on a national stage was the inspiration behind her creative business, Orchid Story. Her goal is to bring empowerment to women by illuminating their personal stories of struggle. You can find Rachel’s essays on her blog and Holstee and follow her on Instagram. Rachel has been a genetic counselor for many years and lives with her husband, kids, and 11 year old rescue dog in Vienna, VA. Want to hear more? Here is a little Q&A: LTYM: Who IS Rachel? Rachel: Honest to a fault. Whipping out her iPhone to catch snippets of inspiration as she’s out walking her dog. Taking a moment to consider every ask from her kids so she can say yes as least some small fraction of the time. Candy, coffee, country music, and book […]

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Meet the DC Cast: Ejima Baker-Morales

March 24, 2017

Ejima Baker-Morales is an educator and artist. Her experiences growing up in Trinidad, going to school in Cuba and living in DC and NYC frequently find their way into her work. Her artistic and academic work focuses on the experiences of women, popular culture, race and sexuality. She has a BA in Africana Studies and Music from Barnard College, Columbia University, a MA in Ethnomusicology from CUNY, and a PhD in Anthropology from the New School University. When she is not teaching or performing, she is creating new works and enjoying being a mother and a partner. Want to hear more? Here is a little Q&A: LTYM: Who IS Ejima? Ejima: I am a singer, writer, reader, dancer, and a lover of food, friends and HGTV. A long time ago, I started experimenting with different modes of storytelling. That probably came from growing up with my grandmother, my great-grandmother and a family that is […]

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Sponsor Spotlight: Tom Dolan Swim School

March 20, 2017

This year, LTYM DC is beyond thrilled to have the support of U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist, Tom Dolan and the Tom Dolan Swim School. Providing a state of the art purpose-built swim school facility and system that teaches swimmers — from 3 months all the way up to adults — solid fundamentals that are essential for water-safety, recreational and competitive swimming. The Tom Dolan Swim School’s main goal, as highlighted in the tag line ‘Swim Thru Life’, is to provide their customers with water-safety education, self-esteem and confidence in the water — safety skills and life lessons that will stay with your kids forever. It is never too late for you or your children to learn the essential life skill of swimming. Being safe and confident in the water is an important skill for everyone! Here are some of their most popular offerings: Weekday Morning Waterbabies Classes: Waterbabies I – For babies age […]

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Meet the DC Cast: Alison Rascher

March 16, 2017

Alison Rascher heads a multi-generational household which includes 3 boys, a father-in-law, a husband and a dog (who’s also sorta a boy now). As the wife of a college baseball coach, she’s happy to say she finally understands the drop third strike rule and aspires to have a dugout phone in her kitchen, if that means she can reach her husband more easily. Alison likes to write reflections on motherhood, intergenerational exploits, and the world of boys at Ears Like an Elephant Want to hear more? Here is a little Q&A: LTYM: How did you discover LTYM? Alison: An old college friend, and fellow coach’s wife was in the LTYM St. Louis cast a few years ago and encouraged me to give it a try – or two! LTYM: What is the craziest thing you remember saying to your children? Alison: I told my kids I was a Jedi for years and had a pink light saber but I had […]

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