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by Kate on April 6, 2017

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Taylor Harris is a writer and stay-at-home mom living in Ashburn, VA. She once wrote a yearlong column for McSweeney’s about that time she and her husband returned to their alma mater and raised two toddlers in a dorm. That was the year Jesus came to UVA in the form of a dining hall buffet and saved her life. Her work has been featured in Narratively, The Toast, Babble, NPR, and other publications. You can find more of her writing on her website.

Want to hear more? Here is a little Q&A:

LTYM: Who IS Taylor?

Taylor: According to my four-year-old son, Tophs, I’m a hero princess. But on my less heroic days, I’m a writer and a mom and a wife trying to figure out how to live life well. Usually this means ignoring the dishes and, sometimes, the kids. I have a flats-only shoe policy except for Easter, and I still long for the days when I was 10 and it was acceptable to wear Umbros to church. My mom used to tell me I had the eyebrows of a model, so I went to college with a unibrow. Well played, Mom.

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LTYM: How did you discover LTYM?

Taylor: When you’re a writer, you avoid people in public and instead stalk them on social media. So I followed enough writers online that a LTYM audition post showed up on my Facebook feed.

LTYM: What is the craziest thing you remember your mom saying to you OR you saying to your children?

Taylor: I guess I already gave you the eyebrow line. But, the other day, I said to Tophs, “Don’t drink that! There’s poop in it.” Never a dull and uncontaminated bath time in our house.

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LTYM: What is one of your favorite things you’ve ever written?

Taylor: Gosh, I feel like I climbed inside this piece on my son and his puzzling medical and developmental challenges. On one hand, I want God to make everything right; on the other, I’m realizing what a deep, deep treasure my son is, just as he is.

LTYM: When did you first start thinking about your parents as individual people and not just “mom and dad”?

Taylor: When my dad bought half a cow and freezers to put said cow in, I knew he was his own man. What made him a dad was that he cooked the steaks for me. And, more seriously, when my mom went back to college after all those years of raising my sisters and me, I got to see her as this incredible graduate with her own story and interests.

LTYM: Speaking of cows, how do you feel about pumping?

Taylor: It’s a constant reminder that the end is near. The four horsemen will be using hands-free pumps when they ride in, and they will not carry arrows; nay, they will war with breast shields and an incessant hum.

LTYM: Your husband is a counselor. You are a writer. From Ohio. How does he do it?

Taylor: Well, my husband is a counselor and a pastor. It wouldn’t have worked if he were, say, a stockbroker and a senator. Or a slave and an immigrant. He’s really great about not getting upset when I don’t feel like talking (which is daily). I’m always quoting that scripture about Jesus going up to the mountain to be alone. I know he could shoot right back with the one about FIVE THOUSAND people and the epic fish fry, but he doesn’t. Also, I don’t feather my bangs anymore, so he sometimes forgets my point of origin. I adore him.

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LTYM: What do you wish most for your children?

Taylor: I want them to know the God who sits with me when I’m crying or scared or even excited. I love that our kids memorize Bible verses, but what really breaks my heart wide open is when they see Mommy or Daddy hurt and pray without any prompting. That courage and belief can change lives.


Thanks Taylor!

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